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  1. this was a game against AbdelrahmaneAr. he played Bd5, i made here a mistake to play c6 -.- he can attack my queen see picture: but he was maybe surprised or did not saw it and played Bxb4. the game was lost for me after Bxf6... but i fought back in the game and my opponent made a crucial mistake here and lost his advantage against me: he played pawn f6 after my move Rf6. was a bad mistake, now i can attack the king to play Qe3 than attack with bishop to xg4 and pawn to h3 and the king is under attack, he can do only this move: Qb2, others moves are lost. he can do only this move: Qb2 or the game is lost. because my rook of f6 can be involved to the attack of the king by Rxf3 and check the king. he can only do Bxf3 but i can do this: Qxf3 and check the king, he had just one move and its was a draw, king to G1, was a good move and a good defend move. now i cant attack the king because if i do Qg2 or Qd8 the king can to h1 or h2, and king is defended by the white queen at Qb2 line. but the opponent played Qf7, and this move was terrible and its lost the game. because, i can now do Qd8, he have to do Qe8 and than Qxe8 than the king must do xe8 and i can play my pawn to h2 and h1 and promoot a new queen, see picture. black have a good position now, but white can still attack my position by two rocks. but my king is defended by the pawn of f7 and my rock at b8 defend the backline of the king aswell. several moves later i won the game, because the pawn of g5 can be promoted to a queen as well, when i do queen hits white pawn at g4, he have no defend on this pawn, and he lost te game later in 8 moves, to resign the game. its was a amazing game with a big mistake by me and some mistakes by my opponent.
  2. I wanna make a chess topics about the games i played. Today i will post a game what i played yesterday. The game will come soon today.
  3. I pkay chess, draughts and risk, sometimes backgammon
  5. underway to Milan and Venezia :) see you later guys :D🌊 👋 

    1. Larysa


      I'm ready to spy on you🕵️‍♀️

    2. Patrick


      I live not far

  6. well you have to wait 4 weeks when i can play coop 4 server and saying if i like it or not
  7. hello people of F|A, im afk for the next 4 weeks, i have to work a month in Italy, Florence, and thats mean, i dont have a pc or laptop to play :(  ❤️ when im returned, we can play ET/INS/DOI again :D love you guys ❤️ 

    1. CheepHeep


      Enjoy yourself mate! Take pics and show us if you go anywhere fancy :)

    2. Rolan001


      fancy 😮  lol

    3. Larysa
  8. F|A is tha best ❤️


    1. Hulk
    2. Cit0


      Beer n fireworks


      all we need is some 🌭's 🍔's :)

  9. well when somebody do a interview with me, will get drunk to back home
  10. hey bud when we do a INS marathon :D ?


    1. Mr.Karizmatic


      haha sure man soon, lil busy :)

  11. back in holland :D much love :D


  12. im a week off for work to spain and france :D see yeah :D:love:


    1.  Major Stalvern

      Major Stalvern

      Have a safe journey and ofcourse have phun!

    2. Neuro


      Oh fun. Send pics! :))

    3. Hulk


      What they said^^ Picsss!

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