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  1. ya must of us just don't have the pc to run rust like me i can play with must setting on low and getting a stable 52 to 60 fps but it take me about a good 15 to 20 mins just to load into a server and that if the game does not crash lol
  2. *Kiba*

    welcome back bro 

  3. *Kiba*

    other computer

    could always buy a jump drive and install the game on there so you can play anywhere if i'm not mistaken the games not that big so i think a jump drive with 1 or 2 gb could work very cheap way to have it on the go
  4. i play but i'm a modded type of guy so has to have mods or it get boring as hell fast
  5. just going to leave this here and walk away very slowly
  6. ya bro i know i played on the worse type pc you can name with 15 to 10 fps must of the time i have a monster pc now with 16 gb but i don't have a SSD i'm too damn poor to buy 1 but it's one of the big reason i don't play rust a lot the load time is a real killer having to sit here for 30 to 15 mints to load in to a good server just to watch it die it's just not worth it and for god knows why my pc really really hates rust it freeze on me
  7. i have the game but it take forever to join a server so i don't really play
  8. i'm a builder not very good at fighting raiding on the other hand i'm good at that to i played more the pve raiding servers
  9. just going to come out and say this this is not even a fight i mean whatever you make in middle east i'm sure someone is making the same thing here in america the only differences would be you more than likely to find said food in a restaurant than homes
  10. spam

    1. (FORCE)


      Only most of the time … lol  ;)

    2. *Kiba*


      must feel force page full of  :spam:porn:spam:lol_2::omgcat:

  11. man that really sucks all i got to say is don't give up keep trying mate never say never i had family who were told that she could not have a baby and 2 years later ended up have twins now she has 2 baby girls and a boy on the way
  12. that not nice mate he is asking for help everyone opinion is welcome come on guys this is a help me topic not a topic to fight in
  13. get a old card mate works just as good and last longer then them 20 to 100$ ones
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