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  1. I was bummed to leave ET to go play Insurgency :P but i love Insurgency more hahahaha!!
  2. I installed it in december, then it became free to play, and the hackers in my region got quite a huge number, (overwatch experience literally 8/10 were hackers, only 2 legit that too were smurfs ffs), got annoyed, and uninstalled it on New year! xD
  3. Wow, I'm so cut off from forums :( I wish this will all be over soon :[

    I even forgot which of my refereesss are in trial rn :P I hope you do good work, i'm always on discord if you guys need help (talking to 3 people)

  4. So I found this the other time I was browsing steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1472931305
  5. WOW. He just gave me a 40mbps internet on a 10mbps plan guys. Works really. (Although i'm a bad guy for reporting him on youtube. )
  6. I have optimal ping to everywhere except EU and the east US newark, new york, etc., all because of somebodies' laziness RIP me again i guess
  7. Edit: seems that the 2nd HOP is not in my house , since my ONU link is, and also it's got something to do with Looks like they have fixed the cables in no time, but forgot to get normal routes to all of SEA. ALL HAIL AIRTEL and TATA comms.
  8. Jay3(latest, found packetloss from 3rd hop to last hop)
  9. I assume is your router? and the second hop is modem or something, anything that is connected with Ethernet cables,. Even if there is no modem, your router(1st hop) should have 0-2 ping. (worst is at 20 so not good) best case, best ping 0, worst ping 0, last ping 0 average ping 0 on your router. (taught by my teacher Xernicus). The lag starts from your side, try changing the Ethernet cables maybe? I assume you have restarted PC, router etc.,, maybe there's a damaged cable. Have you tried any other server? maybe get some winmtr results from other server like silent1, or any jaymods, that should show a bit more too.
  10. Those are some big lips right there, if that's true.
  11. How do we log out of steam on the website? while leaving after managing?
  12. Also a https://iplocation.net/proxy-check shows me 2 IP's one is my public IP and the other one idk anything about ,says Proxy Detected, idk if that is of any relation too. just providing more info.
  13. better late than neva yeah?
  14. Server1: Luxemborg Valve server#1 Server2: [EU]EMpush Insurgency server somewhere in germany Server3: some clan Insurgency server from Germany as well Server4: some other clan Insurgency server from germany

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