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  1. can you change internet provider ? can you test different internet on a neighbours connection to find better provider ?
  2. probably the best way is to open the console make sure the private message is on the screen and take a screenshot by pressing F11 then u will find the screenshot saved in the mod folder eg. silent or jaymod folder
  3. you could also try turning the graphics right down it will help hold fps you seem to play with some high detail settings i would try /r_primitives 2 /r_picmip 3 /r_texturebits 16 /r_detailtextures 0 there is many other settings too post your config and we can have a look maybe get ET to run a bit better till u upgrade
  4. Happy Birthday Leather
  5. some more old school thrash
  6. One of the first thrash songs
  7. Couldnt forget the notebook 



  8. Miras Onlyfans is going off LOL




    1. PHNTM


      Lmao that last one im crying

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