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  1. I still play from time to time: ShineLikeATapir (pc)
  2. I might perhaps be possibly back, not sure though :)

    1. RedBaird


      We will be here. :D



      Ribbit Ribbit

    3. RedBaird


      Evil Butters always imitates frogs after he takes his Lake Tahoe Polar Plunge. :)

  3. Oi, might be back soon after my exams!

    1. ancientmule
    2. (FORCE)


      Yeah good luck man!

  4. Oi nubs, haven't played much csgo anymore but here, feast your eyes. i was too lazy to put on some music tho
  5. Holy f***ing shit, shitloads of insane artists coming to belgium and no f***ing money :'(

    1. jer3


      nub, go to make some money :)

    2. Bowly


      Alrighty *starts printing money*

  6. Quitting gaming for a while, tough year ahead of me. BBL

    1. Helsen


      goodluck my friend, stay in touch though :)

  7. Back from iceland, now prepping for london :) rip money tho

    1. RedBaird


      Now you are "rich in experience" instead of "rich in money"! :)

  8. leaving for Iceland and after to london! See ya all in 13 days. If anyone wants to meet up in london pm me :)

  9. Reinstalling CoD for the gameday tomorrow :)

    1. Kay
    2. RedBaird


      Well, Crap! I never did get my COD GameDay advert script written for ET. :(

  10. drivers were fully updated since i had to update them in order to play bf1. I also just cleaned my case since it was getting dusty. (used compressed air, which i know is not smart). So now i just hope it'll stop crashing. And netflix is ok, im not really watching that much atm and if i do its House, and i'm at season 2 so im good for a while ^^
  11. Was thinking it would be my graphics card. Imma hope it'll just go away, my pc will be shut down soon for 2 weeks, that'll should do some good. Thanks for the fast response Xernicus.
  12. So a week ago i was watching netflix when suddenly my main screen crash and lost connection to my pc, it just started flickering snow. I was not the cable nor the connection because the issue was resolved by restarting my pc. Also when the screen crashed it locked my pc and closed all open programs. I was hoping i wouldn't happen again, yet it just did happen again whilest watching netflix. Any ideas on what might cause this crash?
  13. The moment im going to iceland, one of the biggest vulcano's is about to erupt, it better wait another month.

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    2. Sisje


      If it would disrupt the flights for 2 weeks it has to erupt before the 15th.. Preferably sooner though it just after this month :P longer vacation doesn't sound that bad bowly :D

    3. RedBaird


      "Longer vacation"...maybe. Volcanoes can make islands very uncomfortable places to be. :) That would be a "memorable" vacation, though. :)

    4. Bowly


      Details red, details. Iceland is big enough to find a safe spot :)

  14. Damn after i finish school im quitting social media, way too many stupid people ><

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    2. RedBaird


      You don't need to read the words of "stupid people" to boost your ego? :)

    3. Bowly


      Its not just reading stupid comments from people red. its to what extend people go for a little fame on social media. A guy nailing a plank to his face, or those trends where you light yourself on fire, useless prank videos and so called 'social experiments'. And as far as the ego bosting goes, i dont need other people to do stupid shit to appreciate my own intellect. Im not a genius, not even smart. But i am tired and annoyed of seeing so many people hurt themselves so they can be fa...

    4. RedBaird


      Smart enough to not nail a plank to your face, I will bet! :D That made me LOL for Realz! :)