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  1. Suburra 3 with a confirmed release date 😍

    1. Hesis


      I prefer watching ET as spectator, games ware far more thrilling  than season 8 of Game of Throne.

  2. Guys, you need to sort it out between yourselves.
  3. I sense a bromance here @Cross Marian I do the same with flamma. The worst part is when he kills the first person and then me.
  4. Did they ask for your ID? They always do when I buy non-alco beer
  5. finished GoT and i'm so disappointed with the last season🙁

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    2. Bells


      Mine too, they couldnt handle those two characters without the books. Tyrion turned out to be a manipulator and traitor, worse than Cersei. My 3rd favourite was Jaime, but we know how he ended🙁

    3. notellenPage


      Just dissapointed? Ending was tragic. From what I've read D&D(screenwriters?!) were promised to direct new Star Wars or some other big franchise so they wanted to end it quickly. Aaaaaaaaand we all know how it ended xD with a lot of dissapointment and Theon fighting Night Chuu... Sorry, Night King by himself xDDDD

    4. Bells


      i heard it too, just after the finale i opened 'ubieram się na czarno, bo jestem z nocnej straży' to to catch up with the info 😂 i just wanna erase it from my memory, so i'm pretending 6th season was the last one

  6. I didn't know that @Hitch. Thanks for sharing. Well-deserved, the music was amazing and put the show on another level.
  7. For sure it was chimichanga, that one is the best
  8. Hey Bells, something I've never asked you. Favourite old Hollywood films? Go

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    2. Bells


      Maybe you just don't like Scarlett then, she's very complex character, she was egoistic, yet very charming, didn't care about social norms, but craved being like her mother (typical southern lady). She was just 20 years old and had to support her family, when the man like Ashley was completely hopeless. Don't be so harsh on her. I adore her and sometimes I wanna shout at her for being so stupid 😂 


      Hepburn for me is just another sweet face, in every movie I saw she looks/acts exactly the same way. 


      I've never seen any of his (*Welles) movies! Something to add on my summer list, guess I should start Citizen Kane? I watched The long, hot summer ages ago, I just saw he was starring there, I don't remember it to be true. I agree with Hitchcock, Psycho is overrated, but there are other movies that luckily didn't get old. My favourite one is Strangers on a train. Btw. just yesterday I watched A perfect murder which is a remake of Dial M for Murder. If you haven't seen it and liked the orginal, you may enjoy it as well.


      The last one I didn't know and is on my list now, I forgot how much I loved noir movies in high school.


      Wow, who would have thought that playing together on Beginners2 could bring us here talking about movies?:D

    3. Hitch


      I guess you're right about Gone with the Wind, when you put it like that I agree. I also love the old Westerns, John Ford and Leone. Love kurosawa too. I'd definitely watch The Night of the Hunter first, that film is in my top 5, it's a masterpiece. 


      I'm going to be honest, I only came back to ET to play for a day because of nostalgia but ended up sticking around. Come for the game, stay for the community. Even when my work situation is back to normal, I think I may end up being stuck here forever...as long as I have some free time.

    4. Bells


      It's nice that this forum didn't get killed by other social media like facebook or instagram, which happened to other communities. 

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