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  1. Rolan001


    Hello FAmily, I have bad news, today i heared that im positive for covid19, thats means that i have now home isolation for 2-3 weeks. The source of contamination is a 2 years old kid, who had covid19 too but no symptoms. A lot of people know that my health was not great last 2-3 years. So i hope that i recover soon. Take care and be safe, Love you all <3<3<3
  2. Busy with making new plans for travel after covid 19 period. 




    - Canada

    - Argentina

    - Maladives

    - Greece

    - Bali or Taiwan. 


    Great travel period will come <3<3<3



  3. internet is broken, FAmily, so i cant plat ET, next time better ❤️❤️❤️ 

  4. FAmily, i hope that everyone is safe during the pandemic of covid19 ❤️❤️❤️ 

  5. Happy birthday and a good year
  6. harder is kniving flamma, its happend 2 times in 1 game,
  7. 36 hours up, drunk and play et, well plays better than normal, so ??? something wrong with me xD 

  8. Set you 12 on HC after I saw that you had been there recently. 😄


    1. Rolan001


      Thanks redbaird 

  9. Welcome and hopefully i will see you on the ins servers
  10. Epic meme today


    I cant kill a nice woman..

    So u kill not nice woman.. :0 

    Nope i cant.. Because i dont see a not nice woman in my life..


    *thuglife*  @Agustina

    1. Agustina


      To sum up... You can't kill even bots Rolan, easy kill u are. 😂

    2. Rolan001


      Im a bot agustina ssstttttt dont tell my secret ssstttttttt

    3. CheepHeep
  11. I tried today, to.blow up a mri scan, but failed.. next time better 😎👍

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