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  2. I forgot to tell you the most important thing if you want my place, you should donate $ 100 to me, and $ 100 to FA-clan thank you. I'm kidding
  3. MMMMMM pinkish hair!!!

  4. I could not see it, I was out, but I will gain the highlights
  5. Ho solo detto una battuta per ridere. Non conosco entrambi, non gioco a ETPRO dal 2012, quindi sarò povero, ma l'ho giocato per divertimento. Se vuoi davvero dimostrare di essere forte, posso darti il mio posto, se gli organizzatori sono d'accordo. Mi sono iscritto solo per divertimento, non ci sono gare di ET. Non so per quanto tempo hai giocato o se eri un vecchio giocatore di un buon clan, ma se devi dimostrare a qualcuno quello che dici di poter ottenere il mio posto, contatta gli organizzatori in pm, proviamo a non inviare spam a questo post Ciao P.S. to play you must first insert your guid on the profile of the forum and remember that those who are caught cheating can never play again GL
  6. I'm very very busy. Expect me to be online more in the middle of July. 

  7. I look crazy, but I did everything with my hands
  8. Finally! Welcome to the forums man! Keep playing with us hehe
  9. I'm glad someone needs this script however, in my cfg I can edit everything using binds I currently have many scripts inserted in 2 external cfg this is my bind list ]/bindlist TAB "+scores" ENTER "vstr map" SPACE "weaponbank 6" , "players;; wait 50;toggleconsole" . "vstr info" 0 "setspawnpt 5;say_team Spawn 5 ;play sound/menu/select.wav" 1 "weaponbank 4;wait 120;+attack;wait 20;-attack;wait 10;kill; forcetapout" 2 "weaponbank 1" 3 "weaponbank 4" 4 "weaponbank 7" 5 "setspawnpt 0;say_team Spawn 0 ;play sound/menu/select.wav" 6 "setspawnpt 1;say_team Spawn 1 ;play sound/menu/select.wav" 7 "setspawnpt 2;say_team Spawn 2 ;play sound/menu/select.wav" 8 "setspawnpt 3;say_team Spawn 3 ;play sound/menu/select.wav" 9 "setspawnpt 4;say_team Spawn 4 ;play sound/menu/select.wav" [ "mapzoomout" ] "mapzoomin" a "+vstr left1 left2" b "+zoom" c "weaponbank 3" d "+vstr right1 right2" e "+leanright" f "+activate" h "playdead" j "mp_quickmessage" k "vstr crosshr" l "vstr clock" m "vstr st" n "vstr FFE" p "s_volume 0; Echo Sound Mute" q "+leanleft" r "+reload" s "+vstr back1 back2" t "messagemode" u "messagemode3" v "vstr speedjump" w "+vstr forward1 forward2" x "vstr walk_t" y "messagemode2" z "weapalt" BACKSPACE "vstr AxisAllies" CAPSLOCK "weaponbank 5" PAUSE "vstr pausetoggle" UPARROW "vstr gamma" DOWNARROW "vstr sens" LEFTARROW "vstr fov" RIGHTARROW "vstr sound" ALT "+prone" CTRL "+movedown" SHIFT "+sprint" DEL "vstr fieldop" END "vstr medic" F1 "openlimbomenu" F2 "VoiceChat speech70" F3 "VoiceChat song6" F4 "VoiceChat taunt2" F5 "exec start.cfg" F6 "vstr startup" F7 "VoiceChat song13" F8 "cg_autoaction 2" F9 "vstr crosshair" F10 "vstr crosshairsize" F11 "vstr nextwav" F12 "vstr nextdemo" KP_HOME "vstr soldier_start" KP_UPARROW "vstr engineer_start" KP_PGUP "vstr covertop_start" KP_LEFTARROW "set reset vstr allies_team; vstr allies_team" KP_RIGHTARROW "set reset vstr axis_team; vstr axis_team" KP_END "vstr fps00" KP_DOWNARROW "vstr rate00" KP_PGDN "vstr packets00" KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin" KP_INS "vstr nextstatus" KP_DEL "vstr time00" MOUSE1 "+vstr shooton shootoff" MOUSE2 "+moveup" MOUSE3 "vstr lenovo" MWHEELDOWN "weaponbank 2" ]/condump bindlist Dumped console text to bindlist. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and these are my scripts cfg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ set Axis "team r 1 3 38;say_team ^1Spawn Axis; play sound/menu/select.wav; set AxisAllies vstr Allies" set Allies "team b 1 8 37;say_team ^1Spawn Allies; play sound/menu/select.wav; set AxisAllies vstr Axis" set AxisAllies "vstr Axis" set afk1 "team s; set name ^2=^0F^7|^0A^1=^0Lenovo^2A^7F^1K; set nextstatus vstr afk2; Echo Current Status: ^1AFK; say ^1AFK" set afk2 "set name ^2=^0F^7|^0A^1=^0Lenovo^2*^7*^1*; set nextstatus vstr afk1; Echo Current Status: ^1Back; say ^1Back" set nextstatus "vstr afk1" set pausetoggle " vstr pause1" set pause1 "pause; vsay_team ^1[^0Pause^1];set pausetoggle vstr pause2" set pause2 "unpause; vsay_team ^1[^0un^1p^0ause^1];set pausetoggle vstr pause1" set st "vstr statisticsall" set statisticsall "vstr statistics" set statistics "+topshots;+stats;set statisticsall vstr statistics2" set statistics2 "-topshots;-stats;set statisticsall vstr statistics" set sens "vstr sens0" set sens0 "sensitivity 5; set sens vstr sens1; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 5" set sens1 "sensitivity 4.9; set sens vstr sens2; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.9" set sens2 "sensitivity 4.8; set sens vstr sens3; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.8" set sens3 "sensitivity 4.7; set sens vstr sens4; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.7" set sens4 "sensitivity 4.6; set sens vstr sens5; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.6" set sens5 "sensitivity 4.5; set sens vstr sens6; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.5" set