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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGJF3xjZSOQ
  2. So I'm curious, what are your best memories of the game ever? Mine probably is when I was around 8 years old and joined my first clan (FBI) yeah I lied about my age back then just so I could get in It probably was the best feeling ever to be accepted in to a community, made loads of friends and even learned to speak english fluently! That's already over 14 years ago now and the best part is I still play the game and now I am in a new awesome community! Share your memories here!
  3. comes great responsibility
  4. Welcome to the Forum! And that is one dope tattoo!
  5. Hi guys, I would like to announce that I'm back and I have the time to play games and be active again. Hope you guys missed me (probably not). The last year (probably longer) I've been incredibly busy with my studies and finding a full time job which I now have. Also I moved out of my parents house and in to my own, which is weird, I still don't know how to cook by the way... So you can now once again trust Trust to be active!
  6. I never encountered problems with Discord myself. Altough some people encoutered problems when if the mic is muted and you're watching a YT vid it will play the sound in discord. Also the mic can cut out sometimes when alt+tabbing. But using discord as a Messenger does not have to mean we abandon TS3. I'm just saying that Discord has that aswell which could be usefull since it's free
  7. Welcome to the forums Lilly! I hope you enjoy your stay on the forums and on the servers aswell!
  8. So yeah I have EvolveHQ and i'm never on there because I do not understand it at all & I dislike it. (may X-Fire rest in peace) So there's this thingy called DISCORD. Quote from Wikipedia: " Discord (stylized as DISCORD) is a free proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser. In December 2016, the developers announced that Discord had over 25 million users. " It is easy to set up, you can secure it with a password if you would like, it is FREE & extremely easy to use. Y
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