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  1. i'm feeling with u there are so much great maps not just from RTCW on jay3 its always the same campaigncycle and they are always repeating... it just gets boring... like on the silent server you have so much maps...
  2. When i want to do obj and Anarchy comes and kills me...
  3. @daredevil Serbian-Croatian well its ok then it was worth a try
  4. Hey there.... i was on the discord server chatting... and i saw some comments like i told the admins that i dont know english and sparrow told me about the apply that i made and i was so fuuuuu** ... i just saw the replies O.o im feeling so bad.... but i need to apologize bcs i didnt knew anything about that so first at all i was very busy... i was not on my pc bcs of school and things.. so i have stopped playing for a few weeks and i need to mention yes i know all server rules... i saw that i did make many bad things but that wasnt me that was my brother he does not know the rules he does not even know what a forum or discord is... hes older than me but he does not know english that may be the reason why he did not answer in chat ... uhh im a little sleepy rn and i want to go to play W:ET on jay 2 or 3 idk its just i wanted u guys to know that that wasnt me and i hope u forgive me and i can make a new aply i know im really young but i think ehh im really not so dumb like idk other 15 yr olds i know some of you will say oh look its just a dumb ass kid he cant be in our clan bla bla... tbh i would say that too but try me u need to know me to judge me... i dont have the best english but i think its ok meh... soo can i make a new apply? things are ok right now and time is and i will be active everyday... i have so much to say but im too lazy sorry im free to answer questions and its ok if u guys denie me again.
  5. C3jZi

    Grey screen?

    @captnconcrete its fixed just needed to turn on aero... (W:ET) and the windows install thing i know how to fix that already just with a few commands in cmd prompot in repair my computer ... troubleshoot ... thank you for helping
  6. C3jZi

    Grey screen?

    i already tryed to set it back to 32 bit didnt work an error occured maybe because i did everything too fast i will wait a few days and try win 32 bit again hope it works Error: Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might have caused
  7. C3jZi

    Grey screen?

    This is a screenshot when i first have run W:ET i did it with the snipping tool
  8. C3jZi

    Grey screen?

    Hello everyone! I reinstalled windows 7 Ultimate from 32 bit to 64 bit and i've been just installing my old software i installed W:ET too (btw i updated my drivers too before i did install W:ET and restarted my computer with Driver Booster PRO) so i installed W:ET and when i try to run it... i hear the background music i'ts just i can't see anything i can only see the greyscreen... (W:ET was running good and everything worked on 32 Bit) i tryed running it with admin rights didnt work... i didn't have this issue at 32 bit can it be that it's happening bcs of 64 bit? P.S i have all my W:ET files on backup for those who wanna ask
  9. i dont really remember it was 1 week ago as soon as i joined i turned my pc off didnt even play a minute on that server but after that day my in game performance is really bad i reinstalled W:ET deleted and uninstalled everything that has to do with W:ET maybe could it bcs i exeperimented with alot of cfg i just execed them one after oter... i made dumb things lol but i reinstalled W:ET fully its good now... but i have another problem i set blood flashes off but they are showing and the player is bobbing idk why that wasnt before and my fps limit is 90... ? Thanks all those who tryed to help<3
  10. since i joined a server i think something gone wrong
  11. nah i didnt notice any damage inside or outside that thing with the fan i fixed it when i dropped my pc umm idk i didnt noticed anything im just wondering why this is happening and its just happening in W:ET
  12. does someone know a really good fps config ? if yes pls reply idk whats the cause but in the last days im having really big fps drops :/ that go from 100 fps to 20...
  13. C3jZi

    GUID problem

    btw im using windows 7 ultimate
  14. C3jZi

    GUID problem

    i uninstalled Wolf:ET from my pc and this files keeped on my pc C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory http://prntscr.com/iyfall

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