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What's up y'all


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Hey there, it's Zero from Jay1. Just wanted to drop by the site! I've started playing back in 05? when NQ was the bomb. I stopped playing around the time I got in high school and regretted not coming back to it. There's something about this game that keeps me wanting to come back. I used to be in a few clans back in the days, most notably  --AA-- and =GP=. Maybe you've heard of them!


I had a lot of names during, but Zero was the one I used the most. I knew B!0s when he was here, who introduced me to the server. He used to call me Taco lol.


I just started back a few weeks ago, and I love how ET is still alive and well here!


Anyways, see ya next game!


/vsay ftmortar


Oh, and here is a pic of my ever lasting engraving of Wolfenstein.





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Hey, Zero, welcome to our forums :hi

Good to see you have been brought back to ET :)

And wow, nice tattoo :D

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Hey there Zero, it's always a pleasure seeing dedicated players like you coming back to this game we still enjoy and love.

By sticking around with FA you agree to become ET addict for another couple of years :D

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