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Found 56 results

  1. If anyone has any questions pertaining to the Arabic language and all its different dialects, please do not hesitate to ask!
  2. Hello im a big fan of the COD comunity and the last day i've tryed to install again after a long time the COD4, i knewed that i had to change some files of it, like the PunkBuster and the servercache.dat . The problem comes out when i try to join the server that i was used to play, fearless, and i appear alone in the map, and with a missage in the bottom of the screen, what should i do? i've tryed reinstalling the game, restarting the game files, everything :C.
  3. Hi all . I would appreciate if any of you pass me a recommendation to better configure my game. I am seriously thinking about uninstalling the game since it has practically become impossible to play (lately it is giving me a lot of lag and I think the cause is the connection to the internet). Here I give you more details. DIRECTX 11 RAM: 1gb CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 3 Ghz 32 bits GRAPHIC CARD: Intel (R) 82915G / GV / 910GL Express Chipset Family (186 mb) SCREEN: 1280x1024 INTERNET CONNECTION: 72 mbps USE OF ANY BOSTER PROGRAM: Yes, I use the Razer I would appreciate if you really help me since I have put together a reasonable amount of experience to think twice about leaving the game. Please I would like the configuration to be based only on performance, I really do not care about graphics. Sorry if my PC seems very old for today xd but I just have another but since it has windows 10 the wolf et him runs too slow because it is not compatible.
  4. Hola a todos yo juego en Fa silent and hardcore pero hay un jugador llamado power 050 mata paisanos, al ingresar al juego molesta bloqueando, empujando, insultando y matandome en el modo hardcore. Los administradores no hacen nada en ninguno de los FA. Es muy molesto juagar todos los dias con este jugador y termino siendo silenciado o expulsado . Saludos a todos. Sorry for my English
  5. 1) My pc has 8 GB of RAM I am not using 4 and the task manager already says that I am over 90% why that happends and how can I solve it? 2) WTF is happening with chrome, I have 19 tabs open only 1 video playing and already it is consuming 3GB of RAM. Is that normal? am I being attacked by virus/malware/spies?
  6. Hi! I've been playing wolfenstein since i was 6 years old... i love this game and i've been playing this game very long and don't understand this... since i have re-installed Win-7 on my laptop i can't play on some servers... when i try to play at F|A XP SAVE.... the files download and everything then its loading to connect to the server i see the map on the top on the right and the little bar needs to fill my screen flashes and wolf et closed...
  7. well i want to buy a wireless headphones/bluetooth. but can decide which one. i was thinking of Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 S2PGHW-521 Bluetooth Headsetlooks great , saw reviews etc. what do u guys think. my budget is under 2000k = 31$
  8. Bladez

    getting you XP back

    hello everyone, I recently got my new PC and I just got my lvls back but I haven't gotten my XP back. can someone help me please??
  9. Hello there, I started to play Et again after, well, 7 years. FA servers seem to be very nice, but I am not able to connect to any of them. When I click on server, it always sends me to another server and then... nothing happens. I've checked the forum and I tried to open game as an administrator, I used ET Legacy, and I put some commands into console - none of this things helped me. Any other tips? I would really like to play. Yours sincerely, Urbann
  10. F|A community, I am so ready to pack up a suitcase and get out and explore. You all are from all over and many of you have been places. Where should I go? Why? I like food, history, and beaches. Who doesn't?! Ever since I went to Thailand I've been craving Southeast Asia for their food and world! Thailand - the land of smiles they say. I'm considering joining the peace corps. Great way to contribute to something good and travel! Cheers, Neuro
  11. Not sure if this is the server messing up, but man I just wanna play some insurgency. It kicks me out and I copied this from console. Bad CRC for gametypes.txt Bad CRC for cfg/mem_level_0_pc.ekv Bad CRC for cfg/mem_level_1_pc.ekv Bad CRC for cfg/mem_level_2_pc.ekv Bad CRC for cfg/gpu_mem_level_0_pc.ekv Bad CRC for cfg/gpu_mem_level_1_pc.ekv Bad CRC for cfg/gpu_mem_level_2_pc.ekv Server is enforcing consistency for this file: cfg/gpu_mem_level_2_pc.ekv Didn't find Active Steam Controller to Load Menu Controls Host_Error: Server is enforcing file consistency for cfg/gpu_mem_level_2_pc. What do I do?
