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  1. I never encountered problems with Discord myself. Altough some people encoutered problems when if the mic is muted and you're watching a YT vid it will play the sound in discord. Also the mic can cut out sometimes when alt+tabbing. But using discord as a Messenger does not have to mean we abandon TS3. I'm just saying that Discord has that aswell which could be usefull since it's free
  2. Welcome to the forums Lilly! I hope you enjoy your stay on the forums and on the servers aswell!
  3. So yeah I have EvolveHQ and i'm never on there because I do not understand it at all & I dislike it. (may X-Fire rest in peace) So there's this thingy called DISCORD. Quote from Wikipedia: " Discord (stylized as DISCORD) is a free proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser. In December 2016, the developers announced that Discord had over 25 million users. " It is easy to set up, you can secure it with a password if you would like, it is FREE & extremely easy to use. You can even download the DISCORD App on your smartphone, so you're always in touch with your gaming buddies! WOW! Technology these days! I know it's been discussed that the way we communicate is via TS3 and EvolveHQ, other stuff has not worked out due "security" reasons, well with discord that is no problem at all. Basically DISCORD is TS3 & EvolveHQ in one program! How convenient! You can send Private Messages, Group Chat and Voice Chat all in the same app, no need to download 30 programs because you want to use VoiP and chat! You have the ability to create several 'sub' categories. So it's easy to use, looks great & has VoiP + Chat in one! I hope you guys appreciate my idea, I won't be dissapointed if my idea is thrown out (ofcourse I would be dissapointed), just throwing it out there since i'm not really liking Evolve. Here's the link for anyone that does not yet know what Discord is and wants to check it out! ( https://discordapp.com/ ) Thanks for reading Ladies & Gents, Trust.
  4. I've been playing For Honor waaay to much, time for rehab and take back control of my life, games are just way to much fun.

  5. So my ET isn't auto downloading files anymore (maps and such) what is this sorcery?

    1. RedBaird


      Barnie posted on Tracker 5 minutes before your msg here, that the map redirect server is down, which means no map downloading will take place. You can manually download the missing map.pk3 from the FA-downloads section.

    2. Ann!b@l


      fixed. Try again TrustIssue, should work now.

    3. Giccse


      /cg_allowdownload 1


      /cg_wwwdownload 1

  6. Well, I'm like 20 days late, but hey welcome back man!
  7. Just lost twice and deranked twice... from LE to MGE. \o/
  8. Hello, Hallo, Bonjour, Hola. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!