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  1. Eazy

    3 word story

    Milk and honey
  2. this is the image i get when you re in spec David @Heckenoff


  3. Railgun is fun but ultra laggy if i remember correctly. Would be nice to play that oldy tho
  4. Seems like force rate is no more active on jay 1 , i feel the difderence . Imo it was better with everyone rate 45000 maxpackets 100
  5. Hey ! Nice to meet you, welcome on the forum
  6. Yeah , it seems like they go back and forth in time... it s hard to keep track of where exactly in time they are
  7. Soyez prudent aujourd hui amis francais! Faite valoirs vos droit et opinions mais restez en securité 

    1. Hulk


      Oui s'il vous plait, restez tous en sécurité


    2. RedBaird


      Il semble y avoir des fauteurs de trouble dans beaucoup de ces foules, même si la foule est paisible. :(


      I tried to say to Google Translator, "many such crowds", which is more of a generalization of "all crowds" rather than the "these crowds" that the back-to-Eng result was.  "These crowds" wrongly implies that I mean the crowds of protesters currently on French Streets.  (or is the to-French xlat correct and only the back-xlat wrong? :)  )

    3. Eazy


      @RedBaird french language can get confusing and not always working great with translator but in this case , these crowd / ces foules works fine to me . All crowds could be Les foules or tous les foules . While if you would speak of this crowd , i would use cette foule , witch is more specific to that one only .  🤔😵🤯

  8. Eazy

    Favorite paintings

    There is that street artist from my home town (sherbrooke) that i like, he call himself nan/ultra nan/mega nan . He recycle materiel that are left across town to expose his art. You just wake up one morning and there is a nam piece of art somewhere new. He express news from the world his own way .
  9. Hey guys, here the lastest project i work on this summer . Dark Phoenix should hit the big screen summer 2019 (they say aprox june) .
  10. Not a movie but started Narcos mexico last night , i m hooked .
  11. Eazy

    Favorite paintings

    Vigo the Carpathian 1989

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