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  1. tipsy

    ET Appologice

    Where you get name "Dark Donkey" from ? Myself Dark Knight.
  2. Gud1 , I don't know why I have feeling I saw this on FAG server? @daredevil
  3. I want to own a drone for sure . I always watch drone shot footages , gud job.
  4. We were talking about you yesterday, Belated happy Birthday .
  5. i have no discord


    1. tipsy


      get discord, its free

    2. Bodoland Tiger

      Bodoland Tiger

      Mera discord id  Bodoland Tiger#2585, ab muje FA admin ke liye kya karna hai?


  6. tipsy

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Maps to be added : Christmas baserace : Minas : https://et.trackbase.net/map/42/ Maps to be removed; Resurrection Tuethonia
  7. That's why I told you to name your property on me . I will have a statue or yours for birds to shit on.
  8. Happy Birthday.. Bacon feast is on.
  9. -________________________________- 

  10. Happy Birthday , hope I'm not too late.
  11. No big deal, sacrifice a goat each time you commit a sin.
  12. Where you been?

    1. casper
    2. tipsy


      what is meeh, u turned into goat? 

    3. casper
  13. My friend use to smoke a lot , somehow I lured him into jogging with me . It took 2 months , he stopped stopped smoking automatically as he wanted to go faster .
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