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  1. Ah man!!! I knew i was missing some important infos
  2. Eazy

    Who Are You?

    Hey Supra!! Glad to see you around and introduce yourself . Welcome on the forum man
  3. Hi terror , welcome back
  4. Wb man!!! Glad to see you
  5. Bonne fete Kelfy !!! Profite au max
  6. Hey there!! Welcome back
  7. I m watching the blacklist theses days, can t believe i havent watch that earlier
  8. Considering that jay 1 is almost always full , i suggest we prioritizing larger maps or at least thoses that can be play with max player amount . And from that list , you set lower players needed to filter among thoses maps the one that are not playable with our lower players number. The main idea is to maximize the rotation for a full server . The full rotation should be available lets say when 40+ players are on . (My 2 cents)
  9. Heloo! U contiune to abuse admin commands to mute me abusive?! why u did that

    1. CheepHeep


      If you feel like you are being admin abused. Post a thread in the complaint section. Whining about it here isn't going to work and also calling admins "kid admins" and all sorts isnt going to help either.

    2. Eazy


      Hi there!! I have no memories of doing any admin cmd on you but please feel free to fill a complaint here if you feelyou been abused https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/71-admin-abuse/

    3. GI-JOE


      I actually can't read complaints unless they're in the complaint section. It's a weird form of dyslexia... bizarre :)

  10. Buying a slot does not put you in advantage positions. You still need to follow rules and apply them. In no way a donation put you in position higher then the rules themself.
  11. Happy birthday guys!! have fun

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