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  1. 1VC90739BD5785500 $50.00 Here ya go bois. have some dough.
  2. I still play from time to time: ShineLikeATapir (pc)
  3. I might perhaps be possibly back, not sure though :)

    1. RedBaird


      We will be here. :D



      Ribbit Ribbit

    3. RedBaird


      Evil Butters always imitates frogs after he takes his Lake Tahoe Polar Plunge. :)

  4. Oi, might be back soon after my exams!

    1. ancientmule
    2. (FORCE)


      Yeah good luck man!

  5. Oi nubs, haven't played much csgo anymore but here, feast your eyes. i was too lazy to put on some music tho
  6. Holy f***ing shit, shitloads of insane artists coming to belgium and no f***ing money :'(

    1. jer3


      nub, go to make some money :)

    2. Bowly


      Alrighty *starts printing money*

  7. Quitting gaming for a while, tough year ahead of me. BBL

    1. Helsen


      goodluck my friend, stay in touch though :)

  8. Back from iceland, now prepping for london :) rip money tho

    1. RedBaird


      Now you are "rich in experience" instead of "rich in money"! :)

  9. leaving for Iceland and after to london! See ya all in 13 days. If anyone wants to meet up in london pm me :)

  10. Reinstalling CoD for the gameday tomorrow :)

    1. Kay
    2. RedBaird


      Well, Crap! I never did get my COD GameDay advert script written for ET. :(

  11. drivers were fully updated since i had to update them in order to play bf1. I also just cleaned my case since it was getting dusty. (used compressed air, which i know is not smart). So now i just hope it'll stop crashing. And netflix is ok, im not really watching that much atm and if i do its House, and i'm at season 2 so im good for a while ^^
  12. Was thinking it would be my graphics card. Imma hope it'll just go away, my pc will be shut down soon for 2 weeks, that'll should do some good. Thanks for the fast response Xernicus.

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