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  1. Moose Jay Pizza-delivery vehicles, with prone Moose atop them! BTW, I almost typed "prone Mooses", but : So, if someone says "a Moose is coming", then you know that one animal is arriving. If you hear "Moose are coming", then you had better look out!
  2. All of the links are "legit". The Tutorials sub-forum used to be in a special "Tutorials" section and not in the 'normal forums'. When @daredevil updated to these "New Forums", he was forced to move the Tutorial-section into this sub-forum. A developer had wanted so much more $ € £ ¥ kr ft ₺ ₦ R$ S/. 元 ¥ ₹ ₿ than last time that he said [unprintable] with it!.
  3. Your video did not seem to have a "preview" image displayed here. I only saw a "top-down view of a video-tape". Are you, as The Uploader, allowed to choose a frame for a preview-image in forums like this?
  4. Something changed recently with my mouse and I am groping for new settings for it. On Marrakech, I can no longer do a 180-degree flip and run backwards out of the Allied 2nd spawn to check the balcony for Axis infiltrator back-shooters. (BTW, when I first started doing that, it was not "planned": I just started doing it one day! )
  5. Good Lord! :crazy_lady: :freak_out: Please do not stereotype this as a "typical religious person!" They used to put people like this into Mental Hospitals, back in the Good Old Days. Oops, I spoke too soon. Watch the video to the end before commenting.
  6. First backup your current jaymod etconfig.cfg or rename it in your jaymod profiles folder. Keep a "path of retreat" from any changes. I just had a laggy few minutes on Jay#1, from California, but I believe that it was caused by a background process, possibly my online backup provider, although I did set it to run more slowly. I keep the win10 Task Manager pinned to the task bar so that I can check such things very quickly. It turns out that Carbonite was still Updating.
  7. "15 Beautiful Croatian Phrases We Need in English"





    1. Nancy


      hih, every country slav has similar/same proverbs :) 

  8. Congratulations!  You are now "on Trial!"  :D 📣


    BTW, your level 11 cannot be set on any Silent server until you put your S:ET guid into your profile.



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    2. RedBaird


      1943, They really had "esprit de corps" back then!



    3. RedBaird


      Oh, what the hell, here are some more Boogie Woogies :D




    4. Exoh0l


      HAHA, nice one :D !

  9. ACK, I was there at the beginning, at my 0400, and some Staff+ were on. I had intended to go to bed immediately, wake up in 8 hours, at about 1300 my time and join back up. Unfortunately, I could not sleep until 0900 and woke up at 1700 , ACK! I was able to turn on the Fast-Charge (white power-bars all the time!) and set the levels of a few admins (promoted Ang3l from 19 to 20! ) I can only go there later and make sure that all of the game-day uber-commands are turned off. That was the wrong method.
  10. It starts at noon London Time and will run to at least Midnight (2400) London time. For me, in California, USA, that is from 0400 to 1600 (4 pm). It may run longer, depending on how many people are on the server when I am there at the end-of-times. Your timezone is one hour ahead of me, so the game times for you will be at least from 0300 to 1500 (3 pm) and maybe for longer.
  11. NQ has the mostest, bestest, and funnest gameday war-settings of all the mods. (pardon my French). We could have knife-wars, which would delight some and horrify others! We once had a gameday server go kaput and I had to move the GameDay to an NQ server. Only bots were on, so I set them all to needle-war , which was hilarious to see! I left to go advertise the server-change and when I came back a co_Leader and had spoiled the fun! (I was not in Leadership back then, but was on the GameHost committee, and I had asked permission of that co_Lead to make the move. )
  12. Thanks for the Multiple_RL_LOLs today! My Truck-Driving Brother-in-law will really appreciate that "blinky thing means turning!" pic.
  13. C R A P ! ! ! I still have not written my "GameDay-advert.cfg" file yet! Maybe I will get it done 4 hours after the Games Begin, like the last time.
  14. When does it revert to 800 x 600? When you quit ET and later start another session? EIEI's "/seta" command 'should' fix that. Doing a "/set", as in MikeSlayer's post might or might not save it to your etconfig.cfg in that mod... ADDED: I have had some "funky-diddle" stuff happen after some Win10 updates, such as resolutions reverting back to earlier ones when a map changed and sometimes the screen would darken in the middle of a map. I still have not quite recovered from that last "dark screen" episode as I now have different settings in different mods. Actually, my "such as resolutions reverting back to earlier ones when a map changed " kind of sounds like your problem. I think that ET does a /vid_restart when each new map starts...hmmmm....
  15. Don't give up yet! Our members and readers will continue to try to help you! I had no problems when upgrading to win10 from win7, BUT I already had my ET installation in a D:/ partition, instead of the C:/program files. That had avoided any run-as-admin problems. Of course, I don't run with a resolution that high. I have forgotten where in Win10 that you can check for the resolutions available on your monitor or vid-card. Perhaps your system does not allow that resolution for some funky reason. That idea does seem a bit unreasonable in this day and age. ACK! L3fty 'd me! That reminds me that when I was building this computer some 9 years ago, I had it hooked up to my 'big-screen' TV via HDMI and it did fill the screen on Left4Dead. I don't remember how it did with ET. I do use HDMI with this 23" monitor now, but I don't use the full resolution that it is capable of. AND, I do use win10 pro 64-bit, but the 'pro' should not make a difference in this case..
  16. I just added "cgame_mp_x86.dl" to this topic's title, because this is the only post with "cgame_mp_x86.dl" as a tag!!! That might help future searchers for the same problem find this topic. PikeKiller's post about installing Win10 causing a similar problem was Very Interesting!
  17. That nasty country pickup really needs that deodorizer! (and many more).
  18. Made the Priest jump, even though he had seen that guy's videos before on YouTube!
  19. This would have invoked nightmares for my Mother! She didn't like birds after a childhood experience with a flock of turkeys.
  20. I first thought that the umbrella in the man's drink was twirling by itself, but I now think that he had hit it against his chin, missing his mouth. He was distracted. I did have a laugh at some of Rihanna's quick-changes into some of those outfits, especially the "70's girl roller-skater" with the big hair!

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