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  1. Souvlaki Chicken Kebabs & 3 cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce
  2. Had some fun last night on Jay1 - 15 second video of a surprise goomba, I didn't even know was possible but ET had other plans @viNtage sk you wondered where I came from - this is where haha
  3. "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

    -- Winston S. Churchill

  4. 1 Use player XP 2 Use the rate at which players have gained XP since connecting. 3 Use the killRating (g_killRating must be nonzero) 4 Use the playerRating (g_playerRating must be nonzero) 5 Use the playerRating (g_playerRating must be nonzero), but take the map into account and give the teams closest to 50/50 imo XP count wouldnt really help the situation, especially since Panzer kills can = a lot of XP per kill
  5. bLade.


    Hey man welcome to the forums!
  6. My condolences, it isn't easy losing a pet who is not only a pet.. they're so much more than a pet, they're family. Whether gone or here, they're never forgotten and live on in our hearts forever. I'm sure he was eternally thankful for what you have done and given him. I just lost my best friend of 15 years this past Christmas, and it wasn't easy losing that bond.
  7. Yes, used to be popular in ETs peak days both great maps imo I also like this voting on maps idea, think it would be easier to keep people satisfied with the selected maps
  8. +1 for Stalingrad and Eagles +1 for Stalingrad and Eagles
  9. I can’t date you if you’re a figment of my imagination
  10. you can also unbind the secondary console key by typing “ /unbind ‘ “ in console
  11. bLade.


    Hi and welcome to the forums!
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