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  1. Enemy Territory Full Version

  2. autoexec.cfg ~ [David, your friend]

  3. Notepad++

  4. Meta Mod CS:GO Linux & Windows

  5. 10Tacle's Insurgency CFG

  6. words of wisdom that may bring a smile

    "You know, a mind is a terrible thing to waste." -Robin M. Williams (repost)
  7. words of wisdom that may bring a smile

    "You know, a mind is a terrible thing to waste." -Robin M. Williams
  8. words of wisdom that may bring a smile

    Hahaahaahahahahaha... That.... is original!
  9. Hello there.

    Heyyo, & welcome Daniel! I'm part Polish if that matters.
  10. other suggestion Halo Online - Eldewrito [PC]

    reddit - HaloOnline reddit - HaloOnline Wiki reddit - HaloOnline Downloads reddit - FMM / Mod Manager Google Docs - Eldewrito Guide latest version - Halo Online would be a great game to look into running a server for. Also, the full game should be offered on this site! =)
  11. For a long time now I've felt that I should have a custom signature, to be used across all forums I'm on. Please message me on Steam if you are a kind artist who would love to create siggy of my very own =) http://steamcommunity.com/id/xmwx38/

    Forget cookies! I want my copy of Insurgency!
  13. A FREE ARENA SHOOTER "Fun for everyone, young and old! Available for Windows, GNU/Linux, BSD, and MacOS Parkour, impulse boosts, dashing, and other tricks An array of mutators and variables Create your own maps cooperatively online" Download it here ~> Red Eclipse Or from our site ~> click here Available for ~> Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD How much ~> free! Built w/ ~>
  14. If you use any sound mods (whether your own, or from workshop) you might have noticed problems. The problems you might have encountered may include no audio, out-of-sync sound, and static. To fix this you need to enable console. To open console press the key right below Esc (for American kb's that would be this key `/~). Now you can either manually enter this command: snd_restartOR bind it to a key of your choice. To bind it to the 'Home' key, enter the command below in console: bind "home" "snd_restart"It is common for your screen to pause & audio to become mute for a moment or two. This should fix sound issues. If it does not resolve your issues, please verify Insurgency or simply remove offending sound mods.
  15. website Add Insurgency Awards =)

    This could also be posted in PC Gaming ~> Insurgency