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  1. No i use the original, the file in the section download here. But i got it, thanks guys. Ive just create manually my profile in etmain - profile - refl3x and its work
  2. Yes i have it. but yeah in my folder ETmain i dont have any profile.
  3. Hey guys, i want reinstall my game. but everytime i open it i dont see anything. i run it on admin, dont work. i run the pk3 cleaner too and nothing happen. i try 3 time to unistall and install. its look like this in the console when i open it. unknown ui script profile create initial opener dont know what to do ... thanks for your time guys !! love you
  4. ohhh yeah, i'm back. See ya on the battlefield guys ! :D 

    1. captnconcrete


      good to hear .. look forward too it!

  5. Bienvenue sur le forum !! see you on jay1 bro !
  6. I take like 1 picture in 3 years haha and its with my girlfriend. So its us
  7. I've got a new xbox name , since like 3 years , so if someone want to play with me , i play at BF1 , D3 , Far cry 5 , Nhl, Gta 5 and more. I dont play alot but sometime its nice to play with sweet people My accounts is refL3xxQC. See you on xbox guys.
  8. @FaTaL TeRRoR Qc Bienvenue sur le forums Fatal !
  9. Some of you guys play Guild Wars 2 sometime ?

  10. Welcome to the forums !! Si jamais tu as des questions n'hésite pas !
  11. Welcome on the forum Whitesell !
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