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  1. Server Updates: Pripyat map added back to map cycle. Should be working fine now. General Update: You can join our Steam Group, all new info related to the servers will be updated on the website as well as the Steam group.
  2. Bot Carnage(#4) Server Updates: Temporarily disabled map: pripyat (new players get map differing error.) Added 4 new custom maps. You can check the Map Collection to download them all at once. Below are the links if you are interested in specific ones. ins_tosca_v1 Iron Express Glycencity winter_rescue_ws (2020 fix) General Error fix: Some maps give you error spams, it is common, and doesn't hurt anything. no lag or fps drops. To remove this error spam do the following: - Open console - Type in con_filter_enable 1 - Grab 1 or 2 words from the spamming line (example: error vertex) - Put it in con_filter_text_out <text to filter out(example: error vertex)>
  3. Bot Carnage(#4) Server Updates: Jammer has been fixed. Range of 1200 and 60%chance of blocking the IED. Temporarily disabled WW2 weapons (due to source engine limits, credits to Ghost for pointing them out.) Server#2 Update: Added new maps to the map-cycle, check the Map Collection. Currently working on a feature to 'no medic' (since it gets boring if you die and there is no objective capture possible.). Stay Tuned.!!!
  4. Bot Carnage(#4) Server Updates: Added few new maps, check the Map Collection for the complete map-cycle. A possible solution for jammer has been put in, let me know if it works. Removed Custom Character skins (incompatible on some custom maps.) Advertisement changes. Server#2 Update: Currently working on a feature to 'no medic' (since it gets boring if you die and there is no objective capture possible.). Stay Tuned.!!!
  5. Other than the Angry Bots mod or the custom mod on Bot Carnage server, What mod would you guys suggest which would be fun at all times and you could play it for hours.? It can be anything pvp or co-op. Any suggestions for mods like these? You can go through this thread to see which mods were suggested in the past and are being looked at. Or any suggestions for change in the way the game is played, for example, higher bot count, or lesser player count, harder bots etc.,
  6. Adding custom maps to test server for testing today, server will stay online for the weekend, so do test out the maps: pripyat checkpoint kandagal_aof gizab_aof station_aof There's a different bomber plugin on test server, please test the jammer and chance of trigger for it? If someone This still applies to anyone who is interested to help improve the servers.
  7. Bot Carnage(#4) Server Updates: Removed Map facilityb2_coop_v1_1 checkpoint as per user feedback (reason: low fps). Also disabled the compulsory use of jammer, seems that it isn't working as of now, (jammer has no use as of now, so don't build it). Trying to disable custom character skins, weapon updates: none, it takes lots of time to disable a weapon, (adding I really can't, don't have enough knowledge for it.)
  8. Reduced bot count from 18 to 10, (Bots alive at an instant). Respawn counters are still same so there shouldn't be much difference to bot counts(kills that you would get), but will reduce collateral. Mg spam/explosives on bot spawns will be affected severely.
  9. We are trying to fix it, since the upgrade it was less, still optimizing stuff, so I know which settings affect lag and which don't. It should not lag today. If it does please do reply here again(or even on discord). Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Please Use this Section for reporting. Quick suggestion/Solution, sounds like client side files are missing, make sure you have downloaded everything correctly, or the best solution would be to reinstall game and the mods(from the collection). Thanks
  11. Server 4 Update: New Weapons/Explosives: Stingball (explosive, works like a flash) Walther WA2000 Hk416c Lynx CQ-300 QBZ-95-1 Remington R5 Black Remington R5 Tan Steyur AUG A3 Taurus Judge (Secondary) Team Killing Temp Ban Feature: (TK LIMIT: 3) Command to forgive: /forgive or(!forgive in chat) Gives victim a choice to forgive the TK, or let it continue (by ignoring). If victim forgives the tk, the counter is not updated. It stays as is. If ignored, the counter is increased until the player commits 3 tk's (and no one forgives him, meaning it was intentional) then the player gets banned for 10min (initial ban). If the player comes back after 10min and does 3 tk's then the ban timer is multiplied by 5x(last ban time), in this case 5x10 would be 50mins of ban time for second tk ban. All of this is auto-done by the server, there will not be any exceptions not even for admins. So before you randomly start spraying everywhere and hurting others think about this.
