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  1. just a tip 8GB of ram just hurts my soul see someone wanting to buy a new pc and not going for 16gb or 32gb ram is still a big game changer for any pc and the ssd kingston 500gb one is only 30$ more would be better than the 240gb one and say i would get a 1tb hdd drive myself more space is always better
  2. *Kiba*

    ET Classes

    i find my self med must of the time so med i guess i do like rfile but people don't like when i us it bc they die out of no were lol WALL NAD FOOL lol sniper would be my next one
  3. i us and pay for norton now i have used for it for a good 20+ years and i never got a virus or anything like that since then
  4. just want to say HUH can anyone as using the dark theme read this lol for those who don't know how to highlight
  5. okay i don't get it why do so many hate the idea of sweet and a little spice is a bad thing come on now not to long ago sweet and spicy chicken was look at weird so why is this so different this is how i roll i have try all 4 of them so far number 1 is you can't live without more we eating good tonight if i took the bacon off it would be about 5.99$ it's one of my go to when i want pizza that how i roll i have try pineapples with pepperoni to it's not a bad mix up but pineap
  6. i just downloaded the game off the forums and put et starter pro on and us it to change servers and join servers and welcome back noob
  7. welcome to the forums !headshot Eww Brains T_Mort
  8. *Kiba*

    freeze on nq1

    @monster be real useful to everyone if they new what you are using normal ET or are you using 2.6b or are you using Legacy
  9. no racism and sexism is something that should not be allowed it's just asking for this is gay or something like that going on in chat once again more muting of trolls and more spam so i say no we don't need that type of thing on the forums or on our servers and it does happen to be one of our rules to i see racism and sexism as the same thing
  10. coke for sure pepsi is just water down coke take a coke late it get flat and drunk it same taste as pepsi or just add some water to coke poof you have pepsi
  11. my 18 to 20 year old cat xD he got cataract in both eyes now but other than that he look happy
  12. *Kiba*


    i would say the main thing we look for is willingness to learn and to be active on both forums and the servers if you want to be noticed just being active in both will be a big + help out as much as you can watch and learn you don't have to play all day every day just being here is a big + if you don't understand something you can always make a post on here or head over to our discord there be someone there more than happy to help you with whatever you need just don't be a **** about it if they don't reply right away some have real lifes and can't be here 24/7 + reading and understand our ru
  13. *Kiba*

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back
  14. if i'm not mistake there a options in visual about blood or something like that if you set it to nothing it make that smoke go away i'm pretty sure there options and stuff in cfg to change that to you have to ask one of the guys who do CFG maybe one of them can help you @Shana is the one i ask about stuff like this
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