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  1. We could have TDM-tags in front of the map-names, so they can all know what they are voting for. Fun1.clan-fa.com is now a NitMod TDM server, if you want to get a "taste" of that play-style.
  2. "Puperoni Pizza" gets DJ the "RedBard First RL LOL of the Day Award."
  3. RedBaird

    ScreenShot Error

    Yes, if you have ET installed in "C:/Program Files", then Windows 'protects' those files, perhaps even from ET itself! That might also cause problems when trying to save any new settings that you make to ET when you are running it. I keep forgetting that aspect of ET because I now have it installed on a "D:" drive on this computer.
  4. RedBaird

    ScreenShot Error

    I should have 'split' his first post before I made my reply. I just did the 'split', but had to do it on each and every reply made later. That will teach me. I think that Absoluto was searching for a topic with a problem similar to his. The original topic did not provide an answer to that problem, nor to his now. I tell people that when they make such "help me" posts, and then they discover the answer, to "please post your fix", so that later searchers and readers are helped. That may also help other Searchers on the Internet, too, not just our community here.
  5. That was my very first thought, "= WTF?", but then I realized what you were asking. I only searched for your name as 'background' information and came across the GameTracker twc-panzerwar page. I was also checking to see if you were some kind of troll or trouble-maker! (We don't seem to have a troll-emoticon! ) Take encouragement from DareDevil's reply above. He is one of F|A's Founders and can "make it happen" (after some behind-the-scenes work, which sometimes turns out to be a lot more than expected ).
  6. Vortex Domes are for sale, at least on Etsy, where it costs less than $57. One customer, Andy Stubbs on Jun 11, 2019, said, "I struggle to get it off the Grandchildren to play with it myself."
  7. RedBaird

    ScreenShot Error

    What is your version of ET or ETlegacy and what is your Operating System? That error might be related to a non-ET issue on your System. Searching for that phrase finds a lot of pages about WordPress and some about phpBB.
  8. GameTracker shows a "melonchollymel" as having rank #11 on the now-dead "| TWC | Panzerwar" server. Would we be letting a "panzer shark" into our midst? That name shows up on ET forums back to at least 2012. That server was in Germany. @melonchollymel F|A is having a GameDay next Saturday, the 22 of June. Forms of panzerwar will be there, for sure. (Probably not with the settings that you so loved, though). ET is one of four Games-Wars that will run on GameDay. ET, Insurgency, COD4, and Day of Infamy. See the timer at the top of the page on FA forums. It starts in 11 hours and 40 minutes from now, at my 0400! ++ Oh, Shoot! I just realized that GameDay is Today for you!
  9. Mouse, hmmm? So, a Giant's palm would rest over the windshield and perhaps the headlights? Those engine-scoops do look like elevated mouse-buttons.
  10. Is that cyberpunk car in a handicapped parking spot?
  11. Can a Portuguese-speaker translate their words for us? The Auto-Translate of this to English on the YouTube video was NOT helpful at all.
  12. At $120 each, those 'bullet-resistant' backpacks had better be 'mine-resistant', too!
  13. Snippets from a page-link on the SlashDot site: https://www.morningstar.com/news/dow-jones/TDJNDN_20190616479/lyrics-site-geniuscom-accuses-google-of-lifting-its-content.html "In 2016, Google partnered with LyricFind Inc., a Canadian company that secures deals with music publishers allowing companies such as Google to publish lyrics online. LyricFind Chief Executive Darryl Ballantyne said in an email that his company creates lyrics using its own content team. "We do not source lyrics from Genius," he said. " " It also means Google is directing a smaller share of those queries to other sites. In March, 62% of mobile searches on Google didn't result in a user clicking through to another website, according to the web-analytics firm Jumpshot Inc. " " Google previously has disrupted companies' business models by switching from referring traffic via search to providing services directly on Google websites. " " As a result, clicks to web publishers have been dropping on desktop search, Mr. Fishkin said. Desktop searches end without a click to another website about 35% of the time. That's up about 9% since 2016, according to Jumpshot. " .
  14. Why Lunar Landers Had Jumper Cables For Emergencies Author's comments: Scott Manley , Published on Jun 14, 2019 The engineers who developed the Apollo program spacecraft really liked to try and think of everything, and that included emergency procedures for almost every contingency. In one scenario an astronaut would leave the Lunar Module with a set of cables designed to transfer power to a stranded lunar module. Some of the comments on the video were thoughtful and some were amusing: shark, 2 days ago And to think I rolled my eyes while reading The Martian when Mark Watney jumpstarted Pathfinder... Bram Moerman, 2 days ago November, 1965, when the Northeast US had a major blackout. . . To get the FIRST powerplant of the grid running they needed “inplant power”, which they did not have. So they used employees’ cars, with jumper cables to get the first plant fired up Alejandro Pacheco, 2 days ago Fun fact: according to NASA, in case the crew couldn't jump start the lander, one of the astronauts would've needed to push the module fast enough so the other astronaut could start the engine using the clutch.
  15. Another "crazy Texan"? Yes, I should have been. Slept a long, long time and once again my sleep-schedule is upside-down and backwards. !ren redb Night-OWL
  16. Congratulations, Mr. Gentleman!

