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  1. Hello, Muntek! Welcome to the forums!
  2. @FaTaL TeRRoR Qc Welcome to the forums, Fatal! Great to have you here, bud!
  3. Congratulations, Timmertick! Well-deserved, bud!
  4. GoongalaJones

    3 word story

    Nintendo Switch console
  5. GoongalaJones

    3 word story

    However, there was
  6. GoongalaJones


    It's always great to hear from you, V! You are a strong person, and I believe in you. I wish you nothing but the best, dear fellow! P.S. Best of luck with the 149 notifications. Always a bloody hassle to go through notifications left alone for a while
  7. During middle school and up to sophomore year of high school, I used to play the oud. Had to sell it to focus on studies, but I am considering getting another when I have enough time.
  8. Thanks to @redfromsvn , the PVP server is now showing up in the correct section, as well as having a mapcycle added. It'll need testing to check if the mapcycle works properly and loads into another Push(PVP) map ^^
  9. It should start at 1:00 PM afternoon for you Vip3r, if you are in Germany. You are one hour ahead of Greenwich
  10. Thank you for the tonnes of fun and nostalgia! Hopping on and playing this game after 9 years was quite the experience!
  11. The server is successfully up and running, DD! As of now, there is no in-game console to connect to the server, and most servers by default are in the Versus gamemode. If anyone wishes to connect to the test server, choose Play --> At the bottom of Versus --> Browse Servers Screenshots are attached. After reading the documentation, the launch parametres for a Coop server would probably look like this: InsurgencyServer Oilfield?Scenario=Scenario_Oilfield_Checkpoint_Security?port=27102?querypo rt=27131?MaxPlayers=24 -log -hostname="=F|A= Coop Test Server” Combing through the Config parametres, and hoping to test out the server with other members later today!
  12. Great list, Cheep! My list of board games is almost the same, with these additions: 1. Risk 2. Carcasonne 3. Backgammon 4. Mahjong 5. Dominoes
  13. What happens after the events of this movie are not for the faint of heart.
  14. Well and rightly deserved to both of you! Congratulations!

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