  12. Dust 2 added on test server along with other great stuff(update for server4 and server2 coming before monday), d1 is unfortunately hunt only coop mode, so we can't have it on the servers. I went through your files, Thanks for suggesting, but since we are looking to add, not replace weapons, we can't use it server side, but you can go ahead and make a workshop collection, so people who want to try them out and feel it's good can have them client side. In case it's not on workshop, try to find who the creator of the mod is, and get his permission for re-upload (also give him/her credits even if he says you can use it anyhow you want to).
  13. First off, Happy New Year, And for this New year the Insurgency Server 4 just got a huge upgrade recently. It's now officially named: =F|A= #4 Bot Carnage |MEDIC|ENG|COOP|CUSTOM| This thread will act as information about how basically everything here will work, for updates on the server or suggestions for the server, please look at this: Workshop Collections: Here are the map/mod collections that this Server uses, (for download with one click). Maps Collection Mods Collection Assets Collection Special Classes: 1. Combat Engineer: Build destructible ammo caches(single-use only), sandbag walls,barbed wire, stairs and IED Jammers. Sandbags, Barbed wires blocks enemies as long as the props hold. Stairs do what 'stairs' do irl. Jammers prevent nearby suicide bombers from detonation their IEDs. (Not working as of this post edit) Jammer Range: 1200 (Note: IED jammers are activated 1-2 seconds after drop/plant, and 40% of chance of it not working, keeps the game realistic and balanced.) Also the farther the bomber is from the jammer the higher the chance of detonation (higher chance of jammer not working). Combine far distance from Jammer with NOT Headshot-ing the bomber you are doomed. Engineer Build Menu: Assuming you have equipped this class, hold your knife. Then press Crouch+Sprint+Use. Press a number to choose which prop you want to deploy. It takes 1-2 seconds to deploy (1-2 seconds more for jammer to get activated). If you move or get bumped by another player/enemy while deploying, you must start over. You only have Engineer credits per CP (not objective), so spend it wisely. (Resupplying to Engineer's ammo cache is automatic, just hold knife around it for 4-5 seconds to resupply.) 2. Combat Medic: Heal and Revive downed teammates. Hold Crouch+Sprint+Direction keys to drag revive-able bodies or Use key to push them. Any Class can drag or push bodies. For this to work, (Crouch and sprint options must be set to HOLD and NOT toggle.) Hold your paddles(#3) to revive or heal others (heal yourself too). Reviving and Healing are automatic. Med-Kits heals faster than paddles. Med-Kits thrown on ground heal a small area to 45HP, but fully heal a medic if inside the covered area. Once used/thrown on ground, it cannot be retrieved. (Throwing is not dropping). 3. Suicide Bomber(Bots): This bot roams around the map screaming Allahu Akbar. IF you hear him scream, you're probably about to die to his wrath!!!!!! Dying suicide bombers toss their IEDs in random directions at the moment of death, unless they are dropped with a headshot...but there's a catch. Headshots have a 90% chance of preventing an IED from detonating. So even with headshots there’s still a 10% chance IEDs will detonate. Suggestions for Players: Report Technical issues/bugs. Use the Server Feedback Section for bugs. Use the Discord Server (#server-help channel) to report server/map crashes for quicker support. Become a Donator, If you want to Contribute to the continuous development of our servers. You get a VIP tag in-game, and can even get into full servers to play by typing a console command. No more waiting forever to join a great server and have fun!!! You can also get perks on forums(here). Frequent Issues and it's Solutions: Sound is messed up Change Speaker Configuration under Settings, Audio to a different value. Change it back again if needed. If this doesn't work, you can try typing snd_restart in console. Stuck in terrain and cannot move Type !stuck in global chat (Y by default). If this doesn’t work, you can type kill in console and let a medic revive you. Missing textures Type retry in console. You will disconnect/reconnect and the missing textures will load. “Error Vertex File for...” spam fills the console To fix this problem once, open the console and paste: con_filter_text_out "Error Vertex File for" [then press the Enter key] con_filter_enable 2 [and press the Enter key again] To potentially fix the problem permanently, go to your "\insurgency2\insurgency\cfg" directory. Create a file called autoexec.cfg. In the file, paste those 2 con_filter... lines above. Save and close the file. Start the game and those errors should no longer appear. This is just suppressing the errors. This may still help though as your console does not have to render the text spam and thus may save on frame rate and reduce crashing.
