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  1. She finally smiled! It took a lot of effort by him, but she did react! I would guess that she is used to it. Hey, DJ! Look what your video led me to! DJ is a prophet!!!
  2. @DJ aka GDR DJ Your second pic would have won Today's "RedB's first RL LOL of the Day" award, if @RedAngel had not beat you to it elsewhere.
  3. Welll, this is somewhat political, but it IS Amusing. Was that last signatory John Hancock? It is also amusing that some people will put so much effort into such productions these days. Five Finger Death Punch is a band from at least 2017 and they started their "5FDP QUARANTINE THEATER 2020 - EPISODE 1 - UNDER AND OVER IT last April. They have quite a few videos on their YT-channel, so they are not amateurs, as such.
  4. Ogeazy PM'd me back that he remembered the name as "Dungeon", on HardCore. I did not find that name there, but I did find a "Dung30n", who has a Czech IP on the records. The IP that Dung30n had used on HC was used by an Advan profile to register in 2015. That may be why his attempt to register recently was blocked. It could be a relative, too. The IP is said to be a VPN/Proxy by one site, but not by 4 others. The IP that he had on HC was , but for one of his downloads in 2015 and a Poll Vote had a different last octet in the IP.
  5. Now I am not sure if the FA FaceBook or Twitter accounts use 'invite-links' or not. I believe that they are probably just links to this website. I think I found code similar to that, too.
  6. I just came back to add to my reply, which had followed Blade's by some 2.5 hours. I now find it 'above' Blade's. Then I noticed that someone had "up-voted" it, which seems to have moved it. We are still learning the features of these "new forums" and of DD's recent Update to it!
  7. It could be as Blade said above. Quote from the IPBoard forums, in a topic with the same error code: There is a more technical possible explanation, but I don't think that FA uses any "invite-link" systems. (not like Discord). If he is on Discord, then he can PM me his email and IP and I can check something. I think that if he connects to this forum anonymously, then he can PM me, but will have to enter his email address, which might be what is blocking him. Maybe. Some email services have had a lot of spam emails sent from them and are "b
  8. I don't know this kind of coding, but looking at the Stalingrad.script, the 'next goal', to destroy the West tank, is never set. It looks like the author possibly expected the East tank to be destroyed first. Perhaps the path to the other tank was supposed to be blocked until East was gone. The coding for the East tank has 2 more lines than the West tank has. Perhaps those 2 'missing' lines have something to do with this problem. Maybe we have a "defective version" of the pk3 file? NO, I could only find Chuckun's file in our File Section.
  9. DJ's first pic made me say my First Bad Word of the Day!
  10. Why did YouTube give me a warning, " This video may be inappropriate for some users. " ???
  11. Vaya con Dios.

  12. How did you fix it? Your solution might help future readers here.
  13. It looks like someone is in the car, "driving", and the "outside guy" is steering it with a pallet jack!
  14. Is the pic that I can download at the same resolution as the one that you had uploaded to here? It downloaded as a 70kb file at 639 x 303 pixels. I can't get the cropped-out head to look so good with Irfanview as you had done with your upload. Your "elk-head" DL to a 16kb file at 319 x 161. I have seen some evidence that the Forum Software might reduce the resolution on some uploaded images.
  15. need N:ET guid 😄 

  16. Thanks for reminding me to look out for reruns of "The Big Bang Theory". My, what odd directions this thread veered into. But all in Good Fun.
  17. Somebody is going to have a Very Bright night-light for their bathroom, their bedroom, their living room.....their closets....
  18. Here is their FaceBook page : https://m.facebook.com/Kurwa-Eye-Center-Lasik-Vision-Correction-384469661628731/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0 It is in West Covina, California, USA. Dr. Bud Kurwa was interviewed on TV some years ago. He is not the only one with that name in the USA + https://www.namespedia.com/details/Kurwa
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