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  1. Same issue in jay1, some words that should not be censored are. For instance, “horsey” is censored while some offensive words are not. Someone had said it’s a censor bug but i’m not sure of that. I think the list of censored words honestly needs to get edited to avoid confusion.
  2. Excuse my absence as I’ve had a lot on my plate recently. I also don’t have access to a PC for the next few days or so. See you all on the ET battlefield soon!

    1. captnconcrete


      rlf see u soon.

    2. Hulk


      Np, See ya when u get back😎

    3. Sonofdoc


      RL Always comes first! Take care of yourself man

  3. Of course man! Wait time may be a little longer than usual as I have a lot on my plate right now, so my apologies. Just fill this out so I can get an idea as to what you want. Let me know what style you want (2D or 3D/Grunge, Horror, etc etc): Colors: Text: Font (Link me a specific font you want, I use dafont.com otherwise I'll use something of my choice): Any specific images (link them):
  4. This one😂😂


    1. bLade.


      Holy crap this is probably the best one yet 😂

  5. Since spooky season is over.. figured you'd enjoy this 😂


    1. RedBaird


      New Christmas Song:  "All I Want for Christmas is for that Damned Itch to Stop Stop Stop!  MEOWRRR!"

    2. Night Train

      Night Train

      Just woke up for, time for job and saw this you nuub😂, inspired my day somehow and feeling much better😂✌️

  6. bLade.

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    I’m a fan of the halloween maps! If we could keep Super Goldrush and some other maps that are suggested that would be great. I’ve seen lots of regulars and old ET players return and ask about that map being in rotation. I think keeping some of them is a great idea, especially since NQ has a map voting feature!
  7. Been awhile since I’ve played NQ, so this may not be correct. But afaik, most of the binds are the same throughout all mods. bind mouse2 "+attack2" or if that fails try “+weapalt”
  8. bLade.

    ET Server Suggestion FA dosent have sniper server

    Bump. Would love to see a sniper server come back. They’re so iconic and tons of fun, especially playing with a group of friends.
  9. Just gonna leave this here.


  10. I myself have African ethnic heritage in my family, and am not in anyway offended because it’s not targeted at me. These vsays were popular in their time, aired on TV to the masses. Did people disagree? Probably. People always do, and they’re entitled to their own opinion. There’s no way to please everyone in any situation especially in today’s day and age. How would you handle a similar scenario in real life? 9 times out of 10, people bite their tongue and move on because people today avoid any real life confrontation or drama because they’re incapable of handling it the proper way. Why is th
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