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  1. Bells


  2. Haha @Vice86 it’s not that simple! Back then... long time ago the international calls would cost a fortune (even today?). I considered it before I asked
  3. Hah, I just liked the idea of written letters way more
  4. I’m a bit curious how you managed to keep in touch @Basalisk Back then there was no facebook, whatsapp or whatsoever, so I guess you could only make skypecalls and write traditional letters (and it also takes time to receive one from Japan)... I hope I’m not being nosy, just this story is extremely heart-warming, especially considering you described it from 20-year old perspective.
  5. Best medic



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bells


      Powerpuff girls or totally spies😂

      Who usually gets the objective? Not me

      for sure, im ok with Aragorn😎 


      didn’t you hate her and stuff? 

    3. Hitch


      Sometimes I go for obj, but if @Ins4ne is with us. We'll be unstoppable!!!!


      No, I hated her character in Gone with the Wind.


    4. Bells


      Ok settled then, @Ins4ne you’re our frodo.

  6. x poke GIF

    1. Ins4ne


      Poke, poke 😄 (Asunaa! *-*)
      poke GIF

    2. Bells


      Ja po policzku😱

    3. Ins4ne
  7. revy GIF

    1. Bells


      już to wstawiałeś :<

    2. Ins4ne


      Wiem.. Zaczepiam i sprawdzam kto odpowie 😄 Aktualnie jesteś jedyna... ._.

    3. Bells


      o nie, jestem jedynym nołlajfem :< oprócz ciebie

  8. go to sleep!

    tired winnie the pooh GIF by good-night



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    2. Xiahou Dun

      Xiahou Dun

      Na bezrybiu i rak ryba, ale jeszcze mam jakieś resztki godności, coby do lustra nie pić...hehehe...prawda?

    3. Ins4ne


      W tych czasach to pomysł nie głupi, a i dla zdrowia lepszy.. 😄

    4. Bells


      muszę wam coś powiedzieć- alkohol obniża odporność 😄

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