  12. If u could acess my video and like it, it will be awesome to me U won't understand because I am speaking Portuguese, and I'm explaining how my friends try speak my last name. Hope you Enjoy *King*
  13. Well as u all or somebody know my NVDIA card is fkd up. so cant play alot of games. And my laptop is like 5-6 yrs old. Thinking of building a new pc. as i was and will always be a PC(windows) guy. So any good gaming pc suggestions like, ram,graphic card,motherboard,mouse,monitor,keyboard. everything. i already have a 1TB HDD so thats covered. I know u guys shall ask budget. Well its around 50K INR = 775 $ .
  14. Recently I've noticed many people that are ET members come try out Insurgency. Well I want to try out ET. Karizmatic the fine man he is helped me find a link to DL the game. I'm trying to join an F=A server but it wont. =/. Displays a message saying server connection isn't pure or something like that???? Can anyone help me out here? I have no clue.
  15. Hello I need some of your help please guys and girls, my sis will marry soon, and she want to do something special to my brother in law, so, she decided to do a video, but she needs photos from some parts of the world with a romantic phrase, she get one from Argentina, but she needs more, I want to help her and I told her that I have a lot of friends for all the world. Could you please help me with a photo from your country and a romantic phrase in your language? Please. <3 Example: Thanks in advanced.
  16. Bladez

    no volume or sound?

    hello everyone. i am having some trouble with getting sound to my game. idk if its with my computer or just the game itself. i have no volume to the game what so ever. i checked all config and system settings with the game and everything was normal. i wasnt on mute, and i also tried downloading adobe player. i cant seem to get any solution. can anyone help me out? im not a computer wiz lol
  17. Bladez

    Upload Help?

    hello everyone, so id like to make this post because i need help with uploading videos. there are music videos id like to upload on my profile and sometimes on a post i like. i get my videos from Youtube and i use the URL of the video. but when i try and upload the URL to our generator, it doesnt show the actual video, just the URL itself. can anyone help me please because it really gets on my nerves and id like like for someone to show me how its done. thank you for anyone who takes the time to read this and help me out. THANK YOU!! -BLADEZ-
  18. Not too long ago I wiped Windows 10 off my HDD and installed SteamOS in its place. I am trying to setup Wine so I can run Windows compat. software on Linux. I am not to knowledgeable with compiling packages/sources on Linux. Is anyone familiar with Wine? Could anyone attempt to help me install it? I have tried to follow the instructions on WineHQ two times... neither time was successful.. Thanks in advance! Also, base system: SteamOS GNU/Linux 2.0 (brewmaster) 64-bit
  19. Hi hi ladies and gentlemen! It's been few weeks since i was able to get in F|A as a trial member. And regarding how some applicants act, even if some may have read this too, it's not a bad idea to remind you some tips to help you get in the clan /!\ Beware these are not some cheats, only a hand to also help us deciding if you can join F|A or not. I don't ask you to change how you usually behave ingame ('cause it's also thanks to this that we see how a player will be in future too), but maybe you should follow these: 1) It's been said to every applicant, but you really need to be active on forum, not just in spam section (or not spamming in other sections ofc...) We don't ask of you to post 20 messages a day ok? 2) WHen you intend to play , try to go to different servers, not only the one "you are from". And if possible choose one with more players , or at least one populated. Why's that? 'cause you'll have higher chances to be with F|A members. This way you will be able to get more reviews from different admins, and not just ones that play on "your server". I recomment these servers : jay2, silent1 and hardcore have the highest probability of having admins around. It's also good to see different kind of players, and how they behave in other servers. (The difference is huge between hc and jay2 for example) 3) This sounds stupid but... talk to us! And let us know that you have an application! We don't bite you know? (well i hope so). 'cause first even if we check the App' section, if it's the one of a player we almost never see ingame, or who don't bother talking (too shy maybe?) it's hard to keep an eye on you... We are humans, too, so there 's no harm in greeting us, and tellling us you're an applicant. (ofc don't beg for votes, right? and don't act as a "boot-licker" ) 4) When you're application is starting to interrest us, you shall get some admin levels, don't hesitate to ask us if you got any question. I also highly suggest to read again the wiki section with rules, but also admin cmds. Good luck everyone!