sens6 "sensitivity 4.4; set sens vstr sens7; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.4" set sens7 "sensitivity 4.3; set sens vstr sens8; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.3" set sens8 "sensitivity 4.2; set sens vstr sens9; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.2" set sens9 "sensitivity 4.1; set sens vstr sens10; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.1" set sens10 "sensitivity 4; set sens vstr sens11; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4" set sens11 "sensitivity 3.9; set sens vstr sens12; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.9" set sens12 "sensitivity 3.8; set sens vstr sens13; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.8" set sens13 "sensitivity 3.7; set sens vstr sens14; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.7" set sens14 "sensitivity 3.6; set sens vstr sens15; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.6" set sens15 "1sensitivity 3.5; set sens vstr sens16; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.5" set sens16 "sensitivity 3.4; set sens vstr sens17; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.4" set sens17 "sensitivity 3.3; set sens vstr sens18; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.3" set sens18 "sensitivity 3.2; set sens vstr sens19; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.2" set sens19 "sensitivity 3.1; set sens vstr sens20; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.1" set sens20 "sensitivity 3; set sens vstr sens0; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3" set gamma "vstr gamma0" set gamma0 "r_gamma 3; set gamma vstr gamma1; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 3" set gamma1 "r_gamma 2.9; set gamma vstr gamma2; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.9" set gamma2 "r_gamma 2.8; set gamma vstr gamma3; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.8" set gamma3 "r_gamma 2.7; set gamma vstr gamma4; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.7" set gamma4 "r_gamma 2.6; set gamma vstr gamma5; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.6" set gamma5 "r_gamma 2.5; set gamma vstr gamma6; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.5" set gamma6 "r_gamma 2.4; set gamma vstr gamma7; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.4" set gamma7 "r_gamma 2.3; set gamma vstr gamma8; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.3" set gamma8 "r_gamma 2.2; set gamma vstr gamma9; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.2" set gamma9 "r_gamma 2.1; set gamma vstr gamma10; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.1" set gamma10 "r_gamma 2; set gamma vstr gamma11; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2" set gamma11 "r_gamma 1.9; set gamma vstr gamma12; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.9" set gamma12 "r_gamma 1.8; set gamma vstr gamma13; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.8" set gamma13 "r_gamma 1.7; set gamma vstr gamma14; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.7" set gamma14 "r_gamma 1.6; set gamma vstr gamma15; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.6" set gamma15 "r_gamma 1.5; set gamma vstr gamma16; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.5" set gamma16 "r_gamma 1.4; set gamma vstr gamma17; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.4" set gamma17 "r_gamma 1.3; set gamma vstr gamma0; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.3" set sound "vstr sound0" set sound0 "s_volume 0.9; set sound vstr sound1; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.9" set sound1 "s_volume 0.8; set sound vstr sound2; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.8" set sound2 "s_volume 0.7; set sound vstr sound3; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.7" set sound3 "s_volume 0.6; set sound vstr sound4; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.6" set sound4 "s_volume 0.5; set sound vstr sound5; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.5" set sound5 "s_volume 0.4; set sound vstr sound6; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.4" set sound6 "s_volume 0.3; set sound vstr sound7; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.3" set sound7 "s_volume 0.2; set sound vstr sound8; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.2" set sound8 "s_volume 0.1; set sound vstr sound9; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.1" set sound9 "s_volume 0; set sound vstr sound0; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0" set fov "vstr fov0" set fov0 "cg_fov 90; set fov vstr fov1; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 90" set fov1 "cg_fov 95; set fov vstr fov2; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 95" set fov2 "cg_fov 100; set fov vstr fov3; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 100" set fov3 "cg_fov 105; set fov vstr fov4; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 105" set fov4 "cg_fov 110; set fov vstr fov5; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 110" set fov5 "cg_fov 115; set fov vstr fov6; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 115" set fov6 "cg_fov 120; set fov vstr fov7; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 120" set fov7 "cg_fov 125; set fov vstr fov8; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 125" set fov8 "cg_fov 130; set fov vstr fov0; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 130" set speedjump "+sprint; wait 12; +moveup; wait; -sprint; wait; -moveup" seta lenovo "vstr lenovo1" seta lenovo1 "weapon 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;+attack2;set lenovo vstr lenovo2" seta lenovo2 "weapon 1;-attack2;set lenovo vstr lenovo1" set pbg "vstr pbgon" set pbgon "toggleconsole;wait 50;clear;cl_guid;screenshotjpeg;players;wait 50;wait 50;toggleconsole;set pbg vstr pbgoff" set pbgoff "toggleconsole;wait 50;condump info.txt; wait 25;toggleconsole;set pbg vstr pbgon;echo ^0ScreenShot ^7GUID ^1Players ^0Condump ^1Saved" seta walk_on "-speed; set walk_t vstr walk_off" seta walk_off "+speed; set walk_t vstr walk_on" seta walk_t "vstr walk_on" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and this --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- set clock0 "cg_drawclock 0;set clock vstr clock1" set clock1 "cg_drawclock 1; set clock vstr clock2" set clock2 "cg_drawclock 2; set clock vstr clock0" set clock "vstr clock0" set FFE "+zoom; +attack; -attack; -zoom" set mapout "+mapexpand; echo ^6Map ^7is now ^2expanded; set map vstr mapin" set mapin "-mapexpand; echo ^6Map ^7 is now ^1OFF; set map vstr mapout" set map "vstr mapout" set crosshr "vstr crosshaircolor0" set crosshaircolor0 "cg_crosshairColor black; cg_crosshairColorAlt black; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor1; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^0Black" set crosshaircolor1 "cg_crosshairColor red; cg_crosshairColorAlt red; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor2; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^1Red" set crosshaircolor2 "cg_crosshairColor green; cg_crosshairColorAlt green; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor3; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^2Green" set crosshaircolor3 "cg_crosshairColor yellow; cg_crosshairColorAlt yellow; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor4; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^3Yellow" set crosshaircolor4 "cg_crosshairColor blue; cg_crosshairColorAlt blue; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor5; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^4Blue" set crosshaircolor5 "cg_crosshairColor cyan; cg_crosshairColorAlt cyan; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor6; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^5Cyan" set crosshaircolor6 "cg_crosshairColor magenta; cg_crosshairColorAlt magenta; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor7; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^6Magenta" set crosshaircolor7 "cg_crosshairColor white; cg_crosshairColorAlt white; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor8; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^7White" set crosshaircolor8 "cg_crosshairColor orange; cg_crosshairColorAlt orange; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor0; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^8Orange" set crosshair "vstr crosshair0" set crosshair0 "cg_drawcrosshair 5; set crosshair vstr crosshair1" set crosshair1 "cg_drawcrosshair 17; set crosshair vstr crosshair2" set crosshair2 "cg_drawcrosshair 20; set crosshair vstr crosshair3" set crosshair3 "cg_drawcrosshair 19; set crosshair vstr crosshair4" set crosshair4 "cg_drawcrosshair 18; set crosshair vstr crosshair5" set crosshair5 "cg_drawcrosshair 14; set crosshair vstr crosshair6" set crosshair6 "cg_drawcrosshair 7; set crosshair vstr crosshair7" set crosshair7 "cg_drawcrosshair 8; set crosshair vstr crosshair8" set crosshair8 "cg_drawcrosshair 9; set crosshair vstr crosshair0" set crosshairsize "vstr crosshairsize0" set crosshairsize0 "cg_crosshairsize 80; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize1; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 80" set crosshairsize1 "cg_crosshairsize 75; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize2; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 75" set crosshairsize2 "cg_crosshairsize 70; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize3; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 70" set crosshairsize3 "cg_crosshairsize 65; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize4; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 65" set crosshairsize4 "cg_crosshairsize 60; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize5; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 60" set crosshairsize5 "cg_crosshairsize 50; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize6; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 50" set crosshairsize6 "cg_crosshairsize 40; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize7; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 40" set