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  1. We have some surprises planned for Sandstorm gameday. It won't be just connect and play with others, we shall be using the server to its' full potential, mess with all the settings possible and have a fun one. You surely don't want to miss it, if you own it, come join us on the day!!!! I will be looking forward to playing with everyone with some stupid stuff planned Unfortunately since base INS didn't have much settings to mess with, Sandstorm has settings similar to ET, but it only works while changing maps, so not everyone can change it. But it will be fun (no anti-gravity though, if that's what you are looking for)
  2. @Big PunISMC mod has been added to Sandstorm 3, you can check it out. https://fearless-assassins.com/insurgency_sandstorm_server.html/
  3. hey bud how u been .

    1. Carbonautics


      hey, doing good here. How have you been? :)

    2. captnconcrete


      livin the dream .lol aka nightmare hahaha

  4. Carb, are you safe? My friends from Goa reported heavy hurricane Tauktae

    1. Carbonautics


      Yes!My district is beside Goa border, but city is quite far from the sea almost 150+kms from the nearest beach. So I was pretty safe from the cyclone can't say about others, it was bad, coastline cities were hard hit by it. Although we haven't seen sunlight for a few days, maybe like 1hour total in 3days. Heavy rain though on Monday. But all good. Real threat here is still covid though not natural disasters. But I'm safe from it as well. Thanks for asking :) 

  5. Congrats, man! Well deserved, very helpful indeed.
  6. PM sent with relevant details and links. Just fyi this works only on DOI #3 server, since DOI#1 is pure vanilla there are not many mods on there.
  7. I just type =F|A= and hit the search icon again, worked for me most of the times, or as you mentioned, connecting with IP works all the time as well, they have fixed Favorites tab as well I think, so if you mark servers as favorite, they show up in that tab
  8. I suppose it is more than fixed, it is giving a great experience too! (tis a screenshot btw) Both servers have reached #1 at some point.
  9. Some members play around 9pm UK time(idk timezone, GMT+0? maybe). I jump on here and there, not the same timezone so harder for me to come on during that time. Other than that, there's regular players during EU evenings and nights. I'm talking about the Beginners Coop aka server#1.
  10. let's have fun from now on, make sandstorm great again!!
  11. After looking here, I tried to find the suggestions posts and go through them to find some mods, because I'm not sure what all can be done aside from just adding mods....even for mods we have the suggestions threads. We take feedback, then suggestions for specific mods or features and test it out and implement them, generally this is how it goes. I used to play lot of insurgency so I had an idea what could make servers more fun and with feedback from other members, we implemented the Bot Frenzy mod. For DoI there isn't really much of a modding community, but there are few mods maybe even maps that are great, but if you can point some out, we can all test them out. Nope, and nope, unless some admin was on server that time.
  12. All the above repliers, set to current corresponding profile levels. (since it was long when some replied )
  13. Bumping this, as I will be updating the admins and admin levels. In-case anyone has lost levels, this is the reason, please add your info here(people that have already put, no need to update, in-case you have been promoted please, let me know on discord, to update your levels in-game too). Thanks!!
  14. Not so regular, but some people do mainly on bot frenzy mod
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