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In Topic: What sensitivity do you use

22 June 2017 - 04:43 PM

I don't think polling rate would affect mouse when you are using a custom DPI and Sens. I just upped my DPI from 400 to 500 and it made a world of difference, btw

It doesnt affect the mouse, it can affect old cpu's. Not all old cpu's like getting information send to them every 1 ms (aka 1000Hz polling rate) but it shouldnt be a problem with modern equipment.

Polling rate has nothing to do with dpi nor sens, so Im not sure with you meant with what you said. also upping your dpi is the same as upping your ingame sens, its no sorcery :P

In Topic: What sensitivity do you use

21 June 2017 - 04:08 PM

What are your thoughts on Polling rate. Now that I'm back on a logi, the firmware lets me choose up to 1000, great for a Keyboard (which ironically the Logi software does NOT give you the option to change) but for a mouse?


in my personal opinion polling rate doesnt matter to an extent where I would actually reconsider buying an otherwise perfect mouse. Realistically the polling rate would only differ for a maximum of 5ms per refresh (AT MOST) and compared to our puny braincells and their reactiontime it hardly matters. 


But hey, if you are an iffy man than try to get a polling rate of 500 or 1000, even 250 should be more than fine

In Topic: What sensitivity do you use

21 June 2017 - 01:24 PM

Perhaps you could help me calculate my sensitivity?
I got new mouse and laptop, and the sens i use now is way too high :D

Only thing you need to figure out is the default dpi of your previous and current mouse. The sensetivity that fits the calculation can be quite easily estimated (especially using the link)

In Topic: Hardcore map suggestions

18 June 2017 - 08:07 AM

Personally I think there should be a 18 or 20 player limit silent server and that that should be HC and the current HC should be silent 2 or something, there's too many people on HC generally for it to be actually hardcore and not just dodging your teams horribly placed arty, nades and panzers and trying not to be backraged by someone on your team :P


still silently praying for the day where HC gets actually hardcore and doesnt let every John Smith play on it to poison the gameplay

In Topic: Hardcore map suggestions

16 June 2017 - 07:37 PM

First of all, I didn't said I didn't like those maps I mentioned to remove. In fact Venice is in my top 10 best maps ever on ET history.
I thought I made myself very clear that those maps don't work on HC: The time limit is huge - there's no TE version for that matter - they break with the fun of the more maps quick the merrier and usually 1/2 go spec, not to mention with teams unbalanced (either with KR or nr of players) they loose all the fun. With server full these maps are hardly played so makes no sense 30 min with few players. Italy is an exception due to extended playtime by objective and the map being very popular among people who are masoquist people who like to play a map every 7 map cycle that's not even a ET map and is not designed to play without tj. Check wich servers had shitaly with no tj and ff on in the past and present. Fortunently lately seems to have fewer votes.
OFC a system based on votes some maps are more played than others, thats regular. But you can have the chance to play great maps to kick off the usually stuff - which don't happen - with the exception of radar and maybe reactor sometimes.
Darji, a hugely underrated map can't be on HC but Baserace can? Can you explain?
Adler roof works great on etpro why didn't on HC - reasons?
You ask me why I don't like Italy and you just say Warbell is not okay? Warbell is one of ET's greatest maps with a history besides the average gold quest. Perfect for small servers or big. Works great om etpro as well.
You don't know Chartwell?? really?? Another map like Warbell with a great plot. Small size. Great cosmetics with more than 1 decade of existence.
House is perfection. You never played on a normal server, but you know that wouldn't work on HC.. makes perfect sense. Comparing to cortex is like comparing The Beach with Crapuzzo.
Bergern it's probably the map would fit better on HC. But it's being denied for unknown reasons.

Sorry for sharing my opinion