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  1. But good evasion moves! Oh, I get it now! Those two were at the end of the game!
  2. If you are drunk and want me to hide this post when you sober up, I can.
  3. I once rode up the Honey Run on a bicycle with a college buddy, crossing over the now-gone Honey Run covered-bridge. I lived in Chico for about 7 years. Paradise and Chico really grew since then.
  4. 0.01% of "£3763.47 " = £ 0.37 ... I think that even I could afford to send you that much! Wow! It does look like I really am fixated on the cost of this machine! I can appreciate the 3 1TB SSDs (one is an M.2) and the 64GB of DDR4.
  5. It is very shocking to see the name of a town that you had lived near and visited a number times show up in a news dateline like this : " PARADISE, Calif. (Reuters) ". I think that they meant "scaled back", rather than "scrolled back". They had started to let some fires burn 'naturally', in part because the seeds of some trees of the original forest-lands needed to be scorched by fire before they would sprout. Another reason was to 'naturally' clear out the fallen debris lying dried out on the ground. A problem with that technique is that more than a century of aggressively fighting all fires has lead to a large amount of tinder on the forest floors. The method was started too late, after the danger was too great to use it effectively in most areas without causing large fires.
  6. == 4 832 USD == 6 353 CAD == 4 231 EUR == 18 097 BRL == 346 841 INR == 97 452 MXN == 318 809 RUB == 6 590 AUD == 0.88 BitCoin Yes, I was already here, composing a pricing post for all of those slavering over your acquisition. $ == $ == € == R$ == ₹ == $ == ₽ == $ == ₿
  7. Congrats on your Tutorial Writer Award...it is only fair!  :D 



  8. You can download and run the Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner 12 from the F|A downloads section. It fixed a problem that I had connecting to NQ#1. You may have some old *.pk3 files in your Silent folder that are causing problems. If this is the problem, then I don't know why HC = ok, but Silent#1 = not OK! ???
  9. You can restart ET and try to connect again...what was the error message that the server sent you?
  10. What error does the server give you? It looks like you were on Silent#1 8 hours ago.
  11. It looks like you can use version 3.0 forever and that the "Lifetime License" is less than half-off at $30. Tempting!
  12. Will the "crackers" also go "through this change" and have co-operative networks of AIs and Big Data of their own?
  13. I need to study his life and his works to find his secret. Perhaps it is just to "be creative"? I sometimes Do remember to repeat to our applicants and clan members.
  14. This is the correct version of an article from Steam earlier. Steam fixed the corrupted "View full Article" link in this version. I "disappeared" the earlier version to avoid more confusion.
  15. I am beginning to suspect that all of the "Lambos" belong to his new GFs!
  16. This reminds me of a certain map that we play, n'est-ce pas?
  17. Note 8 would have had me studying the manual, too!
  18. samsung galaxy s9+, 64GB...128 & 256 available in USA now?
  19. It was, for a short (?) time. I still remember learning it, on another clan's server, between my oh-so-common deaths.
  20. Good enough for the likes of me, who rarely travels. I have the non-voice packets using the wifi on my Comcast router/tel/modem. I should get back to studying this modern mobile/cell phone, which has overwhelmed me with its increased features over my 10-year-old physical-slide-out-kb cell!
  21. No wonder your name is so familiar! You were a Trial Member back in 2013. It looks like you have had trouble finding time to play, over the years, a problem that many players and admins have had, too.
  22. I had no idea that this was "a thing" now! (thanks to my relatives' FB pages for these 2 posts).

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