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Member Since 20 Nov 2013
ONLINE Last Active Today, 11:28 PM

In Topic: Silent1 Admins

Yesterday, 01:50 PM

Added Swissman and Slay

In Topic: Hardcore Admins

Yesterday, 01:47 PM

Added Cookiemonster, swissman and Slay to trial. Moved emal to level 12. Removed Schnee.

In Topic: Revision of Level Titles

Yesterday, 06:10 AM

+1 for this. Level 2 - learning admin gives the wrong impression.

Good post xerni. Can always count on you to iron out all the minor mistakes.

In Topic: Two Truths and a Lie

15 January 2018 - 09:02 AM


1. I will succeed with my invasion.

2. Chickens are the best living creatures in the universe

3. CheepHeep is the best.


In Topic: Can't connect to the serve!

15 January 2018 - 02:18 AM


I solved the issue:

I have downloaded the etlegacy wolf et launcher i saw at some other forums that it can fix bugs i installed it and it was everything ok! 

the servers are great! <3

uhh  :D

i forgot many things at wolf et...  :rolleyes:

can someone say me how to chang my name in coulors is it pressing shift and the numbers... ?



Glad its sorted!


Read this thread, it shows which characters correspond to which colour. : https://fearless-ass...nd/#entry779609


Press shift + 6 "^" and then hit the character for the colour you want. Then type your name.


For my name, which you can see in my signature, its ^0C^1h^0eep ^1H^0eep


Hope that helps.


PS. Additionally, you can try using this nickname generator : https://fearless-ass...-generator.html