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  1. Congratulations, man! Well deserved, Mini Doc!
  2. Been a rough couple of weeks, but the tough journey is almost over. Less than a couple more weeks to go! Sorely miss you all! 😁

    1. D..X


      gl and see you when your back :)


  3. Cannot wait, but I will most likely be relegated to just sitting in the voice chat xD
  4. Night out in Zamalek, Cairo. Two Alexandrians (Egyptians), a Russian and an American.
  5. Welcome to the forums, Katze! Great to see you!
  6. Hey, bud! Sorry to hear Discord's giving you trouble. This link should hopefully address your predicament! Cheers! https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/209099387--Windows-Installer-Errors
  7. Grandest of gratitude to all of you, beautiful Ladies and Gents! Proud to be a part of this prestigious community, and I am more than proud to continue being a part of it ^^
  8. Absolutely well-deserved! Congratulations, d..x!
  9. Not that much, but I promised to donate when I got paid. $5 for this wonderful community 0U768225KH142892K
  10. Jonny stuck in Glitch Rock, and his accidental demise and body-wrap therein. Drunk parking at its finest!
  11. Discharged! Test results are good. Still need a bit of treatment, but thankfully, all is still well. Thank you all for your wishes and support!

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    2. CheepHeep



    3. Hulk


      Good News!!! So happy to hear it!!🙏

    4. HOTSPUR


      Hope all is good mate.

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