  20. 'Sup everyone, it's kinda too long to make this a status update and I think it should be good to actually make it a topic since it may help someone who could live what I lived. This is a pretty serious topic for a pretty serious situation. If you still don't know me already, I'm Matthew, I'm born with temporal lobe epilepsy and it gives me severe cases of depressions since I was a little kid. I never been someone who spoke to other people, I always pictured myself as a lone wolf, dark thoughts and always reserved. Only caring for my own self because I thought I'd be stronger that way. Oh boy was I wrong. Over the years, due to never speak to anyone about my issues, I built a shield around me. That shield would let things pass through it, but not let them go out. So I accumulated years and years of depression, stress, anxiety. Not only I had my own stress, but due to family issues, I had also other people stress affect me. I always had the thought for many years "My father never wrote a will, if he ever dies, what will happen to my mother ?", "What will I do when this situation comes to reality ?", "Will people actually care if I disappear ?" and things just went darker and darker, I also had the thoughts of "I just don't feel like living anymore. Not that I'd kill myself, but I wouldn't mind if my time as to come". I never really shared it with anyone. Nobody knew about my situation. I told my mother "Mom, I know I never saw a doctor, but I have this illness, it would explain what is up with my brain ! I'm super depressed ! I need to change my mind !". She wouldn't trust me back in those days. She thought I only wanted attention or something (Despite the fact I'm not the kind of person who seeks for people attention). I've been keeping everything inside me for nearly 23 years. The more I was reserved, the more darker I went, the more impatient I became, I was almost inhuman convincing myself to be more human than people in general. This build up insanity in me and the more I waited, the more insane I became. But I never evacuated that either. I was just insane in my mind though I acted normal in real life and virtual life. News broke up few weeks ago that yeah, I'm pretty much broke at the moment. I have hard times getting a job. My life seems meaningless at the moment since I don't really know what to do to help myself. Two days/nights ago, my insanity level reached its peak. Everything around me seemed so, so dark. It looked like I was in the darkest forest during midnight. I knew I was getting crazy, my body acted but my brain was pretty much shutted down. I could only recall imaginating knives, me being berzerk would be a solution... Before anything actually happens, it seemed like there was a single ray of light in the darkest tunnel I was in. One little tiny breeze of common sense since I recalled something. Something someone told me. Someone who knew what I was living because I actually shared a part of my life to her. This person was Vixen. Remembering her words and how kind she's always been to me, I sat down, regaining a big chunk of my sanity and telling myself "What is wrong with me ?". Seeing that I was becoming a danger to myself and others around me just after this mental breakdown, I made a huge decision. I texted Vixen and I told her "Sorry if I bother you, just saying that I was on the verge of self-destruction. I'll sort things out this morning and make everything clear to others. I must act for my own self." That morning, I kept my words being truth. I went to see my mother, I told her everything I had on my chest for so many years. That also their stress stresses me. I needed their help. I was becoming a danger to them and myself. I was aware of it, I couldn't keep it anymore. Even though it didn't helped solve quite a lot of things (so far since it's just starting), sharing my problems helped a lot. I feel better than ever in the past 23 years now. I still have my problems, but it just doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. I feel alive again. My mother which never believed I was depressed at first saw over the years that I was probably depressed. Due to problems we were having, me being so quiet, me being on my chamber and never leaving my house to visit family or friends. She started to understand slowly but surely. And that morning, with my cry for help, she finally understood me and said she will help me. So guys, depression is not something to laugh at. If you are depressed, before tempting to clear you mind on doing other stuff... SHARE IT ! Share what you are feeling. Don't think back to your problems at night, it will make you feel even worse. Don't build a shield around yourself. Don't engulf yourself in the darkness. If you ever do, you will see what insanity looks like, it is something I never want to experiment again. It is truly a living nightmare. Help yourself, talk to someone and say it all. Even though I could thank my mother for understanding me, I have to thank Vixen first. She probably saved my life on that one, just talking to her pulled me enough out of this insanity to make me realize I have so much to live for and no real reason to panic, don't let others stress take you down either. Secondly, I'd also love to thank Audrey and Hecken, they PM'd me and we mutually shared out situations, they also helped me in my decision. Just showing me that they cared made me smile. Once again, thanks to all of you for giving me a hand and listening to me. I'll open myself more from now on. "The drowning man only cares about the depth of the ocean... Not its width."
