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  1. Welcome.... back. You might add some input https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/65589-who-joined-us-2008-and-is-still-active/
  2. Montreal, QC If the list keeps going, I guess a get together is in order nearby Niagara Falls
  3. Hello, You are fun to play with on Jay2. Glad you made it to the forums. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.
  4. What's bothering me here is that you did not reach level 5 as a fdops ! Cmon dude. Do me a solid and call a couple of airstrikes ok ? Overall, pretty impressive soldier XP to say the least
  5. tabarnaque is used here to amplify and not as a swear word Yo, awesome bunch of guys
  6. If you want to get the gist : Hi everyone , I just wanted to say Hi and let you know your community rocks. Always a pleasure to play on your servers with nice players. T Mort aka you're dead Thanks dude and welcome.
  7. I like the fact axis are on offense. Long map, for a decent crowd, enjoyable if well balanced. that choke point at the flood gate where u have to repair the generator could be a PITA. If I recall, a good map for close combat. +1
  8. Actually there is that version https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/244-operation-marrakech-et_mor_propk3/?do=log I checked and there are many changes that will affect the gameplay. in a positive or negative way ? not sure if we have waypoints
  9. Looking good to me. If you are looking to replace bba map, how about Marrakech ? There is also Hydrodam, a dual objective map, but it is often hectic and with our regular Jay2 rushers Any FA version of a map should be added imo. Purefrag gives a nice change of pace with everyone going crazy : good to change your mind without thinking about repairing or building something On a side note is the spawnshield effective on that map ? Anyway, you can't please everyone. What matters is that most of the players like the rotation and Im sure they will.
  10. I opened my dictionary, looking for a random name.... could have been worse
  11. Letdown


    Looking good. @captnconcrete incoming ass whopping Im afraid. We will need more paperclips and chewing gum for sure.
  12. Letdown

    Happy birthday !

    Happy Birthday
  13. I think everyone will agree if I say we like to play with you. We need more teamplayers like you. That's you, right ? Welcome
  14. Ofc Capt from my last chat with him, june 16th (he hasn't played since) Considering the crew we have on Jay2, he might come back at some point
  15. In a nutshell, I'll stick to my guns : panzer rules
  16. Letdown

    True story

    Is this how you treat your opponents ? I shall reconsider my strategy Jay2 campers : feel Hotspur's wrath Wait, there are no campers on jay2
  17. Hi there, Welcome to the forums. There are many people to chat with here. Best way is to get Discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/jH9Vey2 https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/108725-how-to-sync-your-discord-account-with-forum-for-role-automation/ Looking at what your job and favorite internet site are, you might add your input here. https://fearless-assassins.com/clubs/9-trading/ See you on Jay servers
  18. Letdown


    either jump or health ? no brainer.
  19. Welcome to the forums Nice seeing you on Jay2 You will be grounded for sure If you want some tips to kill @captnconcrete we could give u 1 or 2

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