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  1. w1cx

    1on1 competition

    I'm interested as well but I will be available after may 13th. Also, I accept duels only at high noon *starts western duel music*
  2. w1cx


    Welcome to the forums RatSpit!
  3. w1cx

    Rough times in real world

    Sorry to read that man! Get well soon, try to keep positive and focus on getting better. I send you good vibes.
  4. I wish I could of! I tried only once when I first saw the game. I quickly realize that it's made to look easy to get but it's hard. They have a lot of different ones too! Thanks for showing me the clip I didn't know where it's from.
  5. For those who want to see some pictures of my trip so far, I've posted them in the "Gallery of our members and regulars." thread :)



      I'm jellllyyyyyyy

  6. Hey guys! I just arrived in Thailand and I wanted to share some pictures of my short trip to Japan. https://ibb.co/jEuyzc https://ibb.co/mzXwkH https://ibb.co/e62kec https://ibb.co/kokz5H https://ibb.co/cmG6kH https://ibb.co/hspRkH https://ibb.co/n9xCQH
  7. w1cx

    Smiley trimming his hair - with pictures!

    It's actually not as bad as I was expecting it to be lol! I still think it does need a chop or two but it could be just as cool if u let it grow.
  8. w1cx


    Bonjour Eloïse et bienvenue aux forums!
  9. 10.00$ Confirmation #: 77281712EM2667355 Thank you for all the good times.
  10. Bye bye gaming desk! I will be an easy target for couples days lol

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    2. Xernicus


      Mannn you should see this POS I built after I couldn't fit my old desk where I wanted it. Wiggles more then fufduemo in Discord. xD



      I use one of those large plastic foldable event tables. Works pretty well.

    4. toxicity


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. w1cx

    An Introduction

    Welcome man! If you like to try new games, someday you gonna have to try ET (it's free)
  12. w1cx

    Happy birthday TO Neuro and wolf081!

    Happy birthday Neuro and Wolf! Enjoy it as much as you can!
  13. w1cx

    TxaPeL is back!

    Hey TxaPeL! Welcome back to ET!
  14. w1cx

    Funny screenshots from our server!

    Not a screenshot but a video Teamwork 101 feat. emaL
  15. w1cx

    News Welcome to our new staff member Mr. K