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  1. Missed the =F|A=maily, and made a promise to donate once given the chance! Transaction ID: 7HC88384YY0259004
  2. Happy birthday, dear Professor!
  3. Happy birthday and many happy returns!
  4. There's unused footage of her from Episode VII, as confirmed by J.J. Abrams, so that's one they could put her into the movie, as Swaroop explained above
  5. みなさん、こんにちは!


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    2. RedBaird


      Google translates from The Japanese as


      Hello everyone!
      I landed safely in Japan and settled somehow

      See ya


    3. GoongalaJones


      Oh, wow. I'm horribly jetlagged to have forgotten to translate it xD

      Google was close there, @RedBaird. It was, 'settled in well." See you soon!"

    4. m00jii


      nani the f***

  6. cured all diseases
  7. Hi, mr Gentelman!

    1. GoongalaJones


      Hello there!

  8. Great change of pace, for sure! Not a lot of people play boardgames nowadays, but we've played CAH quite a few times beforehand, and this is really good! For those who want to get Tabletop Simulator, it's on sale for $8.59 USD (depends on the region, though), and you can get a further discount if you add FANATICAL10 as a coupon code before you check out. https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/tabletop-simulator Sale goes on for a day, so make it snappy
  9. Thanks to everyone for making this gameday great! Hoping to see you in the next one!
  10. Congratulations brother <3!

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    2. GoongalaJones


      Merci beaucoup, mon ami! 🎩

    3. Vindstot


      Congratulations ^_^

    4. GoongalaJones


      Thank you, Vind! 🎩

  11. With the heat going around everywhere, it's always a good idea to just lie back, relax, and have fun with video games, especially on gamedays!

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