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  1. Awesome! Please be careful if you play with halloween masks on, as it might affect your vision and get yourself killed by a panzer. I should be there at 1-2 pm eastern time
  2. Bienvenue Mathieu! See you on the servers!
  3. Thank you guys for making it happen! The few matches I played was really fun! Congrats to the top 3!
  4. Hello there Whitesell ! Im happy to see you here in the forums! Welcome and be carefull when you use the mortar. Some people might target you :S oh and remember when I goomba killed you back in the days? Such good times See ya around ^^
  5. w1cx

    I <3 SPAM!!!

    Annd IIIIIIIII e IIIIII will alwayss spaaammm youuuu UUuuuuu spamm youuuuu.
  6. Thor+

    hi W1cK!  :clap:

  7. Happy Birthday, wife!!!😏🎂

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    2. v583


      Happy bday ❤️


      (Stop working and come back home. We miss you.) 

    3. CheepHeep


      happy birthda!!!

    4. Hulk


      Happy birfday!!!🎉 (for u spelling police.. yes yes i meant to spell this way)

  8. Yes its what he wrote. Instead of "card" it would be "map" thought.
  9. Hello ladies and gent, due to upcoming work, I will be less active this week until the 15th of September where I will go total inactive. I have work in remote areas and I highly doubt that I will have access to internet. I come back home on the 25th September and I will pop on to say hello but I leave the day after and I only come back on the 11th of October. Take care :)

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    2. Larysa


      Don't forget about your *cough*....you know😢

    3. lehm


      Yeah, remember to take your pills!

    4. Larysa


      I didn't mean it 😒...GO AWAY LEHM

  10. Hey! Nice to see you back! Enjoy the forums and server
  11. Fabregras, you got !freeze, !warn and mute many times already. Red even spam something just for you to understand. We asked v583 to even tell it to you in polish... Yet you still TK on purpose and act like a troll.
  12. w1cx


    @Cit0 You killed me with that gif
  13. Hello fellow Canadian! Welcome to the forums! *gives Mark a Gibson whisky glass*

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