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In Topic: FA2 and Beg1

15 December 2017 - 04:29 AM


In Topic: Jay1 map rotation suggestions

15 December 2017 - 04:18 AM

Though it's a contradiction, but the ladders and stairs are not the part..... Even when I know the ladder trick I loved the map, playing in the stairs... And it's totally false that ppl can't build the ladder .... I myself constructed it so many times... Tough is to take the obj in a cooridnated manner...
Allied strength decreases when half of the team is at ladder and the other half at stairs..... Plus the axis mg is a pain in the ass.... And unfortunately I don't know why I can't even see any allied mg below.... Keeping any allied mg with panzer and flamer even only half team is there will give an easy win....
It's not that the map is choked we just can't play it co-ordinately....


I have already said this many times but dont try to find a causation between how hard a map is to win for either side and how good a map is. Both teams play unco√∂rdinated because they dont care about obj, and they are absolutely right to do so. if 20/25 players on allies dont care about obj but just want a fun map and the 5 ppl on allies that DO care manage to finish the map after a horrible 25 minutes of terror then can you say that on average allies were happy with the map? 


This mindset wont do the mappool any good and I would advice anyone to stop thinking like this

In Topic: Jay1 map rotation suggestions

15 December 2017 - 03:30 AM

I agree on this part... Though I love the map... I see it's getting constantly rejected by people....
But since 4 new maps are added so let's see :P
May be for next time we can remove it


think the problem with for example graverob is that on axis its an alright map but on allies its a disaster, and there are definitely more maps like that or the other way around. The problem with such maps is that the 'fun side' will very often get stacked either by ppl joining that team or by people from the opponent team leaving.


I for example dont like bridges but I can admit that its a good map and very balanced for both teams so I wouldnt want it removed because balanced maps are unfortunately pretty rare 

In Topic: Bots on servers and EU servers

15 December 2017 - 03:22 AM

I think they gave B2 a lot of bots for people who like to play against them (its called beginners after all). I think jay1 could actually loose some bots. You are definitely right that most of the time there are no bots on jay1 anyways, but I think there should be way less on hours hwere there arent many people on. Right now for example there are 14 people playing, and still there are 11 bots. Thats way over the top imo. By lowering the ammount of bots you MIGHT ACTUALLY be able to get more people online on off hours because they dont have to avoid bots

In Topic: current map rotations (sticky topic)

14 December 2017 - 06:08 AM

If you want to get the correct rotations you should ask the persons that controll them. If you dont need any other info than what is already available on forum then what is the point of creating a topic like this?