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  1. @daredevil thanks, I don't see venice. In future if you want to add venice replace it with uje_00_xmas.
  2. 1st SS, Allies last spawn. 2nd SS, the stairs, which few players use accidentally to go back and get lost easily. 3rd SS, Two more caves which take them back toward axis spawn 4th SS, Tunnel, allies come out of here , while surrounded by axis.
  3. @daredevil Map: mlb_daybreak . Players nade each other and get on roof and then go other side to plant dyno ... from back of objective.
  4. Yes , its called not knowing the fact that arty is available when white bar is visible .
  5. @daredevil Im little busy so kindly excuse me on being late on providing "proof , ss" or related things late, will try my best to provide u rest of SS in even Also players like map "library" so we should keep it. Also the current "day version" of maraketch need "antirush" or just replace it with old night version? et_mor2_night_final @MeshuggahActually elk ruins most of the maps with his mine jump or nade jump tricks. and then when we take action on him, he runs to DD and says "other were also doing it and I only have to pay" . Yes , if daybreak is loaded on server, then it needs babysitting, players can jump over damn and plant dyno.
  6. @daredevil If I'm not wrong , the last allies spawn is wrong. Can't explain exactly how cuz I don't remember , but Allies shouldn't spawn where they do . If you still want we can try it for a week on jay1 . If too many complains, we can remove it any time.
  7. Graverobbery = no School = maybe Bridges =no Helmsdeep = last allies spawn is bugged. I asked if somehow that can be fixed. Minas = Players fkng it up with mine and nade jump tricks. will chck rest maps later.
  8. @daredevil Anti rush on hydro damn is needed. Thanks.
  9. I love hydro damn. Thanks for putting in rotation.
  10. Couple of pics might be of bad quality , cuz sucky phone. Went to mountains on 18/09/2019
  11. Can we add 2 tanks for a week on jay1 when minas is gone?
  12. tipsy is dead

    1. Platonic


      Long live tipsy!

    2. equaLz

      + equaLz

      rip Tipsy :o 

  13. Fueldump is best map after oasis. Next I need, baserace and chicken_bucket for jay1 . Cluster fk for the win!

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