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  1. bLade.


    So... I stumbled upon a video I posted about a year back of my girlfriend that did get quite some recognition (from a local nightclub). To find out it went viral... No words.... click here for the lols
  2. Hi, figured I'd drop my config. Its pretty simple, with some graphics settings turned off. I base my play entirely off skill. I don't rely on "180 keybinds" as those don't make you better. You want to be able to snap or flick to your target, your 180 bind isn't going to help you in every fight like precise aim will. Also, focus on movement. Any gun fight I engage in, I always position myself within an area I can use to my advantage or an area I can move around quickly and freely to get away. I use a low sens, with a moderate DPI. Helps me consistently land shots. Enjoy blade.cfg edit: added screenshots + I also have my killfeed in the chatbox to reduce on screen spam.
  3. you guys crack me up haha. definitely going to rewatch the movie.. pretty sure last time I watched it I didnt pay much attention
  4. Depends how old. Maybe late 70s-80s. But as far as anything older I just can't stand the acting lol. I haven't seen too many fantasy, mystery or science fiction. Any recommendations in those categories would be great!
  5. Any chance of getting Chicken Bucket?
  6. Wish I was recording earlier, but I believe we were playing Venice and someone on Axis had killed me by their CP (last spawn), but as my body fell after jumping it counted as a goomba. So basically we traded.
  7. @Audie Leon Murphy My mom and stepdad watched that when I was younger, I do like those types of shows and movies. I will check it out. Thank you!
  8. @Almondo New style I experimented with, not too good at it yet. Mostly do 3D, but been trying more 2D hope you like it, can get you an avatar aswell that matches.
  9. @Almondo Sounds good! & No problem mate.
  10. I've watched a good portion of movies on Netflix, and the choices are becoming slim. I recently just got Amazon Prime Video, and haven't had a chance to browse much. If anyone has any movie recommendations drop them below Not too picky on genre, but I do enjoy comedies, some action movies and horror.
  11. Great work Smiley. Have yet to try it myself, but I sure like the colours of the sky adds a whole new aesthetic to ET
  12. bLade.

    Apex Legends

    Curious to see if anyone here plays Apex Legends, or maybe any other BR games? I've been a consistent Apex player since the games release but am looking to play more PC to practice tougher opponents. I mainly play controller on PC, as I play Xbox If anyone is interested in learning the game even, feel free to shoot a reply. I will teach anyone some of the basics. Out of all BR's, this one in my opinion takes the cake. 3 man squads, options to find various armors (gold makes you heal fast, new evo shield allows you to upgrade as you deal gamage to enemies allowing you an extra 25 shield at max level). Various guns, subs, AR's, snipers, shotguns. There are Legends, each has their own special abilities impacting gameplay.
  13. Of course. Give me a few days, got a few things I'm trying to do. Let me know what style you want (2D or 3D/Grunge, Horror, etc etc): Colors: Text: Font (Link me a specific font you want, I use dafont.com otherwise I'll use something of my choice): Any specific images (link them):
  14. Hey all! Been into gfx for awhile now, but have been getting back into it slowly and thought I'd show some of my work. I got into the graphics scene back in 2010 or so, when I was heavily into Call of Duty and the eSports scene. I've played for numerous teams, and accomplished more than I have imagined in a gaming community. I have a portfolio which is a few years old and hasn't been updated in a few years, but I will add projects that have been completed to the thread. I've spent countless hours in the past teaching myself all I need to know about Photoshop and Cinema4d. I know lots of people have moved to illustrator as well, but I haven't taken the time to learn or download that yet, maybe in the future as animated work is becoming more popular now. bLade's portfolio Cheers bLade

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