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What was the last TV-series you watched?

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About to start this mini series again for the.... I lost track how many times over the years lol.     Band of Brothers        

Finishing Ozark, great ... i am an accountan so ... 😎

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X-Files again, i'm on season 3 esp.14.


Wildest India


The 4400

House of Cards



Persons of Interest


I have about 30 Tv series, I watch on Netflex.

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Good marvel series, must have some imagination otherwise the whole story makes no sense.

Actors do a very good job, hope there will be a lot of seasons.

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Now i am watching The Sopranos season 5




Before that i watched Deadwood again, and NCIS like 10th time those are in pause now.

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The last TV-series I watched was The Killing (American version). Really cool series about solving the murder of a young girl. I recommend this series to all of you if you like a good and unexpected story!! :D

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Latest serie episode was Damien, but i also watch


The Expanse

Supernatural, dunno why they keep doing more seasons :/ serie should've end after lucifer or season after that


DC's Legends of tomorrow

The 100

The Walking dead

and i use to watch Falling Skies but its allready finished :)

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I see that people have good taste. :)
I like watching TV series as well.


I highly recommend this one.





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How to Get Away with Murderer


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