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  1. oh god the ass hat back hahaha jk jk welcome back mate good to see your still alive
  2. it comes with 50/50 juice already made for it
  3. i ended up getting https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Suorin-Drop-Kit.html
  4. has anyone try the Joye Exceed D19 Starter Kit
  5. ty so much guys for the advice see this is my big problem money wise i'm so poor it's sad even pop the 60$ a week is killing me i don't want to get so much in to the vaping thing to fine out i don't like it and wast the money so do any of you guys maybe have a spare you can send me that i can us for like a week or 2 if i don't like it i can just send it back to you juice and stuff down here not to bad i seen some place are like 30$ for 100mg and 15 for 20mg
  6. okay so to start this up i would like to know who vapes and who has try to vape okay so i spent up to 60$ on cheap ass cigarettes just to give you a idea of what i smoke i buy a carton i smoke them all in 4 to 6 days witch leaves me with 2 or 3 days left before i buy another carton price normal goes for 33 to 30$ but there not easy to fine so i end up having to buy high dollar cigarettes i smoke almost 2 hole packs a day i work at nights so i'm smoking more so now that out of the way i talk to someone who sell vapes and i have been told to really get my money worth i'm looking at spending 120$ if not more for the start up kit so i guess what i really want to know is it really cheaper to vape then it is to smoke cigarettes and no i don't need know why don't you just quit i tried that i have a bad temper and i get frustrated really easy i have really really bad ADD so yes i do have a medic reason i tried all kinds of things and nothing works like a nice smoke so please don't come in this topic with why don't you just quit i'm 30 years old i been smoking off and on since i was 7 yes i said 7 i did not really start smoking packs of cigarettes to about around 13 or 14 when i cut grass and things like that for a pack but anyways on to you guys for advice about vapeing i try the e-blu it's not so bad but price alone and it's only good for about 2 or 3 days the cost alone makes using it not really worth
  7. i think this one is up there in the air no one going to be really happy with one or the other i think it should be a vote deal or a admins decision to make the big problem i see with this is that we don't always have high level admins on when teams really do need a shuffle i really wish we could get the silent commands back so we don't have players asking why we do this why we do that all the time rallying up the trolls making thing worse i think that would deal with lot of the big troublemakers we have on servers we us to be able to us our commands in fireteam but i think there was a problem in the past with admins abusing it that was the reason it was removed but i don't see why we can't have our commands being done in admin chat so there no way any abuse can be done i know jaymod does not have a adminchat like we do on sil and our pub servers do
  8. ya that stupid game capture does not like ET at all and window capture is about the same you can never get it full screen or you do get it full screen then game will not show up after a match it just got so annoying i quit messing with it i spent 3 full days trying to get it to work right i got it to work then it stop working right
  9. ya i gave up twitch is just so dam annoying can't get full screen or bitrate right
  10. mine changes from time to time some of the big hitting on HC are super bad ass for must people but for some reason i love hunting spree killers and sometimes i win and sometimes i just add to that spree lol
  11. lol you need to read the rules mate Server Rules
  12. okay first off your going to need better ram mate 4gb of ram today is like just pissing off must thing and with windows 10 it take about that to run windows 10
  13. i don't see how it would be a 3rd party add-on when it would be just like our clear that removes patchs from our et file but it would just be a install of a programmer to join our servers
  14. i never had that problem before and i used it for years and again that why i wish we could get a programmer in here to make one just like it but fix it up for us new windows user but still it would fix lot of the problems ppl have with join servers fast 1 click and you can see who on the server what your ping is going to be like on the server hell i even us it when my pc is running like shit to test to see if it my pc or my web that acting up sure it take a little time setting the server and stuff in it but you can sit here all day and add your fav servers to the list and all it takes is a little click and scroll to see what going on your fav servers only problem i have with it is the minimize does not work anymore for it and my main problem now i can't fine 1 that work all the time

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