    1. CheepHeep


      The Gentlemen of Gentlemen. :)

  17. I just replied to another poster with Nvidia whose ET quits with an error statement. His machine is older than yours, I think, and I wonder if yours is so much more capable that it can compensate for the problem that he is having. from Arkinder's post: I will trying turning mine on and see what happens.
  18. I took a quick look at your file and noticed an error statement on line 592 of your file: "ERROR: R_AddEntitySurfaces: Bad reType" . My Internet search term had used "rtype", which led me astray. I ended up using the search term " wolfenstein + "R_AddEntitySurfaces: Bad reType" ". I added the "wolfenstein + " because just using the error message led to 'malware analysis' reports. From your file: handle 1: etconsole.log ---------------------- 32362 files in pk3 files ******************** ERROR: R_AddEntitySurfaces: Bad reType ******************** RE_Shutdown( 0 ) Hunk_Clear: reset the hunk ok ----- R_Init ----- GL_VENDOR: NVIDIA Corporation GL_RENDERER: GeForce 7050 / nForce 620i/integrated/SSE2 GL_VERSION: 2.1.2 That "retype" search led to a number of possibilities, including a tutorial on =F|A ! This fix was mentioned on another site, too. Your file says that you are using Nvidia, so give this a try. See if your Vertical Sync is turned on. If it is on, try turning it off. The FA tutorial: Thanks @DoubleDragon for the troubleshooting help. Now we just have to wait for @th3knight to try the vertical-sync tip to see if that is the 'end of the trail'. We MUST be exact when reporting error statements. I don't trust my own memory to remember them, either.
  19. What is it with cats getting "things up their noses?"
  20. The source code for Wolfenstein ET on GitHub does not seem to have "addentitysurfaces, addentity or rtype" words. The word "rtype" is commonly seen in Java and Java examples, along with some other posted programming examples. A cheat-coder from over 10 years ago used an "addentity" function in his cheat-program for ET. There is a French forum where someone had the same error some 13 years ago. He was advised to try to update his graphics drivers. I would suggest that Monter's "regular user" start ET and when the error happens, that he open his console and do a "/condump ETerror.txt". If we could see it here, we then might have more clues to go on. He could also save the "etconsole.log" file in his ETmain folder by renaming it to "ErrorET.log" and giving it to us. Note that our ETcconsole.log files are overwritten each time that we restart ET. I would be interested in seeing copies of those two files before he tries the two other possibilities below. He should also try to get a picture of the error statement. He might have to run ET in a window to do that, or take a phone pic of his screen. He could try the F|A "Pk3-cleaner" program, which removes some old and unused pk3 files. I wonder if one of those files is corrupt might be causing this problem. (This could only be true if the error statement is from within the pk3 file ). He could also try downloading and installing the "Safe" version of ET from the F|A Download Section. If his copy of ET is from a cheat-source, then it might have those error-words within its code or in a DLL that came with it. It seems that C++ can have errors with "AddEntity", which is "built into" the language and would not show up in the ET source code. It can also show up in LUA-scripts, I believe. This could mean that there is fundamental corruption within his copy of ET.exe (or maybe a loaded map?)
  21. Vindstot, where did you get that pic of a Phoenix?

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