  14. My PC died, and I lost all my files (it's back up now, had to reset hdd and reinstall windows/linux too ) :(
    First lesson of the New year: Always backup important data/files on a cloud server.

    I just hope the I find enough files back for the INS servers, so i can resume it's work. So expect no updates for the servers this month probably.

  15. Looking into it. Maya was removed, just a couple of days after it was put in, let me check again. As for coop which server are we talking about? Both 2 and 4 are checkpoint only afaik
  16. In case anyone is willing to test out features on the test server, please let me know, I have put a custom theater on there so you will need to download it externally for now( will upload to workshop when it can be implemented on the main servers), for now external coz lots of tweaking needs to be done to make it perfect. The custom theater contains insurgent bomber, weapon balances, damage reductions, some additional gear and lastly we can try to add new weapons if we can figure it out somehow.
  17. We could try and increase the bot count, and see how it does? Also trying to remove most linear maps, like launch control and replace with more open maps
  18. For which server and why? Probably but if anyone else does think this should be done, they can reply supporting it.
  19. INS#2 Server Updates: 1. Removed bb_maya_beta5, no other changes. INS#4(MEDIC) Server Updates: 1. Removed bb_maya_beta5 after lots of negative feedback and experience myself too. 2. After getting lots of complaints of AFK players on this server, we have implemented an AFK Manager that will kick players based on following conditions(it's obvious that dead players won't be kicked): a. Works only if you are in team/unassigned, if you are spectator you won't be kicked, (atleast not yet, maybe this will be enabled in the future if the server traffic increases). b. Works only when there's 2 or more players actively connected on the server. c. Warns player if player is afk for 2mins, it will show you eta to kick(time remaining until you are kicked). d. Kicks afk player if player hasn't moved/ or moved his aim/mouse for 4mins(ofc it warns first like said above). e. As of now admins aren't immune to this manager, so admins can get kicked too(will be enabled in future with some optimized settings). Any further suggestions to improve our servers are always welcome. (If you have provided suggestions thank you for helping us out.)
  20. I thought the game died off. I used to play it couple of years back, but I had shit internet back then. And I played it fron Steam, add me if you wanna play together sometime.
  21. I have heard otherwise(on server), I play for 2 hours straight yesterday with that on and people died the first time they found out agree, but after they knew they loved it. some played for 3 hours straight tbh. We shall test it more and refine it on the test server. Disabled for now! The test server is online for this weekend. If anyone wants to test it out you can join in whenever you want to and test out the upcoming features.(You can contact any Insurgency staff for details on how to connect to the server, only if you want to help test stuff not to have fun)
  22. It's not supposed to be instant death, it's supposed to work as to damage the attacker not the victim when he damages someone. Will reduce that damage and Gonna disable the explosives damage overall, that should balance it quite a bit and keep you on your toes and not just random shoot bots and get bored easily. You have to be more active to look out for what you shoot at. For example= you shoot a guy maybe intentionally or maybe not, certain percentage of that damage is done to you. (Ofc rn based on the feedback the damage reflected is too high and kills everyone instantly, I'm sorry for that).
  23. INS#2 Server Updates: 1. Added 2 new maps to the map cycle, and removed some UN-optimized maps. New maps are: 1. angle_iron 2. bb_maya_beta5 INS#4(MEDIC) Server Updates: 1. Added 4 new maps to the mapcycle. Those maps are: 1. amber_spirits_coop 2. angle_iron 3. bb_maya_beta5 4. block_party_coop_ws 2. Fixed the type of aim-bot feeling the bots had on the server since past few days. 3. Bots now react on your behavior. More info on point 3: 1. If you stay in a place for a relatively long period of time, the bots will have a better chance of head-shot'ing you even from a far distance.(You may call it aimbot/wall hack for the bots, but know that it's their internal comms type of thing.). 2. The finale objective now has a 4min Counter-attack with 100% probability and infinite bot re-spawns (they re-spawn until end of map or end of counter time etc.,). Any further suggestions to improve our servers are always welcome. (If you have provided suggestions thank you for helping us out.)

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