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  1. Wb, glad you stop bye to say hi!
  2. David Heckenoff!! This should be your profil pic man movie-star-news-david-hasselhoff-posed-i

    1. Eazy


      Heckenoff aka tha huffman 

  3. Hi Remi! Glad you post intro welcone to the forum man
  4. Sorry cheep! She s already taken and butters s about to be grand father . He still got a single boy tho?!
  5. Pay forum and servers fees for 10 years buttnub ! Btw, nice fence?!
  6. Yea you are correct lolol i guess i got it wrong for a damn while then
  7. When i first played ET i had to choose a name . Having no idea what to choose i decided to take the 1st fireteam name . Soo Alpha it was ... after very short i got annoyed to be Alpha in the Alpha fireteam soo i decides to go with the 4th fireteam , Easy company , mostly cuz i was a mg ultra noob laying every where and i was an easy kill. Very easy . Since then , Eazy been my name on ET , cod 4 , cod black hawk and basically every game i play ...
  8. Eazy

    ETLegacy Issue

    https://dev.etlegacy.com/projects/etlegacy/wiki/FAQ#ERROR-Fail-00-Canrsquot-open-PK3 Troubleshooting¶ ERROR: Fail 00: Can’t open PK3... In this case ETL has detected an unwanted file in the game file sytem. In most cases these are direct downloads by a servers. These files are trashed - simply join another server! Run pk cleaner and trt to join lets say jay 2 . And then try join back jay 1
  9. My concern about merch is , someone need to front cash to have them done, get them printed , collect cash , do shipping , make a tracking about it , and then there is the risk of shipment lost or damaged... i see this more as a fun group thing then a money raising .
  10. I agree, it s tricky and can turn bad but in the end , if nothing change and bills are not payed we re gonna close door. The very best solution is everyone give 20$ and problem solved . DD made a few post already about it .soo far , A few have step up but in the long terme we still far from our goal. You know, i d win lottery i would up front a 10 years server fees but i m broke lol ...
  11. Out of 50 slot on jay 1 available i am assuming at least 2-3 admin would buy a slot (i know i would) soo at least theses 3 would be on at that moment . Chances that all 50 private slot been online at the same time is very thin . I agree that privatisation is NOT the most casual way to do thing but lets face the truth, the free acces is not going well... we give privilege to thoses who can afford it and keep server alive ? Or we die leaving things as is ? I just click on a few names in members online forum to noticed what dare is saying . An handfull of people are paying massive amount to support the community and it s not how it supposed to be. I see among them , cheepheep who gave 560$usd , rollan 1300$usd and a few more .. then there is an other group whos in the +or- 100$usd , and then a mojority whos at 0$ donation. I know , not everyone can afford donation as real life go first . But the clan shoukdn t live on the shoulder of only an handful of people .... Private slots is an incitative for donation or lets say owning share in the clan , witch come with a priviledge . No worries, it s not like we only have 1 server and when it s full, ppl get screw . They can always be redirected to less populated servers
  12. I agree, everyone should be allowed to buy them. I also limit the available private slot to the max player per server soo one with private slot can get at all time . Worst senario, all 50 slots on jay 1 will be occupy by donator
  13. Yea i agree, my opinion on that matter is not popular lol but i would cut into complete server ..

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