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  2. This artist is quite a success here in Chile! I hope you like it!
  3. Windows Sandbox is a nice feature. Also nice not to have bogus web results come up when I use the search on the Start menu. More control over Windows updates, and easier rollback of those that are fubar. Improved RAW file support too, if u use windows photo viewer. I had to stop using it cuz it was freezing all the time. These are just the ones off the top of my head. Interestingly, I didn't lose any space for future upgrades though I was expecting to. Had about 44.3gigs free on my boot drive when I upgraded-- have 44.1gigs free now.
  4. Something which you will use? Examples, please? The reason I am asking is because may be i am missing something. Can you please share link to that video?
  5. Today
  6. It was a joke. DD mentioned he had to upgrade to a 750 GB SSD to install release 1903. So 750 minus 250 gave me 500. ROFL Gengis
  7. I watched the video a few days ago. There's actually a lot of new things in this release
  8. i always used a bind to load my autoexe i always reload it on joining a server so no clue
  9. Yup I Ben trying to keep up with you guys I am trying my best to get kills but its hard but I can do it I am a try hard and I won't back down everything like that I love playing ET its fun I use play it all the 8 years ago but I Ben trying to get to 40k so I can do what I need to do you know what I mean its lil lag but not to bad but that's what happens when you have lots of players on the same Libby you know what mean bro that's why I said what's up cuz I am trying to make friends and trying to play with you guys and help you guys out the best I can I Ben working hard to keep up with you guys so ya
  10. shit happens razi don't let things like love get you down there so many women/men out there for you just have to pick yourself up and get looking if that's your thing and welcome back bud chin up buckaroo it will all work out in the end you will see
  11. After update i lost appx 10 to 15GB appx. I think i had around 48-50GB and now i have 33GB left. My iPhone back up is appx 160Gb so now i need new hard drive
  12. Hulk


    welcome to the forums
  13. Hello mate! I saw you earlier on silent1, welcome to the forums!
  14. Haha Gengis mentioned 500GB ....although tbh i cant believe i even thought for as long as i did that it was 500GB, course its not lol, think i got giddy so went with it, oh well there goes the evo 970....DOH!
  15. Hulk

    3 word story

    into outer space
  16. I think i figured something out HAHA I put a short cut on my desktop and added +r_customwidth "1920" +r_customheight "1080" +set r_mode "-1" +vid_restart to the target shortcut
  17. Not sure where you get the idea that it's 500GB For me i already have 750GB laying around since last 2 years which I didn't use So i am going to use it since 250GB is not enough for me after at least 4 years.
  18. Yeah i'll wait, read it doesn't really do much that you will notice in day to day use...plus if your on 10 enterprise you can't do it manually unless you have access to VLK services....so yeah i'll wait for it to show up. Is it really 500GB though? if so like Dare i'll have to invest in a bigger SSD.....been meaning to buy a new evo 970 vnand so might be the perfect excuse with the wife for me to get the 1TB version lol
  19. Yesterday
  20. Spending a lot of time at work these days... Will have more free time soon tho!

  21. Crazyshot

    3 word story

    medic pack cottoncandy
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