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  1. Have you try to run as administrator? right mouse click - run as administrator
  2. Rates /45000 Maxpackets / 100 Snaps /20 Theses value are forced on jay 1 There is only a few isp provider here and i really hate the others haha! Besides , everything was fine few weeks ago soo there has to be something that cause it .
  3. soo this would be normal then the lag spikes i also just noticed that every times i prss f11 to take a screenshot , theses would come up
  4. Pc -> router with ethernet cable Router -> modem with ethernet cable Modem input in coaxcial?! From isp Router is an asus ac1750. I ll try the reset connection thing and see how it goes. Thank you make
  5. Hi vice , thx for the explanation. I already called the isp and everything is fine according to them. I changed the wire between modem and router and updated router firmware. I m not sure how i can acces the modem to update firmware tho? What bugs me is everthing was fine 2 weeks or soo ago . And now it s unplayable ... i haven t tried euro server but i did try jay 1 , jay 2 and silent. Same probleme on all . I could try to connect to euro server today but not sure crossing ocean will help my lag . I guess my best shot will be to call isp again and threatening them
  6. My ping has very little fluctuation like in the 40-55 range. But there is pratically constant yellow peak and occasionnal red bars. I litterally teleport Edit: i just checked and i go from 45 to 110 ping
  7. Hi guys , i m having issues on jay 1 for about 2 weeks now . I m having massive yellow lag spikes and some red bar. -I run an antivirus and anti malawares -I resetted modem and routers. -I already contracted isp to whine about it and they say my connection is ok and there is no loss in between them and the modem. -I ran a test my connection test and the results are the same as prior my issues . approx 33mbps download and 11mbps upload. -I did the ip stack reset as Gharib show me few years back . -I erased my client and download a new one . -I ins
  8. I hope they haven t been done before
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