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  1. Welcome on the forums ! Bienvenue !
  2. Hey Fin welcome to the forums
  3. Hi gunner welcome to the forums !
  4. 7077 1686 5118 Nickname : refL3xQC
  5. Hey guys. maybe some of you know that i'm back since like 2 month, and its sooooooo goood to play again haha my questtion is, under my name on the forum it is written Inactive Member, So i want to know if someone can change this thing. I know its nothing but i want to be back FOR REAL hehe. Also if someone can put my name trackbase in the team, my link is http://et.trackbase.net/player/5199540/ Thanks refL3x
  6. i'm still a Inactive Member, but i'm not ! i'm back since many month now, so if someone can change it it will be appreciate  😘 cause i think i can't read some content in there

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    2. 0siE.


      Quebec ? haha, je disais : si tu fais aller ta souris au max vers le bas, tu y verras : "contact us"


      J'espère que ça peut aider.

    3. refL3x:>


      Parfait merci ! ;)

    4. AnG3L
  7. Hey welcome on our forum mate !
  8. heys guys i'll not do a post for this, i just want to know if someone can put my name in the clan on the website trackbase. this is my profile on it http://et.trackbase.net/player/5199540/ thanks guys.

    love you all ❤️

  9. WAAA BONNE FÊTE !! Passe une belle journée amigos ! love u
  10. hey guys i'm back after 1242 day ! yeah its alot. And now, i need my ad lvl back on Jay1 Jay2 and Beg1 , the 3 server i play my old and sexy =f|a= tag miss me Thanks for everything i'll be on today cya

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