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  1. 0siE.

    pas fini.PNG

    Shitty pic, haha Better to see irl...or not.
  2. 0siE.


  3. CR7 ----> the best player on the world.


    Messi what ?


    Who can win by himself ?




    Only CR7, ofc !

  4. Here we are, third week complete.

    Honnestly, I love what I do. My handyman side is perfect: you have to know a little everything, not to mention that they are "only" containers (huts of building sites what: meeting room, cloakroom / canteen, sanitary / kitchen, etc.).

    To tell you the truth, I even do a little too much, I believe



    (trad by google... -_-)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. 0siE.
    3. 0siE.


      You're right :)


      If I tell you that I'm at 60% ? hahaha


      What a punch I have :) really happy to get back !


      Yay !

    4. Helsen
  5. As a belgian too, not bad. But why don't can we dream a bit ? Too kind, probably. And except some exceptions (Hazard, Mertens), our game is really slow. btw, what a start from Russia
  6. Yay ! :) Congrats buddy !


    Now, you have some news access in the forum :) I let you discover that...


    We've got a lot of handsome secret tools 😎


    See you soon !



    1. ChaOs


      For the first thx for everything :)


      i'll try to find those tools all ;)

    2. 0siE.


      You're welcome :)


      I was thinking about trouble player topics etc. haha :)

  7. 0siE.


    i'm shining now, thank you so much, Capt
  8. 0siE.


    Nope sir that was the name of the coffee shop I exposed...Apero Belgians guys are silly. huhu
  9. Just a question : why don't you all follow @Helsen

    1. Neuro


      Well for starters, he's got a sexy fake profile pic.

    2. Helsen


      @Neuro: that is me :(. Just taken around 15 years ago now

  10. 0siE.


    Show his own work is always disturbing Thank you all for feedback really appreciated.
  11. 0siE.


    Ectoplasm in space...or deep water, as u want.
  12. 0siE.

    No title

    World of Goo.
  13. 0siE.

    Piece of door 1

    Scab on the top left.
  14. My lovely wife tonight reminds me that we owe a bit of money for Queen-oha's care: "Our veto is cool, he's not a dog".

    She's funny, right?

    1. RedBaird


      Googling "Queen-oha" ATM.

    2. 0siE.


      My lovely dog is one yo, 37 kg, haha...


      She's a Bernese Mountain Dog. Wife and I know her parents cause of some friends. They live in Bas-Oha, she's got a pedigree, it's the Q year, she is our queen...


      Queen from Oha :)

  15. Hi it's been a long time, good to see you again I'll try to NOT forget your new name and I hope to see you soon in game. Do you meant that you are living in the usa now ? Regards Osie

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