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  1. Purchased Insurgency Sandstorm today. Hopefully I get to play with cool people from FA from INS side!


    Can't wait!

    1. Sisje


      Only cool people there 😎😁

  2. Since you guys loved the first iteration, I decided to keep it up and create a new line of memes - Wolfenstein ET x Attack on Titan. Most will be NQ1 related, but I'm sure players from all servers could relate to some. @Vice86 When we spot Joker standing in the middle of the map, menacingly, like a statue:
  3. 24$ (I know, the exchange rate of Polish currency has failed me miserably ^^) - Invoice ID: 3X420588YW6558451 Now that I have a new job, I can spare some money, as things aren't looking as grim anymore. So this is what I could scramble from my first payout, hopefully more to come. Thanks for hosting and enabling me and everyone else to be able to connect and spend time together in this fantastic atmosphere!
  4. When someone asks me, how many teamkills with "construction madness" me and Vice got: @Vice86 @BLAAT @Raziel
  5. Hell Let Loose. A fantastic shooter that really shows attention to details by developers. Fun fact: Team17, the developer responsible for the game, also produced "Worms" series. It's quite amazing to see a military WW2 shooter from them, but it looks glorious.
  6. Thanks everyone for coming to voice chat today! It was surprising to see so many people join on a monday evening, but I had alot of fun! Hop on discord anytime, we don't bite
  7. My point of view of that glorious situation that happened a few days back. Hope you managed to get over it 😁

    1. 4FuN


      Still drinking mate.. 




    I've watched this a dozen times already and I'm still laughing when I think "Yelena is Karla, Griez is me, and a horse walks into a bar".


    Yelena and Karla both doesn't like shitty jokes, eh?

    1. Karla


      this is literally us! 😄

  9. Heyo Slayer!


    How are you man? Hopefully all good in these trying times! Give me the latest news what's going in your life 😄

    1. Sl@yer


      I'm doing good,  neem almost 10 months now and still going to meetings and been doing a lot of counseling. don't have a lot of free time lately between regular work and my side business. I'm trying to find a balance but it's difficult.

    2. Xiahou Dun

      Xiahou Dun

      I'm glad to hear that. Take it slow and steady, it's important not to rush things. Great to hear you're still improving and striving to be the best person you can be! Your story is a motivation to me, and that is why I wanted to know how are things on your end.


      Take care Slayer, things are only going to get better, I'm sure 😁

  10. Heyo Staffel. Is that you? A PINEAPPLE ON MY PIZZA?!

  11. Thanks for that amazing gameday It sure was a different one for me, considering I had to work during almost all of it, but I was on discord all day and enjoyed myself with everyone else, even though I could'nt participate in the games. Big shoutout to @DeKing for being the best host! Would'nt have been the same without you, man!
  12. I remember when I learned what "Mota" means and I was deeply disappointed in myself for liking this song. But still, hell of a catchy tune!
  13. If we deleted bots from jay1, then that would mean you would get deleted too, romash. Just kidding Bots are vital to every server, to keep up the player count on slower traffic periods. Are they annoying? Yes, at times. Are they neccesary? Absolutely.
  14. If you say so Karla... here's one for you!
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