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  1. -"Ah come on papa, I stole a car from that no-name." "That fckin'g no-name is John Wick. Baba Yaga." -"The boogeyman?" "He's not the boogeyman. He is the one you send to kill the fricking boogeyman."
  2. I just come hear to leave a hi on your Forumswall 


    1. DeKing


      You came hear? :) 

    2. Vice86


      😂 congratulations deking, "hear", buy yourself something nice


      Drag Queen Take My Money GIF by ProducerEntertainmentGroup

  3. https://www.dinneratthezoo.com/baked-rigatoni-pasta-recipe/ @c4sh - thank you so much for that recipe! I made it recently (I absolutely love pasta) and it was so good, I had to make another batch two days after I made the first one. I was eating it for 5 days straight lol.
  4. A Chinese orchestral trap music... You can't even begin to fathom how cool that is!
  5. Xiahou Dun

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Removed: Desert Rats, Teuthonia, Marrakech Streets Reason being both Desert Rats and Teuthonia are underperforming greatly compared to the rest of the rotation. Not once have I seen either of these maps being played with teams not consisting of bots (at least 8v8). Added: Breakout 2, Wurzburg Radar Summer, Operation Marrakech Breakout 2 was doing well a while back, and I can't see why it wouldn't deserve a chance to come back. Wurzburg Radar was requested many a times, and I think the summer version is perfect for the time of year. Marrakech Streets are not removed per say, rather replaced with Operation Marrakech. Same map layout with a different objective that could be a nice merge of classic Marrakech with a totally new approach to objective. Also moves the focus of the game away from Allied spawn a bit, so they won't get stuck trying to get out of spawn. As always - feel free to submit your feedback either here, on private message or via Discord. Anything that comes to mind - I would love to hear!
  6. @FILIPE @NomaT @DeKing Turu---tuturu---turu----tuturu!
  7. I was visiting my friend yesterday and I jokingly said "I'm going to order a pineapple pizza I think". Boy, was that a mistake. She almost beat me to death when she heard that. Point noted I guess.
  8. I hope the referee is happy with himself, because he just cheated Denmark like I haven't seen in a long time. I am not even watching this shitshow for a second longer. Italy, record a spaghetti western and let the football come home as loosers. Horrible referees throughout the entire tournament, but this is simply a joke.
  9. Thanks Mextor for showing me this song - I am addicted to it now.
  10.  Heyo mate, are you alright? Haven't seen you in some time and with your Discord account getting compromised, it makes you wonder what happened to you.

    1. Karla


      come baaaaaaaaaaack

    2. mextor


      gaddem liar telling he'd be back in the evening, classic 😛


      seriously tho where are you dörtfan

  11. How is the moving process going? Are you at your new home already?

  12. Xiahou Dun

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Everytime a building is constructed, on killfeed and in console there's a server annoucement saying "Allies/Axis are in the lead by x points". Up until more than 5 points of difference, then it will say "Allies/Axis have a commanding lead." But I agree, a counter would be nice, albeit I don't see it as a neccesity. Will try to look into this later.
  13. Xiahou Dun

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Removed: Castle Attack, Vengeance, Wolfsrudel Reason being: Castle Attack demand is saturated as of right now and it's not good for the server currently. Vengeance is a cool map but massively lacks popularity - in 9 days accumulated only 120 votes in total. Wolfsrudel is being removed temporarily until double jump restrictions are put in place for that map, and even then I am unsure if such a big map without doublejump will be healthy for NQ1. Time will tell. Added: V2 Rocket Base. A classic map that is generally well liked and fits NQ1 theme greatly. We're loosing 2 maps during these changes, but the rotation looks very good as of right now. Feel free to comment with your suggestions, and members - please be on the lookout about Baserace and how people react to it. So far after 9 days it's been a welcome addition and mostly everyone enjoys it after such a long break. Praetoria is also an important map to keep your eyes peeled for.
  14. https://diablochairs.eu/3710-gaming-chair-diablo-x-one-20-normal-size-black-green That's the one I have - however I wouldn't buy it now. It is not that comfortable as they claim it to be, and for that price rather mediocre quality of it. I think for my next chair, personally I will be simply going for some office chair - my brother has one of those and it is so comfortable I really want one as well now. Sure, you can't regulate the back of it, but it makes up for it with everything else.
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