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Welcome to our new recruiting team member

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Lets congrats our new recruiting team member   @Barn!e   Congrats!   Well earned promo. Taking care of jay2 and jay3 maps, Solid admin overall, helps new guys, having him

btw: congratz nubs

DD is out for a little bit. I have set your group/profile. You're all set.   Congratulations Barn!e.

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9 hours ago, Barn!e said:

Cheers all.. Love the FAm :)


To paraphrase a famous quote, "With great power comes the ability to really screw things up!" 😮 😄 


(Though we can usually fix our own FUBARs ourselves.) 



OMG, Marvel has a TradeMark on the original phrase, but only for comics :  https://uspto.report/TM/85365090 😮 


They seem to have TM'd it and renewing it after a guy in the Financial Services industry trademarked it in 2005.  That TM is abandoned now, or perhaps just not renewed. 




USPTO Trademarks ›  Marvel Characters, Inc. ›  With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Application #85365090



ACK!  I had to edit out five other copies of the above post.  I had pressed the "submit" tab and the edit window seemed to stay open.  I should have just pressed F5 (after saving the contents elsewhere.  That is how I ended up with my "saying" the same things six-times over! 😮 



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So many years had passed, he still one the most helpfull and expert about the game.

Congrats, well deserved. Thanks for all the work you made.


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