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  1. You never talked to me about it once, you only barked at me with harsh words without getting my side or having a chat. If my civility ended a long time ago, I wouldn't have people standing up for me. I woke up to this today and smiled when I saw this. I think you need to open your eyes.
  2. So, without feeding into an ego driven question without unnecessary cuss words to look edgy, a general answer is that half of the community tends to be going to populated servers and nobody wants to be babied around, treated with condescending attitudes and accused wrongly of something without being given one chance to defend themselves. You wanna keep those servers going, maybe revise some things. No, not everyone will call it out but people see it regardless. Right. Some choose to ignore it because it is indirect to their person whereas others have to call it out as it becomes personal. I th
  3. I love how the bandwagon syndrome keeps emerging, even when predented with facts, kudos my people.
  4. I think I have replied in a nice manner. I dont need condescending gifs or words my dear. I wanted to check something because many times, what you people preach and claim doesn't match your actions. There have been several times of hypocrisy - - and i do not say that in an attacking manner, im just pointing out the fact that what is preached, is not put into practice. I have seen it myself and from what i see in this posted topic, he points out the same thing. I think it is about reflection more than it is a personal attack to anybody in the clan.
  5. Okay. You preach all of this, but do you even practice it? Let me know if you want me to elaborate because I will. But I dont know if I will be heard.
  6. I think...I might know you from somewhere.... HMMMMMMMMMMMM
  7. my father harold and i wish u a lot of good luck, prosperity and good food, no tummy pain, and we send good juju yo way my HOMIE MUF


  8. fed up, im finna dip outta here till i can handle stuff with my mental health 🤷‍♀️ 

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