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  1. Whats your spanish songs

    soy de alemania amigo
  2. Whats your spanish songs

  3. This really shocked me when I found out.. Whenever I hear this guy's voice I think about the old times. So sad.. rest in peace
  4. You somehow remind me of Adam Savage from Mythbusters You made her make up and her hair? put same effort on ET and you would be ranked #1 on trackbase hehe
  5. What rank are you in CS:GO

    Yes it is. I upranked from LEM to Supreme as bottomfragger and with a draw, and last week I upranked to Global with 10-12-22 with a draw as well.. sometimes it's just weird & feels pretty undeserved btw
  6. What rank are you in CS:GO

    Unfortunately I'm pretty busy with working this week so I cant make this happen, maybe next
  7. What rank are you in CS:GO

    Yeah Game sense is still missing since I'm pretty new to this game. But even though I'm decent in normal Matchmaking I often get rolled in ESEA hehe Sent you an invite on Steam.
  8. What rank are you in CS:GO

    finally LEM and now trying out ESEA because I'm tired of trolls and cheaters
  9. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Please dont get us Vesuvius back. Terrible map. Had the same effect like Flame Guards War Zone, ppl left as soon as they saw its loading screen.
  10. Whats your spanish songs