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    new headshot record on theuthonia final (419 hs & 229 kills)

    ET: headshooter >>(._.)->

    gaming, drawing, anime, anime series (Naruto,Fairytale,Seraph of the end, DragonballZ, Evangelion etc)
    Music all kind of genre's, but favorite emotional trance hardstyle , happy hardcore, sad trance
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    The Netherlands


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    ET 7-4

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  1. welcome enjoy your stay
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  4. Welcome have a good time here
  5. Happy belated birthday Odeon I hope you had a great one
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  8. Good luck on your tv channel and welcome!
  9. Happy belated birthday Larysa!
  10. Esports Fox

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Can we please have it so the large/huge maps can be voted only when this many amount of players are on the server, 2nd can we have it so admins can do !next for next map when most of the players agree on this? Thanks in advance
  11. Ah sorry but happy belated birthday and many more
  12. Welcome to the forums enjoy your stay
  13. welcome enjoy surfing the FA boards
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