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  1. MikeSlayer

    laptop screen

    i assume the laptop is in hd 1080 if your laptop has a different native resolution change the values to that start et join jay1 then open console and type /r_customheight 1080 /r_customwidth 1920 /r_mode -1 /vid_restart
  2. ofc not Shane the more Ludicrous kills the better like this 1
  3. Got another no bots this time
  4. I am not familiar with NQ but i think you may need to delete the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.pk3 file from your nq or et main directory and then re download the new updated file from the server. what is happening is its saying u already have the file or a similar named file but it dosnt match the file required they may have updated the zzzzzzzzzzz.pk3
  5. yes pic was resized automatically by the software its very high resolution
  6. Elk came on Jay1 a couple of days ago in alias as wander and started trolling When he summoned the courage to play he got owned He started crying that he was now playing on laptop when i said bullshit he sent me pics LOL In the pic u can see him in the mirror above his monitor So here we have an Elk in his natural environment the sunlight glinting off his shiny head the majestic beast unaware he has been seen Also notice his hoof has almost worn a hole in the space bar with his double jumping
  7. So what you are saying Redbaird is that the Karen reminded you of an ET Admin ?
  8. MikeSlayer


    stay strong Rolan
  9. MikeSlayer

    bien spasser.jpg

    this is what happens when u just plant random seeds its real luck of the draw to get a good result if u start with a low quality product its almost impossible to reach top results you have grown this plant well it was just never going to become a strong smoking plant next time start with proper seeds or even better a clone and you will get what you desire its all in the genetics
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