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  1. Peaceful Easter everyone. Hoping to come by for a while...
  2. Damn, I forgot again. But I knew it was april. Let's hope I will remember next year. Anyway... If there's still something I can wish you so you can a better person... I wish you that. Or just stay like that, can't think of anything better. All the best, take care
  3. Hello Zach, glad you step by FA forums and servers. You've made great choice by joining our community! Enjoy and have fun
  4. kajto3


    Hey Lior, glad you're here. Where are you from? I'm sure you'll find some people of your nationality on our servers Have fun!
  5. kajto3

    3 word story

    don't break it!
  6. Hey, always good to see old players like you coming back;)
  7. kajto3

    3 word story

    having a little
  8. Nice intro, goyo Welcome here and enjoy your stay on FA servers and forums!
  9. kajto3

    Getting promotion

    Wishing you good luck as you wanted. Now get to work!!!
  10. HB guys, I really like you being here - Wolf was always one of the best players to play with when I was starting playing on HC. You, Neuro, are always nice person to talk to, I won't forget your willingness and effort to get me to FA Have fun!
  11. kajto3

    I'm back

    WB and nice to see you again!
  12. Hello and welcome, hope you enjoy your stay on FA servers and forums!!
  13. Welcome back!! FA and NQ1 still needs you
  14. Vertical sync musts be disabled in graphics driver settings.
  15. Hi Stefan! Are your roots slavic? Your name is polish (not sure if it comes with other countries as well) but is not popular among young people, it sounds like someone quite elder Anyway, good to see you here and enjoy your stay!
  16. Good decision! Hello and enjoy your stay on FA forums and servers.
  17. What for actually? HC is on of the most popular servers not only in FA but in whole ET. As I said, it's usually full at certain hours. I'm sure vast majority of FA members knows of this server and it's popularity. And FA members are those who join gamedays most often, so I can't see the point in introducing HC to them again. Good question! There are many reasons that are certainly off-top now, but I might post some: - they prefer silEnT mod settings, hitboxes or other features that don't come with etpro, - they'd rather play there because the skill level is still a bit smaller than on some etpro public servers, - they are playing on ETL - can't join etpro - there is no etpro public server that provides similar gaming experience, such atmosphere, objective based gameplay etc Yep play a bit more and you will understand what's going on here:)
  18. You seem to have no idea how it is to run and maintain game servers in a dying game Every active regular counts nowadays. You can't just tell people - now we're gonna have a gameday, right here, on an only server with FF and competition-like settings, it's gonna be fun and we don't care if you've been having better fun already, if you don't wanna join - just don't play, but you have no where to go +1 Cheep..
  19. Hello, good to see you back and nice to meet you!
  20. I meant to say - HC has many regulars that enjoy playing their regular ET daily (it's full everyday at some hours) and making a gameday there wouldn't make them happy...
  21. Any reason why you want the gameday on that specific server? It's been told already that it's hardly possible because of complaining regulars. Perhaps we could make a gameday on a server with similar settings someday?
  22. kajto3

    3 word story

    and kinda pathetic

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