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  1. Stay safe friends ❤️


    vienna GIF

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    2. Eazy


      Yea , i seen some doc are working on a vaccin here in alberta or saskatchewan who apparantly have isolated the virus . They apparently would imminently start the production to test on animal and then human .  It s still far from on the market but it s a start. 


      For now, here in Quebec , they are shutting down schools , kindergarden and advise everyone to work from home if possible.  They put travel interdiction to all the medical staff . They put a ban on any regroupement of 250 and more people .  Request that every traveller make a 14 day quarentine once they are here.  We really are in a prevention state as we only have 13 confirmed infected in the province and 152 confirmed accross canada.

    3. RedBaird


       A news commentator here spoke of a side-effect of closing the schools: many more medical workers might have to stay home to take care of their children, just when their knowledge and hands are needed the most.  


      Maybe the organizations that they work for can organize "safe" day-care programs.  Medical workers themselves are often at a higher risk than "normal people" ... :hmm 

    4. Eazy


      That s exactly what theydoing herein quebec , all daycare are closed but they have specific ones that essential workers have acces 24/7 . Soo this way they won t have to worry about their child . We also called back all the retired essential workers to come back for the crisse.  Lets just hope thing 

      S gets better worldwide real soon 🤞

  2. !pants !pop !disorient !slap !fling !splat Notellen
  3. Happy new year mfers i love you all
  4. Was all that heavy wind was from your birthday party?!? HBD Gengis
  5. Jay 1 was full yesterday soo i played on jay 2 . It was pretty crowded and fun
  6. Eazy


    Hi !! Welcome to the forum Noodle
  7. if it was possible, i d make Jay 1 100 slots , 50 vs 50 . Pure madness i d probably su*k even more but it would be amazing lol
  8. Change is good indeed and should not be ignore i agree but if what you dislike in jay 1 is what make it unique , it s contradiction don t you think? One don t like the mod but enjoy it s population . Yet other server with different mod are not as popular . A lot of regular play on jay 1 even if they are far from server just soo they can use those specifics specs . Suggesting to visit our other servers is imo a good option . One can view what s available here and there and then decide if he wants to play a chaotics server as jay 1 or a more "serious" and oriented server as silent . As we speak, jay 1 get 30-50 players daily at all time while etpro can barely get 6vs6 . To me, that mean that average players want to use whatever weapon and still have a chance to make a kill . Numbers speaks by themself , in 2019 ET s not the same as in the early years . It s not a medic/smg anymore . M97/knifes were just an exemple that i relate too . Same would apply to the arty user , the heavy weapon or even rnades luncher . If you feel there is a lot of them , wouldn t that mean a lot of regular like to use it?! If you reduce theses options to them, they ll be force to play smg? At the end of the day , the good smg players usually gets the most kill out of a map. They do hate to be killed by rnade/arty/poison but like everyone , they can respawn and kill again .

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