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=F|A= Summer Gameday 2021


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On 6/6/2021 at 5:42 AM, rambozo37 said:

Insurgency Sandstorm

We have some surprises planned for Sandstorm gameday. It won't be just connect and play with others, we shall be using the server to its' full potential, mess with all the settings possible and have a fun one. You surely don't want to miss it, if you own it, come join us on the day!!!! I will be looking forward to playing with everyone with some stupid stuff planned 😛

Unfortunately since base INS didn't have much settings to mess with, Sandstorm has settings similar to ET, but it only works while changing maps, so not everyone can change it. But it will be fun (no anti-gravity though, if that's what you are looking for)

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So the maplist is on and live! We had some minor bumps with corrupted files, but overall managed to finalize the Summer Gameday map rotation! Big thank you to @DeKing@BLAAT and @Raziel for helping with shaping the map rotation as it is now (and putting up with the makeshift circumstances).


Special thanks to @FILIPE - for being the best crash course map tester from 11PM to 7AM next day. That was a wild ride!


The maps are as follows:


Capuzzo Airport

Castle Attack

Desert Rats
Marrakech Streets
ET Tower

ETL Supply Depot

FA Bremen

FA Italy

Fueldump Desert
Goldrush Gals


Lays of Schwarzwald

CTF Maat


MML Helms Deep


Praetoria Mission 2



Sands of Time






The Holy Grail





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Thanks @Xiahou Dun and @FILIPE

I ve been there and saw how tricky this is.


And its said out to seldom, Thank you for your time and effort. Especially on tricky stuff like that. 

Free goombas for you both tonight!


!beer all (i ll send the billing to @Raziel)

he can declare it as Business expenses 😋😋

[thank you too, and the rest of you guys who have Been busy with this GD] 

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