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  1. I think it's a great idea for HC and I like the idea of having it forced for certain fragging maps. HC is very competitive and I'm pretty sure it would be fun to play. I'm not sure though about the admin having to call poll vote, I think just having the TDM maps in the usual vote and when it gets voted people will enjoy it more and more. But it doesnt hurt to actually ask regulars on the server about it, i'm just wondering if they will vote for a "change". When the last version of FA italy made it to HC, I was literally begging to regulars to vote for it and give it a chance. It took a while to get the votes but eventually people started to enjoy it.
  2. I made a video last year to promote the gameday. I didnt have enough time this year to make a new one but I though I would share it again to give an idea of what is upcoming (Note that the infos in the video are obviously wrong those were the 2018 details)
  3. You could invite her to the gameday as well, imagine your date is an actual player of ET Jokes aside, GL with the date!
  4. Hello mate! I saw you earlier on silent1, welcome to the forums!
  5. Only when cheep isnt around . Jk its really nice to see you on again
  6. Hey Zero! Welcome back to the game! That tattoo though!
  7. Have you tried running it as administrator? (right click, run as admin)
  8. w1cx

    The time for ET 2

    A new video got release today:
  9. Do you play other modes than Firestorm? Lately I've been hooked on squad conquest so it me up if you're still playing BFV.
  10. w1cx


    Hey Aaron! Welcome to the forums! I had the opportunity to visit Peru with the school couple years ago. Such a lovely country and very welcoming people. I was staying in Quillabamba but did visit other town around the area Great memories there! I see you on the servers but it's nice to know more from you here!
  11. Happy birthday dear Larysa! I hope school is treating you better now. Have a great day!
  12. Nice! I barely play on nq and didnt know the stats on nq were that detailed. That's what I would like to see for silent/jay mod but I guess it's mod related then.
  13. Happy birthday Smiley!
  14. I didnt think it would be like that. For me it's a number like HS counts or KD but I don't know anything about stats . Back to RTCW there was awards for most revives and most healing during warmup (last match played stats) so I was thinking it was getting saved somewhere. Could we add the needle as part of the Weapons category or it's the same problem? I'm just throwing ideas here but I just wish there was some kind of way to encourage more the "support" of the medic class instead of the Rambo like gameplay.

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