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  2. Beef tacos with salsa and cheese and rice on the side
  3. minas was already on server but i added it for lower player ct. 2 tanks and UJE are removed.
  4. Mushrooms - they are like aliens with a cadaverous smelling ... Beetroot - smelling and tasting like vomit, that someone only can see this is unbelievable ... and just thinking about triggers me hard. 'Rucola' - some tell that's a kind of salat but it's not. It is grass, a part of Löwenzahn. 'Scampies' / Lobster ... okay some people like eating insects ... some not.
  5. Capreze mozzarella from croatia *_* Totally miss it ...
  6. Today
  7. Agree ... but what kind of screenshots are them? o_O
  8. And another point ... i do not know what time is spent if the maps will be changed on server - how much overhead this has ... If it is only few steps it could be nice if there was an inner rotation in rotation of months. F.E. that each month are new maps in and some out giving a surprising effect to players that play a long time. A simple motivation point to keep users interested. And another positive point could be because of up and down voting maps to get great map sets per percentulas measurements maybe ...
  9. Remove 2tanks and add minas i agree
  10. Poison knifes - more methods to back f* ... doesn't it is enough that guys waiting behind walls to kill ambush everytime? First thoughts last year on Jay2 were -> poisoned knifes? Ok pretty way to troll noobs like me ...
  11. You know i am always for minas... oldies know what i am talking about
  12. 2tanks aren't loved as far as I know and I don't like that boring, too ... Often I wished there was Minath Tirith ... this is a big one with the best expieriences from me - others like it, too. (btw. is there an opt to rotate not linear - else - for example to load a map only each 2 rotations?) Siwa Oasis is boring, too if EVERYTIME loaded and never turns off for a while ... and everytime the same movements ...
  13. Like i said, for me field ops class shouldnt have poison knife, because at gorge points, they keep spamming knifes. For example in bremem, there´s a player that keeps behind axis spaw, once you leave the spawn, you are already knifed... a bit frustrating. im talking abuout j3.
  14. I've been playing a lot more on Jay1 recently and its made me realise how bad i am at the knife on that mod haha. That being said, i can see why people dislike the knife because those that are really good at using the knife (looking at you @Eazy :P) are unstoppable especially in narrow spaces. BUT, i found it to be more fun and challenging to try and dodge the knives. Half the time i did and half of the time i didnt and i think that is completely fine. Its another element of the game that attracts another set of players and just like how many people dont like rambo medics for example, we shouldnt remove it IMO just because people dont like it when theres a good amount of people that do like it. Maybe I haven't played a match where theres a tonne of people using poison knives but from my personal experience it hasnt been over the top or a problem. Just another part of the game. Besides, there are a tonne of other servers without poison knives.
  15. Yes, I understand you both and you are entitled to your opinions, as am I. Been through a lot of knife battles back in the early days of my playing. I hope we can come to some kind of understanding that's mutually benificial to all.(as i said though this is my opinion would like knives on certain class or in some manner)
  16. some people on jay3 just use it too much which can be really annoying the more of them you have on one team. seen this very often. death by one knife shot and having to wait til poison kills you before being able to respawn a few rounds in a row makes some people quit. its becoming a jay3 desease. no poison knifes for field ops would be a good solution imo so its limited a bit. everybody might be happy with that. this topic has been discussed so often because there are actually many people who dont like that poison on knifes and some do.
  17. Have to tryout Wunderlist. After ignoring it for years, I just started using One Note. Pretty amazing actually and instantly syncs on all my devices
  18. Yeah, if there's one near you, but that's not how it always is A GOOD medic is the key. So many times I'll be hitting Heal Me, Heal me and 3 meds will run right past or just stand there
  19. Yeah, if there's one near you, but that's not how it always is
  20. I know what @Smileyyy is saying, but how cool would it be to have some of those OG RTCW maps in ET???
  21. A good medic is the antidote, but we can agree to disagree.. Don't want to draw this out just my opinions only..
  22. Well to be serious for a minute, I don't think dropping damage on knives is a good idea. Hitting an opponent with a knife is a skill. Getting a kill is part of that skill. The poison makes it so one sided, there's no defense. I know I'm not winning this one, but that's my opinion on it
  23. So why not have both to make all happy. tou che I hear your point but there are more then one server.. Let people enjoy there relax time in there own way... (this just my opinion everyone entitled to there own) P.S. No we don't wanna see the bad hipkat sometimes we don't even want to see the good... Haha i joke. hope to see you around.
  24. This is what I can say for me and only me. It takes about 3 poison knives and then the frustration kicks in, then once I get frustrated, the bad HipKat starts to show up. We don't like the bad HipKat. We like the GOOD HipKat, right?? Ok, then Like Hulk says, you don't want to make me mad. You REALLY don't want to make me mad lolz lmao!
  25. Some people, cough cough, LIKE gun all the time
  26. I'm sad to see you go but you gotta put your life first. Your Arnold impression and flamer shenanigans will be hard to top so any new members got a high bar to meet. P.S. Stop in any time we'll keep the flamer warm for you.
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