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  1. tipsy

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    DD is little sick. We get new map rotation when he recovers.
  2. hi tipsy


  3. tipsy

    ET Appologice

    Where you get name "Dark Donkey" from ? Myself Dark Knight.
  4. Gud1 , I don't know why I have feeling I saw this on FAG server? @daredevil
  5. I want to own a drone for sure . I always watch drone shot footages , gud job.
  6. We were talking about you yesterday, Belated happy Birthday .
  7. i have no discord


    1. tipsy


      get discord, its free

    2. Bodoland Tiger

      Bodoland Tiger

      Mera discord id  Bodoland Tiger#2585, ab muje FA admin ke liye kya karna hai?


  8. tipsy

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Maps to be added : Christmas baserace : Minas : https://et.trackbase.net/map/42/ Maps to be removed; Resurrection Tuethonia
  9. That's why I told you to name your property on me . I will have a statue or yours for birds to shit on.
  10. Happy Birthday.. Bacon feast is on.
  11. -________________________________- 

  12. Happy Birthday , hope I'm not too late.
  13. No big deal, sacrifice a goat each time you commit a sin.
  14. Where you been?

    1. casper
    2. tipsy


      what is meeh, u turned into goat? 

    3. casper
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