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  1. I suspect that she would not need the crutches if she was not wearing those high heels.
  2. @DJ aka GDR DJ I just learned that my nephew's wife gave birth yesterday. I am going to post your "magic shows video" on her FB and say that she did her own kind of magic trick yesterday.
  3. RedBaird

    End of an era

    When I noticed this topic, I informed the Leadership and purposely did not reply, so that von Rantala could be the first here. @lurkman / Koen, your post here was NOT a mistake. You can "drop in here" from time to time, just to say "HI !" and tell us how you are doing. We don't need to "steal time from your RL", but do keep us informed, please. @RendeL , you will have to PM " @lurkman " to chat with him.
  4. It looks like somebody has been exploring the older topics in the forums. It is usually considered " déclassé " to post in 'old' topics and revive them, but this is also classed as an "oldie, but a goody". (A lot of dead-pic-links here ) ACK! I guess that I had better lock this topic. A new one can be started, if it is amusing enough. It was fun to see the "old names" here again.
  5. His level 11 is set on Jay#2 and he has tagged up with his Zakrzew name. He will try to change his forum HZOP to Zakrzew soon....I later advised him to make the name-change in a month, so that we will combine the old HZOP and the new Zakrzew names in our minds.
  6. POOF! You are in the ET Member group again. Somebody has already set your level on Jay#1 on the new GUID.
  7. ...and I later realized that I was not smelling gunpowder in the night air, but smoke from wildfires ~59 miles/114 km away from here.
  8. My nephew's wife is expecting a girl "any day now". I will post this on her FaceBook page (if I am not too late already, her due-date is July 4th!)
  9. One nice touch in that movie was the scene with the Syrian and Israeli pilots hiding their surviving aircraft on the same airfield and hearing the information together about possibly how to attack the common enemy of Humanity.
  10. The sun has gone down here and now I am hearing "Bang, Bing, Boooom!", from fireworks that are illegal here.
  11. Gee, I wish that I had known that you were in South Korea! I would have asked you to visit a certain Troll there that I call "STI-NKY KOR-EAN" (for his word-style).
  12. The BooM, C!to and Cit0 are all merged now. All of your post with the 3 accounts will show the same BooM account name now. Boom-Cit0 provided me with enough proof of identity.
  13. Group fixed...missed you on Silent#1 by about 2 minutes. Welcome back.
  14. DJ's post: I am seeing an explosion of FB posts from my relatives like that one! I posted an earlier one from here, the "Heck Dog" one, to my sister-in-law's page for her son to see. He was "greatly amused". Vindstodt's post : I am going to pass that onto another nephew's FB page. He is a dog-groomer. I am sure that he has had his share of "little nippers".
  15. I have read that the British used to use the term "soccer" but quit using it when the US players started using the term. They got PO'd 'cause the USA-ians would not abandon the name of Their Football ! Football From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the overall concept of games called football
  16. Happy ð¨ð¦ Canada ð¨ð¦ Day!  :D

    1. RedBaird


      Wow, I did a "copy image" from my Canadian flag on CandyCane's wall and pasting it in did this!  ð¨ð¦

    2. w1cx


      w1cx reporting from the Great White North: Thank you eh!

    3. RedBaird


      I see your "eh" and raise you an "ack"!

  17. That "hand egg ball" ALWAYS cracks me up!
  18. DJ's vid is extremely interesting! That method does add complexity, though, with more parts to maintain and that can break down. Seeing the "wheels" turn into "tracks" was fascinating!
  19. It was not just my Mother who did that? She even called one of her sons by the dog's name!
  20. Was Cquatro's first parrot excited to be getting its first Friday Night shot of liquor???
  21. You may be correct, but I usually think of "logs" as being much, much longer, such as those on logging trucks. I would call his targets "pieces of logs", but I can't find the technical term.
  22. I meant that he is splitting good quality pieces of botanical wood, not the zoological "wood" that you seem to have in your mind.

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