crosshairsize7 "cg_crosshairsize 30; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize8; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 30" set crosshairsize8 "cg_crosshairsize 20; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize0; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 20" set fps00 "vstr fps0" set fps0 "com_maxFPS 125; set fps00 vstr fps1; Echo Current Status: ^1FPS 125" set fps1 "com_maxFPS 76; set fps00 vstr fps2; Echo Current Status: ^1FPS 76" set fps2 "com_maxFPS 43; set fps00 vstr fps0; Echo Current Status: ^1FPS 43" set time00 "vstr time0" set time0 "seta cl_timenudge 0; set time00 vstr time1; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge 0" set time1 "seta cl_timenudge -10; set time00 vstr time2; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -10" set time2 "seta cl_timenudge -20; set time00 vstr time3; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -20" set time3 "seta cl_timenudge -30; set time00 vstr time4; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -30" set time4 "seta cl_timenudge -40; set time00 vstr time5; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -40" set time5 "seta cl_timenudge -50; set time00 vstr time0; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -50" set packets00 "vstr packets0" set packets0 "seta cl_maxpackets 76; set packets00 vstr packets1; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 76" set packets1 "seta cl_maxpackets 60; set packets00 vstr packets2; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 60" set packets2 "seta cl_maxpackets 30; set packets00 vstr packets3; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 30" set packets3 "seta cl_maxpackets 100; set packets00 vstr packets0; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 100" set rate00 "vstr rate0" set rate0 "rate 25000; set rate00 vstr rate1; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 25000" set rate1 "rate 34000; set rate00 vstr rate2; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 34000" set rate2 "rate 35000; set rate00 vstr rate3; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 35000" set rate3 "rate 36000; set rate00 vstr rate4; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 36000" set rate4 "rate 37000; set rate00 vstr rate5; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 37000" set rate5 "rate 38000; set rate00 vstr rate6; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 38000" set rate6 "rate 39000; set rate00 vstr rate7; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 39000" set rate7 "rate 40000; set rate00 vstr rate8; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 40000" set rate8 "rate 45000; set rate00 vstr rate9; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 45000" set rate9 "rate 50000; set rate00 vstr rate10; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 50000" set rate10 "rate 55000; set rate00 vstr rate11; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 55000" set rate11 "rate 60000; set rate00 vstr rate12; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 60000" set rate12 "rate 65000; set rate00 vstr rate13; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 65000" set rate13 "rate 70000; set rate00 vstr rate14; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 70000" set rate14 "rate 75000; set rate00 vstr rate15; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 75000" set rate15 "rate 80000; set rate00 vstr rate16; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 80000" set rate16 "rate 85000; set rate00 vstr rate17; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 85000" set rate17 "rate 90000; set rate00 vstr rate0; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 90000" set demoon "autorecord; set nextdemo vstr demooff; echo ^2Recording ^7demo" set demooff "stoprecord; set nextdemo vstr demoon; echo ^7Recording ^1stopped" set nextdemo "vstr demoon" set wavon "wav_record; set nextwav vstr wavoff; echo ^2Recording ^7sound" set wavoff "wav_stoprecord; set nextwav vstr wavon; echo ^7Sound Recording ^1stopped" set nextwav "vstr wavon" set info "vstr info_on" set info_on "cg_drawFPS 1; cg_lagometer 1; b_drawspeed 2,4; b_watermarkalpha 1; set info vstr info_off; echo ^6Info ^7is now ^2ON" set info_off "cg_drawFPS 0; cg_lagometer 0; b_drawspeed 0; b_watermarkalpha 0; set info vstr info_on; echo ^6Info ^7is now ^1OFF" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- popping up with someone is interested in something
  10. My computer is as old as me so maybe it's time to turn it into a new one Intel i5-8600K 3.60GHz 9MB BOX ASUS TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/TUF-Z370-PLUS-GAMING/ G.SKILL 16GB 3200MHz Ripjaws V Black CL16 (2x8GB) ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Dual OC 3GB GDDR5 https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/DUAL-GTX1060-O3G/ Kingston 240GB 2,5" SATA SSD A400 WD 2TB 7200obr. 64MB RED PRO MODECOM OBERON PRO GLASS USB 3.0 be quiet! 850W Power Zone BOX Can anyone advise me if it will be a good gaming computer? if not, what should I change?
