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  1. We could try and increase the bot count, and see how it does? Also trying to remove most linear maps, like launch control and replace with more open maps
  2. For which server and why? Probably but if anyone else does think this should be done, they can reply supporting it.
  3. INS#2 Server Updates: 1. Removed bb_maya_beta5, no other changes. INS#4(MEDIC) Server Updates: 1. Removed bb_maya_beta5 after lots of negative feedback and experience myself too. 2. After getting lots of complaints of AFK players on this server, we have implemented an AFK Manager that will kick players based on following conditions(it's obvious that dead players won't be kicked): a. Works only if you are in team/unassigned, if you are spectator you won't be kicked, (atleast not yet, maybe this will be enabled in the future if the server traffic increases). b. Works only when there's 2 or more players actively connected on the server. c. Warns player if player is afk for 2mins, it will show you eta to kick(time remaining until you are kicked). d. Kicks afk player if player hasn't moved/ or moved his aim/mouse for 4mins(ofc it warns first like said above). e. As of now admins aren't immune to this manager, so admins can get kicked too(will be enabled in future with some optimized settings). Any further suggestions to improve our servers are always welcome. (If you have provided suggestions thank you for helping us out.)
  4. I thought the game died off. I used to play it couple of years back, but I had shit internet back then. And I played it fron Steam, add me if you wanna play together sometime.
  5. I have heard otherwise(on server), I play for 2 hours straight yesterday with that on and people died the first time they found out agree, but after they knew they loved it. some played for 3 hours straight tbh. We shall test it more and refine it on the test server. Disabled for now! The test server is online for this weekend. If anyone wants to test it out you can join in whenever you want to and test out the upcoming features.(You can contact any Insurgency staff for details on how to connect to the server, only if you want to help test stuff not to have fun)
  6. It's not supposed to be instant death, it's supposed to work as to damage the attacker not the victim when he damages someone. Will reduce that damage and Gonna disable the explosives damage overall, that should balance it quite a bit and keep you on your toes and not just random shoot bots and get bored easily. You have to be more active to look out for what you shoot at. For example= you shoot a guy maybe intentionally or maybe not, certain percentage of that damage is done to you. (Ofc rn based on the feedback the damage reflected is too high and kills everyone instantly, I'm sorry for that).
  7. INS#2 Server Updates: 1. Added 2 new maps to the map cycle, and removed some UN-optimized maps. New maps are: 1. angle_iron 2. bb_maya_beta5 INS#4(MEDIC) Server Updates: 1. Added 4 new maps to the mapcycle. Those maps are: 1. amber_spirits_coop 2. angle_iron 3. bb_maya_beta5 4. block_party_coop_ws 2. Fixed the type of aim-bot feeling the bots had on the server since past few days. 3. Bots now react on your behavior. More info on point 3: 1. If you stay in a place for a relatively long period of time, the bots will have a better chance of head-shot'ing you even from a far distance.(You may call it aimbot/wall hack for the bots, but know that it's their internal comms type of thing.). 2. The finale objective now has a 4min Counter-attack with 100% probability and infinite bot re-spawns (they re-spawn until end of map or end of counter time etc.,). Any further suggestions to improve our servers are always welcome. (If you have provided suggestions thank you for helping us out.)
  8. I first discovered this on YouTube. Tried getting it on my PC but never really got it to work. But I would definitely play this.(also runs great on old PC's too, so quite a lot would play if they discovered it). This can be a great idea.
  9. Welcome to GFX Team. Nice fancy colour. Thanks for your posters mate!

    1. Carbonautics


      Aiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!!! Thanks and NP ^^

    2. w1cx


      Nice! Congrats and here's more confetti for you!

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      Yaaay, congratz ^^

  10. I'm that person who is mad because I lost 6Mbps somewhere. IT's supposed to be 100Mbps wtf ISP!! (the transition in years though, from a shit 64Kbps always lagging internet to this in just 2 years)
  11. INS#2 Server Update: (29/09/19) The server is now set as it was intended to be. It has 35 Angry Bots with BetterBots and Respawns, with non-MEDIC/ENG. This server was/is intended to be 35 Angry Bots server with Armory Expanded and NO medic/eng class. Essentially INS#4 Medic/ENG COOP without the medic/eng classes. The bots are supposed to be a little easier than INS#4 Medic/ENG COOP server BUT HARDER than your normal coop bots that you can find on some random COOP servers!. IF you feel it isn't the case, please do post here(or pm me). Also the number of bots are currently to be 25, for testing cases, might be an increase or decrease depending on the feedback from INS#2 regulars!. INS#4 Server: No update to this server since the last update. But this server is set too. Upcoming Updates: There are no planned updates for the servers in the near future, except maybe some minor changes in the BOT/ Bot behavior settings & maybe add some new custom maps. (custom map suggestions welcome too!!.)
  12. Axislab is not a good map(imo). Many complained about it too, I think it was added some days ago I think?
  13. Just installed arch with i3wm, and added my dotfile configs successfully. All thanks to @Shana for helping me out with arch installation. Now I can view et console in my terminal and dont have to have the game maximized (so i can focus on studies while camping servers xD ). Although mine isn't as great as Shana's linux, but I love this config
  14. Server Updates: (19/09/19) 1] Reserved Slots access added to Both our Custom Servers. Reserved Slots are given to anyone that has Gold or Platinum VIP on forums and Admins with Level 14 or above(since there's limited reserved Slots). Server#2 has 2 Reserved Slot to Gold/Plat VIP or Admin with Level 14 or above. Server#4 has 4 Reserved Slots to Gold/Plat VIP or Admin with Level 14 or above. Side Note: The server are setup such that, it won't kick normal or VIP players that are on server already. So if the server is full and all the reserved slots are full too, the server is FULL. 2] Both servers now have Map-chooser plugin, that will allow players on the server to vote for a map from a random list of 5 generated from the map cycle, this is setup such that it won't have the option of last 5-6 maps played, so the players can try out new maps without being bored of the same maps over and over. (if the vote starts during the round-end, please wait till you re-spawn , you will see the list and can vote accordingly, We will be fixing this issue in the near future along with other issues as well.) Upcoming Features: Improved Silhouettes for ENG and MEDIC. ( This is a hard one, so if you have knowledge about plugins please feel free to contact me or any Insurgency staff, all help is always appreciated.) This is scrapped because this is not yet possible for us to implement yet!. I say yet!

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