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  1. There were quite some beautiful places. Thought Belém was overrated but absolutely loved Alfama (although it is supposedly a no-go zone at night) and Parque de Noçöes. The restaurants were also amazing and the people were lovely
  2. Bullet spread should indeed affect you less in short range, that makes sense. I don't think there is any merit in tapping rather than firing unless you aren't actually on target and need to re-adjust What is your take on tapping?
  3. From what I remember I do think taking shots slightly increases your bullet spread as your crosshair starts pulsing (unless you wisely use cg_crosshairpulse = 0, only changes the visual pulse not the actual spread) but it does not make a massive difference and it is only in effect for a few frames after getting hit. The rest is explained very well by Barnie. Personally I always play with the same sensitivity so I have a natural feeling of how much I need to move to make a 90° turn. So instead of having to look at a shaking camera from taking hits I will just guess it based on how much mousemovement was needed to turn towards the opponent (also learning to turn while staying on headshot angle is worthwhile practice, although it will only truely come to fruition on flat surfaces
  4. thanks for the donation .



  5. Happened to me if I got killed during a lagspike. Under normal circumstances the death count should behave as normal
  6. Long hair me in Kroatia 2 months ago Short hair me like a month ago or something Which hairstyle should I stick with? (Yea, I should have shaved on either of these pictures)
  7. This is pretty sad hahahahaha
  8. Dest!Ny

    ET /Scores

    Oh okay, so how exactly do I think I am superior? And to who? I was talking about your opinion but now you are talking about me. You are free to hold on to that little opinion of yours, you are not an admin so there is no need to follow the clan's ideology per se. However you could have also listened and agreed to the simple fact that uneven teams lead to a depleting server population. Learning starts with listening and ends with stubbornness. I can't remember which clans you used to own/lead, but if this was the ideology that you applied on your servers I am not surprised they didn't stand the test of time.
  9. Dest!Ny

    ET /Scores

    Not much of a conversation if basically everyone in the topic disagrees with you but you still think your opinion is superior. A conversation is both talking and listening, but as history has shown you have issues with the latter. Now I don't mind that you claim it was a conversation rather than a suggestion, whatever floats your boat mate, but sneaking in a little "How I started it stands".... C'mon man... f*** off
  10. Dest!Ny

    ET /Scores

    Beautiful anecdote haha, I didn't know in hockey you get a player from the opposing team if two of your teammates get send off. Teams should never be evened solely on the sizes of them. 20% of the players carry 80% of the weight, if these 20% are not split up well enough the teams will be uneven, how the other 80% is split is not something that influences the game a lot. You mention "competitive matches" while you are talking about jay1, that's kind of hilarious. People just want to have fun, hardly anyone cares about stats and hardly anyone cares about obj. This topic and argument doesn't make sense at all and the fact that it isn't posted by someone who is totally new to the game baffles me greatly
  11. So yesterday my application was put into inactivity after being posted a year and a day ago, which I totally understand. I already had conversations with the people that needed to know but to put it briefly: I am currently very busy with my job life, my new girlfriend, leading a 650+ people Pokemon GO community, and maintaining most of my social life. I do have spare time admittedly but right now ET is not (often) where I would like to spend that time on, it's that simple.


    I will be back once I find the will to play this game actively again, for there is no purpose in me joining if I don't even play. Thank you to all the people who put their trust in me regardless of everything that happened and everything that was said. You are the best and you made me once again realize not all online friendships are per se platonic. To all the people who's trust I have broken: I hope I can one day prove you wrong! I am still me, and if you have taken a liking to me once I will not allow you to lose that!

    1. CheepHeep


      What are you still doing here, your Pokemon GO community NEEDS YOU!

    2. w1cx


      Thanks for the news mate, GL and see you around :)

    3. captnconcrete


      well it is what it is .. hope i see u around et again someday. for what its worth i enjoyed your app . and got to know u just a little .. i think ur a ok dude!

  12. Rambomedic is like the best class there is tho
  13. Maybe it's time for me to switch servers after I get my pc back

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