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  1. karopl


    thx i used to be a model:)
  2. Guys ! Ive just come back form a beautiful island - MENORCA It is such lovely and quite island. It is really small, so not many hotels and tourists. take a look at pictures ! If You dont have idea where to go - You should go there ! pics by iphone ( without filters!!!!)
  3. karopl

    BMW or Volvo ?

    thanks all for answer. right now my car is Volvo s60 polestar ( yeah i like fast cars) but I need something bigger. I love volvo but im a little bit bored that every model looks same inside. I think I will try BMW now, of course I will post it here:) 3.0 with 4x4 and chip tuning that whould be amazing BTW I used to have Subaru, but it cost me a lot to repair it all the time agian, thanks all for help
  4. karopl

    BMW or Volvo ?

    what do you think ? bmw x3 or volvo xc60?
  5. karopl


    thanks all Mike nice photo
  6. karopl


    Hi, all thanks for nice words
  7. karopl



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