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    I used to be a jay 2 addict , was the only server i was playing . Then a few years ago, jay 2 has took off poison knifes from regular setting . I have not played a full map on jay 2 ever since. And i know for a fact i m not the only one , was talking about it with a friend not too long ago. Now i can t tell for jay 3 as i m not regular there but what i can say first hand is that when you take out somethings that a player enjoy , he ll start to look somewhere else ...
  2. Mannn that s a beast ! I was shoping them around earlier this spring . V6 twin deliver whenever you need power. That s a great purchase
  3. Damn!!!!!! That s a crazy set up you got there grand-pa.
  4. Hi wiltingjurian , welcome to the forum. Please tell us more about yourself?
  5. Hi Paul, welcome to our forum. That project look nice
  6. I don t understand a word but it sound good
  7. Nice remake the original is classic but this one got a nice touch in it .
  8. Beef filet mignon , snow crab with shallot butter , basmati rice and garden salad. White wine on the side
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