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  1. The n word was created by white people 3 centuries ago, and now white people are lunging at other white people for using a term that is directed at black people, while black people are totally fine calling them like that by other black people among themselves. That's the sad reality we live in. Using an SUBJECTIVELY offensive vsay doesn't mean someone is racist, or supporting KKK or whatever. I guess we should ban all Duke Nukem vsays, no matter what these are, because Duke himself is a sexist person who cracks offensive jokes left and right. I guess we should ban all spanish-speak
  2. Daybreak is just a better Warzone if you ask me. And Minas... I'm gonna come clean, I never played this map, maybe once, loooong time ago, so I don't remember it. But from what I've seen, that map has two kinds of followers - those who love and those who hate it. Nothing in between.
  3. I just wanted to add, that Daybreak is enjoying a second iteration here on NQ1. I didn't see one person complaining about that map, and everyone takes nicely to it.
  4. If you don't have anything against it Mike, I'll post mine. A couple days ago on NQ1 ludicrous.mp4
  5. I don't know if 2tanks and Kerkyra are still on, but sad to see those maps aren't being played. I would love to see Holy Grail added to the rotation. This map was made for NQ, and I think it would be fun.
  6. AI will be more intelligent than humans one day AI:
  7. Hello Rickard! Good to see you on forums, welcome, see you on the server and first and foremost... v966!
  8. Hello and welcome to the forums. Prophecies foretold your coming... or at least someone from the community did See you in game.
  9. These are surprisingly relatable... although I don't take that long to join a team. Only 2-3 maps tops.
  10. There is a way. You need a specific file to put in your etlegacy game directory, and it works. I'll link you the file. Put it in program files > enemy territory - Legacy > etmain folder. fav4.zip
  11. Xiahou Dun


    Hello, welcome to the forums! And if you want I can fight you in real life about which gamemode is the best Be there or be square. Come visit us at NQ1 sometimes
  12. I wanted the jeep to crush me (don't ask why), but instead it teleported me to other dimension. Is this the secret to @Vice86 teleporting through walls? No need to use /noclip 1 after all?
  13. @Owned and I had a little "misunderstanding" when it came to evening out teams... LOL
  14. My great grandfather from my mother side was one of the defenders who died during the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_of_the_Polish_Post_Office_in_Danzig I went to high school in the neighbouring building... and since I always loved history, that place had great significance for me. Unfortunately, the president of Gdańsk (Danzig) is defiling the memory of that place, by putting trashcans on the property, and designating that place as a spot to throw out trash after the fair that takes place in the city every year. A sad reminder that the memory of war heroes is becoming very
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