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  1. Xiahou Dun

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Strongly disagree, but I also have to look at things objectively, and glider isn't doing too well. I love the map, but if it's unpopular, then it's better to take it off. That being said, Hotchkiss was very unpopular too, so I don't know about that map.
  2. Xiahou Dun

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    No one played Hotchkiss when it was on, and it was quickly taken off rotation. So I doubt it will be any different this time.
  3. This is absolutely amazing anime. I don't watch anime often, but this is a show I am bonkers about. The story by Isayama-san, the music by Hiroyuki Sawano, it's all so wonderfully done. Shame lots of people immediately cross it out because "it's a chinese cartoon". The story is better than in most normal shows and movies, so I highly recommend it.
  4. Happy birthday Leather
  5. Xiahou Dun

    ET Server Suggestion Server list

    AFAIK, the server masterlist problem is being worked on. I ask for patience on this one.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198158912448/
  7. What server are you playing on? Throwing knives varies between game mods. Information about server would be great to clarify.
  8. "Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock, behind the scenes photo.
  9. Careful with North Pole. It is infamous for causing hunkalloc problems, I hope it won't do it, but we all know how it is, when ET maps have their whims...
  10. Happy birthday Piglet. Sending best wishes via mortar, how else!
  11. Hejka! Graliśmy razem wczoraj na NQ1, godny przeciwnik z Ciebie Welcome (back) to our forums!
  12. Xiahou Dun

    Hear me sing

    Today's concert on Discord is truly amazing. Great to hear you still going at it strong
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