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  1. Happy birthday my brave neighbor.

    I hope you are fine and enjoying your second Pepsi.

    I've already sent you a German escort for you, especially the way you like it, small, made in asia, and a loooong pipe in the middle ...




    1. DeKing


      Happy Birthday Xiahou !! 😉


  2. Hush is an amazing piece of art and direction! These silent moments shown from the main heroine perspective, letting us immerse in the character and the fact she's deaf, simply amazing.
  3. My favourite new-style horror movie. Mike Flanagan is a genius in my opinion.
  4. The Big Lebowski What GIF by MOODMAN


    Welcome back amongst those gifted with sight. I hope your surgery went fine and you're feeling alright!

    1. Cross Marian

      Cross Marian

      It's scary how true that gif is XD

  5. Joyeux anniversaire, mon ami!
  6. Happy birthday to a very kind soul - @nAbish, and our ultimate panza-noob @t3am2000-Romash! All the best for you two, hopefully your dreams come true and you have an amazing day!
  7. March 3 I was congratulating him on his staff promotion. May 22'nd was the last time he logged in. Now I open forums and I read this. Such is the cruel world we live in. I hope you get to do what you loved most and you're in pain no more - wherever you are, Stuart! My condolences for the family and I'm sure he will not be forgotten amongst our community. Fly high, soldier!
  8. Good to hear all these beautiful (and Vice) people! Update: We're having more people!
  9. Well then, to kick off the new topic, let me share a really underrated band that @Vice86 introduced me to, thank you for that!
  10. Junko Yagami being an absolute delight to listen to!
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