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  1. Saw you this evening gmt on jay2. Glad to see an old player that will upgrade cummon level of everyone. Welcome on our forum and servers. Osie with a 0
  2. Happy Birthday, Capt Cu this weekend on game, I hope. osie
  3. Ok, I'm noob at GTAV online. Around 14 hours playing and Im level 231 ^^


    How ?


    ...tbh, idk at all why is this guy gave me 18M $ (18 millions, yes ^^)


    He parked his motofcycle next to me and some 4K bags falling down to me.


    I was like irl : not mine so don't touch !


    Someone killed me before I save that money on my bank account. My wife didn't understood what was happening too.


    I lost money as fast as I earn it 😕 np cause it was not mine.


    BUT the guy made it twice. Than I saved it this time.


    still a noob, but I drive Osiris now.


    Trololo Idk how does it called but to me, it's like a cheat 😕


    what shall I do ?

    1. Baska


      they're called modders and they can do and spawn whatever they want to . use that money (invest in buying comapany (CEO)  so u can make legit $$ ) but be carefull cuz your acc might be temp banned for having illegal money ...just sayin 


    2. 0siE.


      what do u meant ? i cheated or not ?


    3. Baska


      You DID NOT , but the modder did .  That happen to me few times as well , but ive kept that money in bank acc  instead of spending them , so the devs of the game aware of modders in online servers r checking your progress in game ( $$ and lvls) and if they will find  a lot of not legit cash in bank acc ,they will remove it ,and warn you ... if that will happen many times your game might be temp banned , devs might think thats you ,who is using hax to spawn money... but you can always make some Screenshots when modders are giving you money and you can talk to them to unban you and show them that ss... 

      Start a ceo company,biker club,buy epic cars and pimp them up  etc  but dont keep that $$ in bank acc


  4. Probably the summer hit for belgians radio stations.
  5. Enough talking about me...


    Tell me yours

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 0siE.


      Isn't Earth flat ? :o

    3. RedBaird


      It is only flat on the part that YOU walk on!

    4. RedBaird


      OOOH!  That was funnier or meaner that I first thought! :o  


      I did not mean that you 'flattened the round Earth' with your great weight!  :o 


      I tried to imply that only you saw a flat-earth and that the rest of the world was seen as round...or something like that.  My mistaken-way is the funnier reply!  (I am fat and I can take such 'humor' if not meant in a maliciously evil mean way!  I don't like 'mean humor' of any kind.)


      Uh,oh!  I am in a typing-mania-mood! ⌨️ ⌨️🔥⌨️ ⌨️ 

  6. I had fun at my new work finally.


    I'll go on monday.


    Yay !

    1. Mad Doc

      Mad Doc

      Great to hear it! 😀

  7. Ok, restart to work on monday.


    hands shaking.


    Yay !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 0siE.


      hell no 🙂 another start elsewhere :) never go back

    3. RedBaird


      WOOOT!  :D 


      I guess that all of our "good wishes" for you worked!  :D


      (or so I would like to blieve.  tee hee.)

    4. Hulk


      You Can do it!!😎👍

  8. This is my very last week at work...


    Actually, I have to say that they don't deserve my skills, ah ah


    I wanted to stay but...


    Maybe if I haven't tell them they suck few weeks ago, ah ah






    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 0siE.


      Lol, our (new) director fired our service manager ^^ With right now effect.


      Is it karma ?


      They said my "interim stop" stays on friday...they will try with 5 workers. But, director said, they can do mistake with this try...


      So that means I can be recalled soon or later.

    3. RedBaird


      So, 0sie gets a great big ❓

    4. 0siE.


      🤹‍♂️ = me with €uro

  9. Yesterday, for his easter hollidays, I repeared the kid's bike (wheels, brake, etc.) The sun was here and I don't want him to watch screen all day long.


    He came back few minutes later.




    an ICE CREAM !!!




  10. In the hands of dad. Queen-Oha, cause she is our queen and she came from Bas-Oha, next to Huy, Belgium. Belgian's pedigree was Q.
  11. Im fired

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. GoongalaJones


      Chin up, bud! It's not the end of the world. Who knows? There may be something better down the line :) 

    3. 0siE.


      will do elsewhere something different.


      still ready to fight !


      Yeepee kai !

    4. 0siE.


      thanks for feedback, feel stronger again now


      hugs all !

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