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  1. Love the new forum achievements
  2. dont find it offensive on behalf on anyone except me, im the minority
  3. This is a weird band. They usually mix psy trance with extreme metal genres. They have some unbelievably weird and good music. Apparently they made up the language spoken in this one
  4. Haven't been listening to Eminem for years now. Thought i'd give it a go with his older albums, hooked to Relapse atm
  5. Always loved Donatello but I guess im more of a Michelangelo
  6. Couldn't get into it before, realized I had to get pretty high to enjoy it
  7. Recommended this one to Rockstar today, realized how long it's been since i've last listened to it myself. Such an amazing song.
  8. really, really throbbing
  9. Not the hardest but came to my mind, enjoy.
  10. Heya, welcome to the forums "female girl", Enjoy your stay!
  11. Oh hello, jump in on discord sometime so we can play together!
  12. mextor


    We were high as hell and my friend thought it was a good time to ink his first tattoo on my leg. I thought "well, what could possibly go wrong?". Its supposed to be Invoker from DotA and the text goes "DID I MISCAST?" trying to point at the fact that this was a fking mistake I kinda regret it but also am proud for my retarded courage
  13. this songs my guilty pleasure
  14. oof im hyped but its when my finals start. hopefully i can make it there!
  15. I will be away for the weekend but might be able to drop by with the phone or something :C
  16. heya irena, welcome to the forums. it's fun to play sandstorm with you! :D
  17. thansk you nomnoom! I remember listening to krewella when i was a little bebe, think i had a crush on both of the girls heheh
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