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    Star artist, half dad, full husband.

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  1. I m waiting for news, bro :)



    1. m00jii


      I'll spam him on FB to get him back here :P

  2. 0siE.

    I hope you're safe and fine, buddy


    cheers ! 🍻


    How is your friend, pusslov if I remember that well ? is he still sober ? :o


    See you soon I hope

    1. Flag


      All good i quess, trying to survive that stupid period, no work.

      Pussylovers new name is Kabi with something like Anlzdkabi or so with black and red.

      He started to drink again, but hes laso good :)

      How are you doing?

  3. 0siE.


    hydro alcoholic solution wasted... lol o/
  4. 0siE.


    Welcome on our forum cheers
  5. Can't wait for some laugh ! Yay !
  6. Actually, wife and I are confined since january 🧐


    We already eat pasta and rice, nothing has changed.


    ...was joking 😕


    I want to thanks all the guys who daily saves our life. They get work as never they got. All my respect. 


    I told you that my mother get an breast surgery few weeks later ? Well, she is now at home and I help her as much as I can. Shopping and drive her to medecine when she asks.


    She left hospital on the 13th march and it seems that they dont have time anymore for her case.

    We all, mom, wife and I, understood that well.


    Be safe all.



    1. AnG3L


      Take care for you mother and i wish you the best....

    2. 0siE.


      Elle a 3 ans maxi disent les spécialistes


      mais elle est une guerrière. Elle ira au bout.


      Specialists said she can life 3 more years.


      As the warrior she is, she will fight to the end.

  7. Kavinsky is a part of the "french touch". Here is one of his song that be used for "Drive" with Ryan Gosling, 2011.
  8. "Very stable genius"


    ... well hum



    1. RedBaird


      "genius" or "genus" :?: 

    2. Mad Doc

      Mad Doc

      C’est ton horoscope?

  9. one week confined at home, I havn't send nude yet.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. 0siE.


      what is your temp ? in celsius ?

    3. RedBaird


      97.5 F = 36.4 C 


    4. 0siE.


      10 days later, I keep it up.


      yay !

  10. Is that your car ? Are you the guy behind the wheels ?
  11. 80's again. who can sit on my table and say it was nothing better than that decade ? lol

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