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  2. Hello and Welcome! Nice to meet you.
  3. Happy Birthday to @D..X! Don’t let aging get you down. It’s too hard to get up again! Hope you have a great day!
  4. Happy Birthday Queen @Odeonn! Hope you have a wonderful day! Emperor Tony
  5. Happy Birthday Buddy! Hope you have a great day!
  6. After reading this topic I cant help but comment. I think it comes down to understanding. While it is not impossible to make a player "unhittable" there are so many variables that it makes it illogical to be the way that people would try to cheat. This type of cheat would require so many steps of complex information to complete in a short amount of time that it is not worth it. In addition to that how would someone be able to toggle between who can kill them and who cant. For this type of cheat the player would be unable to be hit by anyone not just a player or two. At that point, it would be undeniable that that person would be using a cheat if not a single person can hit him with a bullet. Sometimes it just takes a little perspective to see that you are focused on a rabbit hole of things that are not true. For me it is not uncommon to get killed by a certain player 5 or 6 times and think man I cant even get a hit on him. But once I take a step back or go spec and watch him, it becomes more apparent that while I cant get any hits on them, other people have no issue killing him. There are so many different variables that go into whether or not a bullet will connect with another player that often times it is a combination of issues while you feel you cant hit them. I encourage you all to do the same when you get this feeling. While our AC system may not be perfect, it is the best in the game. Together with it and our admins, over 99% of all cheaters get caught. Like was mentioned before, anytime there is a system in place to create structure and fairness you will have people who try to find loop holes or ways around it. But rest assured, it is not if, but when they will get caught. Having the best anticheat in the game often makes people want to challenge it. But if you read most of the cheats out there, they will make a side note that "WILL NOT WORK ON FA SERVERS". Going forward, If you or anyone ever feels like someone it cheating, feel free to follow our process lined out to report them. That being said, always be willing to accept that you are not correct that someone is cheating. Openness and the ability to discuss things like civilized people is a major part of the process. Failure to do those two things shut down more topics than anything else. We do our best to keep our servers fun and enjoyable for all players.
  7. Happy birthday to you both! Hope you have great days!
  8. Hello and Welcome to the forums.
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