  21. Just wanted to put this out there for people who want decent videos that do show how to fix stuff (sometimes a bit funny and stupid). This is a great resource https://www.youtube.com/user/mightycarmods/featured NOT the most professional outfit but it does get the job done. Even I get amazed by what these guys do. Some funny and educational videos that I enjoyed. This video is just too funny
  22. Hey guys, I'm looking for a program to manage the enormous amount of accounts I'm having. I can't imagine this doesn't exist, but I can't seem to find anything because "multiple accounts" always leads to managing multiple accounts on the same website (which is often not allowed and not what I'm looking for). So what I'm looking for: a website or software to manage the accounts made on all sorts of websites, for example the account on this forum, the account on job sites, my account for the university, for my email,... If you'd have any hints, I'd be very happy with them Plat
  23. Hani

    !Fart command

    Hi there guys, Do anyone of u knows how to make a !fart command? for example !Fart [player's name] {and then on the echo side it shows [player's name] HAS Farted !} Server is powered by jaymod so can u please specify me the enhanced command code for this? Its like an example of !crybaby command where you type !cry [Player's name] but then i dont find the crybaby command on enhanced_commands file.. Solutions & Answers will be appreciated !
  24. Past 2-3 weeks i m getting too much lag spikes and ping going up to 350. my normal ping is between 225-275 but now adays its really high and sudden lag spikes and lag fps changing... is there anything i have to change in my cfg which will help??? THank You........ THis is the cfg i use // Binds TAB "+scores" ESCAPE "togglemenu" SPACE "+moveup" , "mapzoomout" - "zoomout" . "mapzoomin" 0 "weaponbank 10" 1 "weaponbank 1" 2 "weaponbank 2" 3 "weaponbank 3" 4 "weaponbank 4" 5 "weaponbank 5" 6 "weaponbank 6" 7 "weaponbank 7" 8 "weaponbank 8" 9 "weaponbank 9" = "zoomin" ` "toggleconsole" a "+moveleft" b "+zoom" c "+movedown" d "+moveright" e "+leanright" f "+activate" g "+mapexpand" l "openlimbomenu" m "mvactivate" q "+leanleft" r "+reload" s "+back" t "messagemode" u "messagemode3" v "mp_quickmessage" w "+forward" x "+prone" y "messagemode2" z "mp_fireteammsg" ~ "toggleconsole" CAPSLOCK "+speed" ALT "+stats" CTRL "+topshots" SHIFT "+sprint" F1 "vote yes" F2 "vote no" F3 "ready" F4 "notready" F11 "autoscreenshot" F12 "vstr demotoggle" KP_LEFTARROW "selectbuddy 3" KP_5 "selectbuddy 4" KP_RIGHTARROW "selectbuddy 5" KP_END "selectbuddy 0" KP_DOWNARROW "selectbuddy 1" KP_PGDN "selectbuddy 2" KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin" KP_INS "selectbuddy -2" KP_DEL "selectbuddy -1" MOUSE1 "+attack" MOUSE2 "weapalt" MWHEELDOWN "weapprev" MWHEELUP "weapnext" // Scripts bind LEFTARROW "team r 1 3 38;vstr xcls_default;echo ^iAxis" //join axis bind RIGHTARROW "team b 1 8 37;class c 3;vstr xcls_default;echo ^dAllies" //join allies bind DOWNARROW "team s" //join specorators bind KP_UPARROW "class m 1;echo ^?M^wedic" bind KP_PGUP "class c 3;echo ^?C^wover-ops ^?G^wrand" bind KP_HOME "class c 1;echo ^?C^wover-ops ^?S^wten" bind KP_5 "class f 1;echo ^?F^wield-ops" bind KP_RIGHTARROW "class e 1;echo ^?E^wngi" bind KP_INS "setspawnpt 0; echo ^l.^k>Spawnpoint: ^lDefault" bind KP_END "setspawnpt 1; echo ^l.^k>Spawnpoint: ^l1" bind KP_DOWNARROW "setspawnpt 2; echo ^l.^k>Spawnpoint: ^l2" bind KP_PGDN "setspawnpt 3; echo ^l.