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  1. There's been much more players on voice chats than this... Just no one ever thinked of screenshooting it:) Beat some records today/valentines gameday?
  2. who recorded it and why he didnt even notice the camera:)
  3. Wishing you to find success, contentment and satisfaction at your new role! Good luck!
  4. WB to FA, nice to meet you! GL
  5. Welcome back to ET! Hope you'll find your place on FA forums and servers.
  6. Welcome to FA, enjoy your stay
  7. Efol, there is group of players playing scrims on Legacy mod - would you consider joining us? Drop me a pm Of course, legacy scrims organised by FA would be a great thing to play... But it's still very little popular and in testing phase, needs many fixes. Would be hard to get FA members/regulars to play since FA doesn't even have legacy servers. I'd recommend trying with ETPro for now, see how it works out.
  8. Hi there! Good to see you coming back, glad you dropped by FA servers and forums. Talked to you on Discord and hope to see you on servers, hope you play on HC too. Many thanks for your donation!!! Take care
  9. Great news! It's good that FA also started supporting ETPro community. This will help both sides to stay popular and safer in the future. The interview on Crossfire is also great stuff. I really appreciate what you do for ET, even after all this time. Thank you @daredevil! https://www.crossfire.nu/articles/1006/fahellreturn
  10. Enjoy your stay here! Make it your new nest
  11. Hey! For a start I'd recommend learning some basics about ET cvars. These websites provide useful info about them. https://fearless-assassins.com/enemy-territory-cvars.html et cvars https://antman.info/wolf/cvar/cmdcvarlist.html et cvars http://files.idle.ee/et/tweaks.html - some tweaks http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.php?showtopic=9497&mode=threaded some more tweaks http://etconfig.net/category/cvars/ - not all cvars are covered and not 100% are described perfectly, but still it has some more explainations For your current config - after quick view I'd first remove unnecessary cvars (like server only) and empty spaces, they make your config longer and may cause some problems. I made some basic changes M1(fixed).cfg If you have any problems - feel free to ask
  12. kajto3


    Us! I've seen you created a new topic in appropiate section. Let's continue there.
  13. Welcome back! Glad you didn't forget the game and FA. Enjoy your stay here now.
  14. kajto3


    Add your script to autoexec.cfg in etmain - seems that your key is overriden by something else
  15. kajto3


    Where is the bind in your demotoggle script? (add some key before "vstr demotoggle") Afaik the only command you need for a demotoggle bind is autorecord - bind f12 autorecord. F12 starts/stops recording. If you want the demo to be recorded automatically, along with other actions possible if wanted - you can use cg_autoaction (try setting to 1) 1=demo, 2=ss, 4=stats, 3=demo+ss etc.
  16. kajto3

    =F|A= mentioned

    Official tutorial "Playing Wolf:ET in 2019" is out! Just check how many FA links and more are there! https://forums.splashdamage.com/t/playing-wolf-et-in-2019/233780?fbclid=IwAR0eJIus7me5TxcICGZPwmkoJywOY0LU-MUU7oa8ZB5vhV7ufkYbPsqDOdg
  17. Move this to Announcements section! Btw. FA Discord hits 1000 members today, great job everyone! ET is back in #2019
  18. There are 2 things - first 2 lines look good, but how do you switch between normal crouching and crouching with variable crosshairsize? There seems to be one bind missing that allows to change crouching modes. - make sure you don't use space between '+' and 'movedown' or 'vstr'. +vstr and vstr are 2 different things but I think you know that. Here's how I'd make it work, but can't test it right now: set RD "+movedown; cg_crosshairSize 50" set RD1 "-movedown; cg_crosshairSize 62" set RD2 "set next_RD vstr RD3; bind space +movedown; echo Regular crouching" set RD3 "set next_RD vstr RD2; bind space +vstr RD RD1; echo Small crosshair crouching" set next_RD "vstr RD2" bind SPACE "+vstr RD RD1" bind key "vstr next_rd" I'd also add variable cg_fov to that small crosshair crouching (if you don't use it at 90 all the time) to make it perfect:)
  19. kajto3

    Etpro fps drop

    How about you see what's your FPS on ETLegacy? You can't play on ETPro with it but if it's different from 2.60b it might suggest something. Join one server (silEnT mod for example) with 2.60b, go to one spot on one map, then do the same with ETLegacy and compare results.
  20. Some off topic for @Lenovo: Please read that carefully, because that's what we all are trying to explain to you: The fact that your config works perfectly on your computer doesn't mean that it will work as well on ALL computers in the world. I'm not gonna refer to this specific topic but I've seen lots of your posts with solutions that just would not help at all. Understanding this single sentence would be a great step forward. And please keep in mind we are not experts, I don't believe anyone can know everything about ET and stuff. We are all trying to help and I really appreciate you do as well, but you have to learn that your posts (and everyone's else) are just a suggestion for the person asking for help. I doesn't matter who's trying to help - me, you, Aniky or Daredevil etc. - anyone can make a mistake, and it's ALWAYS desireable when there more people posting different solutions for resolving an issue. If you don't agree with anything posted by someone else - never hesitate to say that, discussion is always welcome. And if someone disagrees with your solutions please don't feel offended and try not to send posts like the above because that serves nothing. Just start a normal discussion, try to explain why your solution would be useful in that specific case and when you think something is not right with yours or someone's post - do some research, learn something new and share it with other people.
  21. Hey, when you connect to HC or Silent1 server there's still an information about TS3 server in the "message of the day" area. I'm not sure about the other servers, I haven't checked them all. Why don't you change it to something like: Join us on Discord! or Visit our Discord server! or Talk with us on Discord! etc etc Hope you consider this, thanks.

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