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  1. Nice to met you sir. Im pretty sure i havent see you before. XD
  2. No. But is like theyr equal in player ammount. https://clashofkingsgame.com Is like clash of clans but medieval settings and gamestyle.
  3. RL getting busy and busy. Im playing other games. So i will keep being away for a while :)

    1. daredevil


      Which other games? 

  4. Is a very succesful game. Anyone playing it?
  5. Night Hunter


    Who let you get out of corey's basement? antinub
  6. Nice to hear of you achi. I miss old times on server with you vix acid swiss tipsy redb hecken and other old nice members. Oh god good old times.. So much fun there. Achi i consider you a good friend.. . Best wishes! Cheers!
  7. Maybe im not playing you a lot but i still love you happy birthday loved one.
  8. I play eveyday air and ground battles. Feel free of hit me on steam.
  9. I had fun in gameday, ty all. :)

  10. I had fun lads ty for fun and the cool stuff we done with all people on server taking pics around!.
  11. Started to play again after long time of inactivity. Night Hunter dah! XD
  12. Without offend anyone. I'm dissapointed. I'm tired of futuristic COD. Remember Infinity Warfare? BF1 kicked ass in all aspects And i'm waiting for what Battlefield V it's has to offer. They had to take a break after BO3 with futuristic games. Advanced warfare was one of the last futuristic games id liked. Now they add battle royal? Several games doing that now...oh well. What the future will have to Battle royale games like PUBG or Fortnite? XD

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