^k>Spawnpoint: ^l3" bind KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin" set vol1 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^10; s_volume 0; bind F8 vstr vol2" set vol2 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.05; s_volume 0.05; bind F8 vstr vol3" set vol3 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.1; s_volume 0.1; bind F8 vstr vol4" set vol4 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^a0.15; s_volume 0.15; bind F8 vstr vol5" set vol5 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.2; s_volume 0.2; bind F8 vstr vol6" set vol6 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.25; s_volume 0.25; bind F8 vstr vol7" set vol7 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^s0.3; s_volume 0.3; bind F8 vstr vol8" set vol8 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.35; s_volume 0.35; bind F8 vstr vol9" set vol9 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.4; s_volume 0.4; bind F8 vstr vol10" set vol10 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.45; s_volume 0.45; bind F8 vstr vol11" set vol11 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.5; s_volume 0.5; bind F8 vstr vol12" set vol12 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.55; s_volume 0.55; bind F8 vstr vol13" set vol13 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^w0.6; s_volume 0.6; bind F8 vstr vol14" set vol14 "echo ^pV^wolume ^p-> ^20.65; s_volume 0.65; bind F8 vstr vol1" bind F8 "vstr vol1" set jay1 "connect" set jay2 "connect" set jay3 "connect" set fun1 "connect" set silent1 "connect" set b2 "connect" set hc "connect" set nq1 "connect" set nq2 "connect" set nq3 "connect "" set sw1 "connect" set sw2 "connect sw2.clan-fa.com:27970" bind h vsay hi ^9H^Oe^/l^3l^lo bind z vsay fun9 ^9Re^ost ^/In ^3Pe^lac^3e ^7[k] bind n vsay fun4 ^9Wo^oah.^/..N^lic^3e S^9hot.^l.. ^7[d] bind m vsay Thanks ^9Thanks ^/A^3lo^lt bind k vsay speech9 ^p>>^sEV^lEN ^sTEA^nMS<< // FA GameDay Announcer // ver 7 made 8/28/14 for GameDay #5 on 9/6/14 - 9/7 // place this GameDay.cfg file in /etmain folder // must /exec gameday in console in each mod to install in that mod (jay,silent,nq,noquarter) // press bound key FIVE times, once for each line of output (not too fast) // bound key = F5 echo " " echo GameDay Announcer installed in THIS mod only echo " " echo press F5 key 5(!) times for 5(!) lines (not too fast!) echo " " Bind F5 "vstr GDay" set Gday "vstr Line1" set Line1 "say ^7=^1F^7|^1A^7=^8Fall HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY BASH ^3on ^8FUN #1;wait;wait;wait;set Gday vstr Line2" set Line2 "say ^3runs ^1 Saturday, 25 October ^3from ^812:00 London Time ^3to ^807:00 ^1Sunday;wait;wait;wait;set Gday vstr Line3" set Line3 "say ^3(GMT+0) ;wait;wait;wait;set Gday vstr Line4" // BST = British Summer Time, not Standard! set Line4 "say ^8Halloween ^1Maps^3, ^8Panzer^1War^3, ^8Rifle^1war^3, ^8Sniper^1War^3, AND ^5Crazy^1Gravity;wait;wait;wait; set Gday vstr Line5" set Line5 "say ^8/connect ^3fun1.clan-fa.com:27960;wait;wait;wait;FUN #1 set Gday vstr Line1" echo " " echo GameDay Announcer installed in THIS mod only echo " " echo press F6 key 5(!) times for 5(!) lines (not too fast!) echo " " Bind F6 "vstr Recruiting" Set Recruiting "vstr Line6" set Line6 "say ^sRecruiting ^wOpen ^sIf u want to join PM me;wait;wait;wait;set Recruiting vstr Line7" set Line7 "say ^sOr Register on ^8Forums ^2www.fearless-assasins.com ^8and Apply;wait;wait;wait;set Recruiting vstr Line6" // Bobs seta cg_bobup "0" seta cg_bobpitch "0" seta cg_bobroll "0" seta cg_bobyaw "0" seta cg_runpitch "0" seta cg_runroll "0" // M_ seta m_pitch "0.0151" seta m_yaw "0.022" seta m_forward "0.25" seta m_side "0.25" seta