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  1. What's the difference between uje_00 and the one u mentioned in ur post?
  2. Hurma is midget girl with yo yo .
  3. Shut up you midget with yo yo, that long nail guy is from sri lanka not india
  4. d..x. used a "full stop" in a reply.. I'm crying .
  5. I got something 9inches for you. Don't be racist and be like Asians can't have it.
  6. Hipkat and I have notice this from past 2 months too, we agree on few things . I just need to stop being on server too much and I will be fine. For start I have changed my tag colors .
  7. People play there, one of the reason is adrenaline .
  8. These days axis are too heavy on allies , almost all the time. So in that case during map hydro .. allies will get stuck in basement after flag is taken, that is why I didn't suggest hydro dam. Sands of time I remember is bad map and never played ruins of acquiesce . 1) Uje is big map 2) It don't lag 3) sufficient for 50 players. 4) allies will defend 5) Multiple spawns .
  9. @daredevil We are having good population on jay1 , but map rotation seems have become shorter. et_mor2_night_final,0,64, supplydepot2,33,64, caen2,0,40, fueldump,0,64, sp_delivery_te,0,40, pirates,0,64, et_beach,0,64, fa_italy_b3,0,64, fa_bremen_final,0,64, adlernest,0,40, etdo1,26,64, bba0-beta2,26,64, supply_pro, 0, 32, teuthonia_final,0,44, braundorf_final,0,32, river_port,0,64, venice_ne4,0,64, etdo6,36,64, trmfght_beta2, 24, 64, --> has been removed haunted_mansion,0,45, mlb_daybreak,0,38, etdo4,0,40, sw_oasis_b3,0,40, baserace, 6, 32, ---> make it max 45 , lag will be there, but still fun. goldrush-gals,0,64, resurrection, 40, 54, castleattack_b5, 34, 64, school, 0, 40, mml_minastirith_fp3,40,64 --> haven't played this map from last 3 weeks or so. Map to add :- 1)House and also 2)minas 3) UJE_00 (Big map) house :-
  10. He came on server for few mins. then left. will talk to him when I see him.
  11. If I see wolf aka this guy https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/3561-wolf/ , will ask him to get in touch with you. he is too serious about keto diet.

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