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  1. Hey, hope you enjoy your time here
  2. Will keep an eye out for it. What should be done when this still does occur (on a more general note) A !warn perhaps and putting players in spec as @Snuffs99 suggested?
  3. I believe it's done by jumping across the dam either via the large roof perpendicular to the dam, or stacking players on top of one another Via the first method you can gain access to the roof with the launcher on top of it, via the second method you can get to a ladder to reach the square just in front of dam access gate. I've seen it done before, but can't recreate it myself
  4. Hey everyone, On NQ #1 it sometimes happens that players start skipping objectives, by blowing up gates ahead of the current objective. In my opinion this violates rule #21 of the general server rules which specifically prohibits objective skipping (and names Minas as an example). The problem is that by skipping, the axis gain an unfair advantage since they now have a lot more time to complete the objective. What should we do about this?
  5. That looks like a nice rotation! Maybe haunted mansion would be a nice addition?
  6. I can take a look at rotations, but I have no clue on running them on the server
  7. I know, but what I don't get is why double jump should be lowered or disabled on Venice, there's no way to complete the objective without the tank anyway. Other maps (daybreak) it would make sense to lower the max height in order to prevent the objective being completed by a cov sneaking about. On that note, it's not allowed to complete the objective of a map by TJ or otherwise before that part of the map is 'playable', so in the daybreak example above, getting the keycard while the tank is still moving to the wall is not allowed
  8. Double jump is part of what makes NQ1 fun for me at least, so plz dont turn it off
  9. Bud, you must be moar active on foruuum!!  :P

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nancy


      Hey, always want to ask you whats your regalar game time? Wanna play with you again.... XDdd

    3. BLAAT


      Depends on the day, but mostly between 20.00 and 24.00 (UTC +1)

    4. Nancy


      Understood ""___))))

  10. Could the bots be checked in both beach invasion and oasis? Currently they get stuck in the first part of the map
  11. Just a thought, but can we do the same for goldrush as has been done for fuel dump? There are currently at least 3 versions of goldrush on the server, and the original is very difficult for allies when player numbers are low. We could also remove the original and just stick to the GA , GALS or F|A version
  12. Was waiting for the switch myself too. Maybe also add some christmas maps (north pole etc)
  13. I've noted that we have the 'pro' version of Supply Depot, in which the truck can be damaged, which is great, but the 'normal' version is also still available. Can we please pick either one, and remove the other ( in my case, I'm all for the 'pro' version)
  14. Then the conclusion is simple right? Only allow dynamite after 5 min of gameplay to ensure players have a chance to enjoy the map. So we just enforce the no-rush ruling that is already in place

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