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  1. Editing post was changed in the update. You click on the 'three dots' to edit and things (like hide etc.,)
  2. Mostly EU servers fill every evening-late night.. Same for US servers, but US server is relatively new for the new mod, but the US server with vanilla settings fills around night time US as well.
  3. Congratulations! 😄 

    1. Hulk


      Grats! Well deserved.👍

    2. Carbonautics


      Thank you guys!! 😄 

  4. Bot Frenzy #2 |CUSTOM|HARDCORE| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lobby Size changed to '12'. 8 visible(regular slots), 4 reserved slots(for admins and donor/VIP). Bot spawn changes. Both were requests made by Regulars and members(in-game and forums). Thank you for the suggestions and helping improve the servers! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/fearless-assassins/discussions/0/2149847049320841626/?ctp=2#c5311389137853927152
  5. Just to be clear, Forums and servers and discord server are all places to have fun and hangout (following basic rules ofc), it is democratic and everyone has the right to speak about anything, also again Following Basic RULES!. This post will stay open, and yes guys will react and vote and reply, but at the end of the day nothing like this is gonna happen. To your point: I myself have 300ms to US servers and 160+ ping to EU servers, and I don't find your so called 'NOMORELOWPINGPLAYERS' advantage being a real thing, it's just a placebo effect due to you having a normal human
  6. You want to say that a hacker hacked through the website to get your information from FA website and contacted you on LifeLock that he has your information, and wants to do something with it?
  7. The reserved slots was being tested, like Insurgency, trying to make DOI lobbies of 14 players with 2 reserved slots(which will be hidden for regular users, only Admin or VIP(donors) can use the slots). So you will have 12 player lobby and also the reserved slots, didn't want to change the lobbysize just to find out that the plugin won't work. removed it for now. Also, on a short break rn so not much changes for games, since most of it is self sustaining now, doesn't need constant attention. Any problems, discord is faster way to reach me.
  8. is that not what 'Linux' is about? I mean regardless of distros(excpet their bloatwares and distro softwares) you get to install everything. You can try Parrot(https://parrotlinux.org/) too it's like the 'new upcoming' distro in security part of linux. Many linux veterans would still prefer old Distros understandable too.
  9. We kind of play online. Sis and others olay gta online a lot more than I do. But I hope to get them into rp sometime.
  10. Yes, you need original copy of GTA5 doesn't matter which store. I played on REMOVED for a couple of days, but their servers had so many backend problems, crashing, teamspeak not working etc.,. Oh and most servers use TokoVoip for in-game comms, so you would need to research about that before playing there, join their discord server or something .
  11. RP!!!! Always fun with larger groups of friends. There's many others too. REMOVED has it's own I think? not sure. I personally prefer REMOVED but it doesn't have servers in my region so one downside. REMOVED feels 'jittery' on my potato
  12. Please PM me the cfg file here or on discord. Do not post external links as stated above. . ps: Removed the external link from initial post!
  13. Post hidden, technically that whole post was Piracy content. You need to understand and know that any kind of such posts on forums relating piracy is not allowed.
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