  11. Today
  12. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  13. Welcome to the forums! We "met" in Discord. I was the guy talking about Petteri Punakuono. Hope to see you around in game some time.
  14. Very entertaining game that was. Was hoping Senegal would win.
  15. The server currently has only 2 italy maps. We are currently on 1 hour of consecutive italy map gameplay. I suggest we increase the number of italy maps on server.
  16. Japan 2:-2 Senegal , realy good game
  17. Hello everyone, im new here. Istarted playing ET few days ago after a long break and found the FA servers and after that this place. Here is a little intoduction Real Life! First name: Markus Any sort of Nickname?: everyone has been calling me Make after 3th grade Age: 17 What country are you from?: Finland Are you a Parent?: No How many siblings do you have?: too many (4, sister and three brothers) What's your shoe size?: euro size 43-45 im not sure What do you do for a living?: college Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: drove a fast boat once, was fun First thing you look for in a new friend?: kindness, a sense of humor What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: I was looking for servers with players in ET and found the FA servers Cat or Dog?: Dog What are your hobbies?: Gaming mostly What kind of Sports do you like?: Hockey What's your favorite color?: Blue How about your favorite type of music?: i rarely listen to music but if i do it gotta be METAL Favorite Song?: Hard rock hallelujah What's your favorite TV show?: Murdocs mysteries was fun What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc) War and adventure movies Favorite Movie?: Jurassic park 2 Favorite Book?: Tuntematon Sotilas (the unknown soldier) What makes you very happy?: Adult entertainment What makes you very sad?: Some sad stories What's your favorite beverage?: Cola What you're favorite food/snack?: Salmiakki Ice cream Favorite actor/Actress?: I dont really have a favorite Favorite season? Why?: Winter, because its so calm and snowy terrain looks good Favorite subject in school?: History Favorite thing to learn about?: War history If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: I would love to visit russia What are your top three games of all time?: W:ET, War Thunder, Skyrim Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Strategy Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: Blockade3d How many games do you own?: about 25ish Do you play console?: No What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): Steam What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): You tube Currently i mostly play ET, insurgency, War thunder and warband, hopefully we meet in game at some point Greetings Kahvinen
  18. Lucy, just turned 16 years old. She is deaf but otherwise fine. Enjoying her company every day as it could all be over soon. Her head used to be completely black, so turning gray just like her boss.
  19. Okay, I thougt these were disallowed only for the Objective maps.
  20. Map: dust2_checkpoint https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=599730897&searchtext= Map: Estates_b4 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650616844&searchtext= Map: Panama Canal https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=573278223&searchtext= Map: Almaden https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=426712960&searchtext= Map: Cu_Chi_Tunnels https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=537546276&searchtext= Map: jail_break_coop_ws https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=292080383&searchtext= Map: the_burbs_coop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=346843105&searchtext= Map: bridge_coop_optimized_v1 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=616494611&searchtext= Please feel free to add maps you like guys!
  21. Nice, but about frags map, you should have specified that the player with the less deaths after the 2 round wins, cause saying the 1 with the most frags can make people /kill after fight.. they would have more chance to get more frags..
  22. I doupt about it, 1) : this cup isn't a LAN and 2), i could send you the demo of the match, you'll see that there is a too high difference between my own skill and Snatix's one, and this without being pretentious. Snatix style is pretty easy to beat when you're used to play 1on1s.. and it's more about the fact he says he plays for the fun while he actually plays his life each time we see him playing, + he only plays against player he is sure to beat.. on this picture, I had to take the name of a friend of mine to play vs him otherwise he would have refused as he refuses to play against every players who are stronger than him and that he knows he is going to lose.. But anyway i'll have a look as a spectator of this 1on1 cup, there are some interesting players such as Rainman and Destiny ^^ I wish the best to them
  23. I used to have a similar script bound to ctrl+c to use when sniping.. I should dig out the script that allowed to bind ctrl + keys, very useful!
  24. in lan the result could be the opposite
  25. I had put another script for the movement, but it had settings that did not go well, so as not to leave the post empty I put this simple squatting script sorry
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