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  1. 0siE.


  2. Thx Dd cause the only way to get it back was limbo spam. You make me want to try.
  3. 0siE.

    Dards / *darTs

    Hey, wait a minute It was during warm up and finally, we gone to work. ah ah Next step championship ?
  4. Happy birthday, Leatherface Pillar of jay2, I met him for 4 years. He was over one million xp and level 14 time is running guys !! ah ah Now, we're friend here and on facebook. He's a really good person. Attentive, smart, polite, mature. He's that kind of guys who make you better. Your bud, Osie
  5. If Arnie was on die hard Done 30 sec ofc
  6. 0siE.


    Welcome back.
  7. Ok, got to work tomorrow. But I'm ready to fight.


    Yeepee kai !

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    2. RedBaird


      You are going to fight against a screwdriver or use a screwdriver as a weapon against a human?  (Your boss? :D ) 

    3. RedBaird


      Hey!  I just noticed that you are now "Rank  L6: Expert  " now!  :D

    4. 0siE.


      Name known to all, so


      ah ah

  8. Thanks to AnG3L for this friendly topic. He is a really 'virtual' dad for all of us. Thanks to all you, 'virtuals' friends. Two weeks later, let me tell you something. Even we all know that : THANK YOU ALL AND I WISH YOU THE BEST FOR 2019. your friendly, 0sie
  9. Me, when I'm walking to the chairman's office cause he called me. edit : this song was made by Mötörhead for WWE.
  10. *<) Satan Claus

    1. RedBaird


      0siE is getting "coal in his stocking" today!


      I hope that it will be a happy coal, in any case. :D

  11. Bah pour mon anniversaire, je ne fais pas de collecte de fonds, je ne donne rien à viva for life... En revanche, mon épouse Valerie et moi allons donner de la soupe en ville cette après-midi. Comptez sur nous pour vous tenir le portail du paradis ouvert. Well for my birthday, I do not do fundraising, I do not give anything to viva for life ... On the other hand, my wife Valerie and I are going to give soup in town this afternoon. Count on us to keep you the portal of paradise open.

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