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  1. Hello everyone

    Hello and Welcome!
  2. Pets of =F|A=

    I will start!!! This is my boy. His name is Geronimo. He is a retired racing greyhound. And His 9th Birthday was yesterday 4-20.
  3. Happy Birthday CookieMonster!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. Hello everybody :)

    Hello and welcome! Nice to meet you.
  5. Other Ping Spikes

    this is running both programs at the same time.
  6. Hi my name is daky

    Hello and Welcome!
  7. Other Ping Spikes

    It looks like you only pinged your own computer. There should be a line in which you can add the Ip of the server to see if you are getting packet loss from it. If I have time later, I will get on my mac and test it out following the link you provided.
  8. Hey guys im back !

    Welcome back!!
  9. Other Ping Spikes

    She plays on a mac. Is there an mac os version of the software? Possibly this https://support.eapps.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/442/28/mtr-for-mac-os-x
  10. Other Ping Spikes

    Watching too many cute puppy videos in the background.
  11. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Tulsa and I were on the map earlier and can confirm it still doesn't work
  12. It's been a long time

    Very heartfelt post. I can completely understand much of what you have said and I have only been with FA for a fraction of the 10 years. When we think of FA there are many of us who constantly call it a FAmily. The reason is that it is %100 percent true. Not only is it a place where we can be ourselves without being judged but it is full of support from everyone. I for one look forward to coming on the forums and Servers daily to reach out to people who I truly miss talking to and sharing with. This kind of support system is essential to keep my sanity sometimes. The point of my rambling is this, Every FAmily needs a leader, a person who can help in ruff times, a person who can see the big picture and whether we like it or not give us the correct guidance. This is you. I made a post when I met you on the server for the first time referring to you as a Legend. You can deny all you want but Anyone who can accomplish what you have deserves the title. Not only did you create this clan but you made strangers friends and friends FAmily. Possibly the best decision you made was giving me the opportunity to join. (Just a joke) All this to say Thank You, not just for what you have done, but what you do and will do.
  13. Donald Here

    Hello and welcome to the forums!
  14. Hello there

    Hi! Always good to let us know you are alive.
  15. Hi from Koby

    Hi koby! Glad you made it to the forums!