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  1. I also use this program daily for the last 15+ years and would recommend to all Add all your best servers to favourites you can connect direct or right click on server copy ip then ctrl + v once et starts Its great for checking your connection you can ping and trace route the servers with 1 mouse button click Also you can see who is playing on any server even on redirected servers like silent1 It used to come with some adware or a couple of freeware programs but i think you can choose not to install them or uninstall once gamescanner is working im not sure of this its been a long time since i installed You can filter servers to show ones without omni bots different mods and heaps of other options
  2. I am aware of this hip both settings are now forced and both settings can still be changed if you require a different value i dont see the problem in helping inexperienced players who dont or cant change these values there have been a number of players with dialup settings on jay1 lately and they teleport all over the map not hitting anything i specced you yesterday after you were crying about the changes and watched you trying to kill experienced players by shooting them in the toes maybe if you aimed at their head you would win a few more battles
  3. The server seems much smoother with everyone at 100 packets and those that have a genuine reason to lower settings can still do so great change IMO
  4. hi Mike old friend! :hi

  5. your USA server appears to be down and set to stopwatch this is the server i hope will be used http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serverinfo&idx=761700 stopwatch setting is limiting this server whilst competition players relish the idea of beating the other teams time most public players loathe having to play a map twice in a row. map voting would prob be best to utilize the most maps or a smaller campaign with xp save something like frost bremen braundorf radar supply adlernest delivery decay goldrush as an example you cant make campaigns too big or they dont work. but you can make multiple campaigns and have them voteable or loopable something like * small maps - frost adler delivery goldrush bremen brandorf * large maps - oasis fuel dump baserace italy radar missile * 1 vs 1 maps - valhalla et_headshot frag arena all maps and campaigns are examples only i suggest doing a little bit of prep work on the server before you start populating it so players dont try it out not like something and never return
  6. another EU et pro server would have to compete with the two popular servers you mentioned i would play / promote a USA based et pro server which im sure would be popular when silent and jay1 are full
  7. MikeSlayer

    This is weird!?

    you need to allow punkbuster through your firewall
  8. MikeSlayer


    A friend had this same issue and he had scaling set to 150% in win 10 it may even be the default setting here is how to change it try this Open the control panel (Start menu, search for 'Control panel') Select 'Appearance and Personalization' Select 'Display' Check 'Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays' Check 100% scaling, apply and follow the instructions
  9. i also use the Asus VG248QE its a great monitor for the price it dosnt look as good as my movie monitor but its always a trade off between fps and and image for gaming and for me fps is more important if you play with the settings you can get the colours looking pretty good i will post my settings if you want them
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    2. D..X


      for future reference we dont allow links in status updates thanks

    3. RedBaird


      You can post such "gaming videos" in this forum : https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/134-gaming-videos/ , where it will get more views. :)

    4. Entanglement


      Good one mike, what server is this ?

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