m_filter "0" // Blood seta cg_showblood "1" seta cg_bloodFlash "0" seta cg_bloodTime "0" seta cg_blinktime "0" seta cg_noTaunt "1" seta cg_bloodDamageBlend "0" seta com_blood "1" seta sv_screenshake "0" seta cg_drawdamagekick "0" seta cg_damagekick "0" seta cg_impactvibration "0" seta cg_DrawDamage "0" seta v_kickpitch "0" seta v_kickroll "0" seta v_kicktime "0" // Crosshair seta cg_drawGun "1" seta cg_drawCrosshair "5" seta cg_crosshairSize "38.5" seta cg_crosshairColor "red" seta cg_crosshairAlpha "1.0" seta cg_crosshairColorAlt "green" seta cg_crosshairAlphaAlt "1.0" seta cg_crosshairHealth "0" seta cg_crosshairX "0" seta cg_crosshairY "0" seta cg_crosshairPulse "0" seta cg_drawCrosshairNames "1001.0" seta cg_drawCrosshairPickups "1" seta cg_cursorHints "4" seta cg_drawSpreadScale "0" // Marks seta b_tracers "0" seta b_muzzleflash "0" seta cg_brassTime "0" seta cg_marktime "0" seta cg_railTrailTime "400" // Mouse seta sensitivity "1.94" seta in_mouse "1" in_restart seta cl_yawspeed "0" //prev 140 seta cl_pitchspeed "0" //prev 140 seta cl_mouseAccel "0" seta cl_freelook "1" // Graphics seta r_fullscreen "1" seta r_mode "-1" seta r_customwidth "800" seta r_customheight "600" seta vid_xpos "0" seta vid_ypos "0" seta r_customaspect "1" seta r_primitives "0" seta cg_coronas "0" seta cg_coronafardist "0" seta r_fastsky "1" seta cg_wolfparticles "0" seta r_roundImagesDown "5" seta r_subdivisions "20" seta r_lodbias "2" seta r_flares "0" seta r_drawSun "0" seta r_dynamiclight "0" seta r_dlightBacks "0" seta r_finish "0" //! seta r_swapInterval "0" //! seta r_facePlaneCull "1" seta cg_shadows "0" seta cg_atmosphericEffects "0" seta cg_fastSolids "1" seta r_drawfoliage "0" seta r_lodscale "5" seta cg_simpleitems "1" //textures seta r_picmip "3" seta r_picmip2 "3" seta r_detailtextures "0" seta r_simpleMipMaps "1" seta r_textureMode "GL_NEAREST" seta r_lowMemTextureSize "0" //brightness seta r_overBrightBits "1" seta r_ignorehwgamma "1" seta r_gamma "3" seta r_mapOverBrightBits "2" seta r_intensity "1.5" seta r_vertexlight "1" seta 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  25. 'elo dear FAmily! I'm in trouble, help My brother-in-law has asked me to be his 'best man' / 'groomsman' / 'witness' for his wedding (May 2016). I have never been in this role and for a bad luck streak, I don't know him too well. He has very few friends, is also rather hobby-less and I'm kinda the one that knows him best... I have accepted that challenge, you know me, objectives are fun ^^. Where I come from, it's the groomsman's duty to: - organize a wedding-eve-party (imagine the movie Hangover) and to - execute and help on wedding day. To boot, I have invited him + his wife-to-be and asked them the basics, like what he definitely does not want to experience, or explicit wishes. He also gave me numbers of 4 other guys, which he would probably want to enjoy the night. I don't yet fear wedding day, it will be a mess, but so is every family day I'm rather uncertain about the party night's locationg and program. Have you ever been to fantastic wedding-eve-parties, or have you organized such nights before? If you're married, what did you enjoy / dislike about that special night? In the end I'll taylor something to his likings, at least I hope that, but I could really use some inspiration and fun stories to get my creativity goin' =) From his wishlist / blacklist: - no stripper (yeah, I know...) - no fancy french dining (a-hum..) - booze is fine, as are most other soft conciousness-enhancing substances v25 - Cover me!

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