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  1. Hello there

    Glad of seeing u mate. hope u be ok. I miss the old times with u and old silent#1 admins, to much fun there... Take care!!
  2. Arma 3 Exile

    I was quite regular on a arma 2 dayz chernarus server and panthera the game is kinda dead but not fully dead. some militarizated servers ruined part of game by self experience people got tend to camp from hills and snipe with vehicles like stryker mgs and t 34 some players traveling around map with jets killing players and others like them not doing missions, there were to many toxic players than with other things made some servers low theyr players rate to low than they had to shuttem off for good. Still being arma 2 servers with a good player rate but as i can watch from dayzlauncher there few servers than has a solid 20/60 players gaming all day. some servers wiped after a while and rebooted some stuff and got some people to return they are few times than they are 50 of 60 players online!. I hope than arma 3 day exile have good luck
  3. Liked new forums so much new and good stuff, new site for 2018, thanks DD and everyone than helped for new site! :)

  4. Night Hunter

  5. Here's for the gameday $10 Confirmation Number: 4K672747VK179190F
  6. Helloooo DK here

    Pleased of met you
  7. News Welcome to our new staff member Mr. K

    Congratulations bro, i have seen u spamming ur contributions to the clan on DOI,ET,INS side.... so much appreciatted... well deserved promo!!!
  8. Hola Amigos

    Hola, te doy la bienvenida a nuestra comunidad. Encantado de conocerte por cierto! Nos vemos! Disfruta tu estadía en nuestros servidores!
  9. Other Happy Holidays!

    Merry xmas
  10. What was your first mobile phone?

    This was my first mobile... the punishment than had and still working as nothing.. ahh good times... i had an older nokia but i cant remember the model lol
  11. Gameday donation! $10 Confirmation number 5HW15964NF843421W.
  12. ET Server Autumn/Halloween Gameday

    Will go when ill get back from work
  13. Heres found a old video of an old nitmod server we had in the past
  14. DOI-Suggestion Day Of Infamy Suggestion

    dont touch anything then if u want it harder for me will be 0-20 from 5-5 of now hahaha (let me kill at leasst one plz,second day playing) LOL