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  1. I just type =F|A= and hit the search icon again, worked for me most of the times, or as you mentioned, connecting with IP works all the time as well, they have fixed Favorites tab as well I think, so if you mark servers as favorite, they show up in that tab
  2. I suppose it is more than fixed, it is giving a great experience too! (tis a screenshot btw) Both servers have reached #1 at some point.
  3. Some members play around 9pm UK time(idk timezone, GMT+0? maybe). I jump on here and there, not the same timezone so harder for me to come on during that time. Other than that, there's regular players during EU evenings and nights. I'm talking about the Beginners Coop aka server#1.
  4. let's have fun from now on, make sandstorm great again!!
  5. After looking here, I tried to find the suggestions posts and go through them to find some mods, because I'm not sure what all can be done aside from just adding mods....even for mods we have the suggestions threads. We take feedback, then suggestions for specific mods or features and test it out and implement them, generally this is how it goes. I used to play lot of insurgency so I had an idea what could make servers more fun and with feedback from other members, we implemented the Bot Frenzy mod. For DoI there isn't really much of a modding community, but there are few mo
  6. All the above repliers, set to current corresponding profile levels. (since it was long when some replied )
  7. Bumping this, as I will be updating the admins and admin levels. In-case anyone has lost levels, this is the reason, please add your info here(people that have already put, no need to update, in-case you have been promoted please, let me know on discord, to update your levels in-game too). Thanks!!
  8. Not so regular, but some people do mainly on bot frenzy mod
  9. Seems to be popular on mod.io too. @RedAngel @Major Stalvern @GH0ST any experience on any server with this mod?
  10. Sorry for the too late of a reply, but DOI #2 PvP was taken down since it wasn't being populated as much. It wasn't just DOI, but Insurgency and Insurgency: Sandstorm PvP servers were all shutdown or changed to PvP depending on if there were mods that people loved to play on our servers. PvP needs 32 or atleast 28 players to be fun, and 98% of the players do not want to be the first player to join the empty server and wait till it is full, hence never gets full. If there are enough players it could be made possible though.
  11. Good to see a regular player from INS servers on forums. As Kariz said, if he does do it one more time he will get a permanent ban. Just to be clear, was this the first time he was on server talking in such a way, or is he a regular troll?
  12. Been inactive lately, Online classes are harder than anyone thought for both professors and us students as well. 

    Semester is about to end, hoping I can be back active once things are less hectic out here.

    Hope everyone is doing good and are safe!!! Also Happy Diwali to everyone!!!!!!!(1 day late, but better late than never!!)

    1. captnconcrete


      good too here your doing ok. this yr has been a weird one for sure .

    2. D..X


      as we always say man RL first hope things get easier and 

      we can put you back too work soon 😛 gl bud 

    3. Sonofdoc


      Lol same with my highschool classes! I tried online learning for one day, and I could not learn anything because I could not focus haha

  13. All Custom Servers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added auto-equip of Respawn Flares on certain classes. Bot difficulty and Spawn changes made to Bot frenzy#2
  14. Happy birthday chuchu, I assume you got another train set as a gift ?....
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