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  1. Welcome back! It is always nice to see old faces coming back.
  2. Happy Birthday Von!!!
  3. Dude I love it. It runs around 120 fps pretty stable at 2560x1440. I think you will be happy with it. You can run MSI afterburner and play with it a bit. You will have to keep us updated with your build!
  4. I honestly haven't used the wifi. I may at some point but I ran cat 6 in my house so I take advantage of the 2.5gb ethernet connection. Did you verify that your bios is up to date?
  5. Happy Birthday to you both!!!
  6. I will look into it. I may play around with overclocking a bit just havent had time. Yes is does have a removable mesh filter that cuts down on the dust intake. I actually reused all 3 monitors, Video card, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and the second drive. Just like I will do on this one, as my needs changed, I upgraded some of my components to fulfill these needs. Can you really have too much ram? Google chrome likes to hog it so I made sure I had plenty to spare.
  7. After a discussion with @ogeazy and @HeadhunterZ I decided to share my current build with everyone else. I had multiple discussions with @MaxPower and @Mufasa before I came up with my final build. I want to point out a few different points before people start talking about how much money I spent or how I over did everything. First off, I only do a major build like this every 8 years or so. This means that over the next 8 years I need this build to keep up anything I throw at it. I also run my PC 24/day 7/days a week. So if you bring it back down to price per day or year, it is much more reasonable. Secondly, many of the parts listed I already had. This was not just a one day purchase so some of these parts I carried over from my last machine (which is still running as a media server). Over the next several year I expect to upgrade some of these parts as my needs change or they fail. So without further rambling. Here is my rig. I have attached some pictures as well. If you Look at the picture of my desk, you can see that My old build on the side. (very dusty I know) I also love my Secret Labs chair and would highly recommend it. Thanks for checking it out. If you have any question feel free to ask.
  8. Nice! I expect this will upgrade your skillz on HC!! Congrats bud!
  9. Happy Birthday! May it be the best one yet!
  10. Welcome back! Are you gonna have more singing sessions on discord again?
  11. Happy Birthday! May you both have a wonderful day!
  12. I am Currently at 439.5 days of total online time beating Rendel (the next closest to me) by almost 23 days. This is according to trackbase.
  13. Maybe it thinks I am a bot because of my un human like skills?
  14. Hello and Welcome!
  15. Well Look who it is! Nice to see you on the Forums. If you are still interested, please fill out an application. The link is https://fearless-assassins.com/announcement/3-et-how-to-joinapply-for-fearless-assassins-fa-community/ See you on HC
  16. Of the 2 you listed the Desktop has the higher performing specs. The mobo in the desktop is a ASrock x390 which is an excellent mobo with great reviews. The i7-9700KF is a powerful processor that prove superior over the 9750H in the laptop. The only unsure thing about the desktop is that I have no idea what SSD they decided to use. But as the Price goes down, should it decide to fail outside of warranty that is a fairly cheap part to replace. All in all the Desktop is the best choice because you are focusing more money the basic components instead of the Monitor Keyboard and Mouse. It would be my choice to build my own, but as said before to build one with these specs would save you a minimal amount of money. This also seems to be a pretty good deal based off some of the prices that I am seeing currently. I dont see any spectacular deals on the sites I normally search. Long Story short: +1 for the Desktop From Microcenter
  17. I tend to lean more towards a desktop but I am kinda liking that laptop. I am gonna tag @MaxPower who knows quite a bit in the field. maybe he can help decide between the 2 or give you a better choice.
  18. Feeling pretty rough. Just went to the doctor and confirmed. Flu A🤒

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      get well my friend ... sendin love ❤️


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      Get well soon! 

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      Get well soon! 

  19. Story has is that the body of this man was so mangled that he hasn't yet been identified. Suspect never left the scene. Not to say he is a ruthless killer, but that is the face of no regrets.
  20. Hello and Welcome to the Forums!
  21. A few more I have found! He really likes to Travel First trip to the Statue of Liberty Grand Canyon Mount Rushmore
  22. I was going through some of my photo books and decided to share some of these photos of Cheep. If you have any more of your own, Feel free to add them to this topic. First off, The time he thought about joining Facebook The Second Photo was a few years ago. Might have been Halloween, but I can't remember.

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