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  1. What are you drinking right now?

    i feel lil bit spamming but... BEEEEEER
  2. Pic of the Day 27.10.17

    sheldon ftw
  3. Other Congratz to our new Co leader !

    sooooo deserved promo, gj homie hope to see you again soon
  4. Pacific Rim 2 | trailer

    looks good
  5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser

    im so sad... takes atleast an year before i see this yeap im not into theaters... perhaps i go this time
  6. Butters neighbors down the street from me(-=

    i feel bad for those poor ppl
  7. What song are you listening right now? - Part 6

    amy lee ftw, so pure voice
  8. What song are you listening right now? - Part 6

    new song for me and it just kicked and old favorite from rza
  9. gj guys well deserved
  10. NHL Season 2017-2018

    i vote Jets
  11. Purples cfg req

    hi guys long time no see i got laptop sorta working and manage to connect server but i got 5fps, i have latest gpu drivers and everything else supposed to be up to date too. dunno whats wrong so i hoped u guys could make me a naked as possible config file and i can try which setting this junk can handle thc for ur guidancehose in btw those specs in first post doesnt exist
  12. For the MetalHeads

  13. Thor 3 - Ragnarok | trailer

    looks awesome
  14. Linkin park really helped me when i had a rough time, their music and lyrics was something that i could equate with i had depression and their music was something where i was able burst my shit (Slipknot was other band which helped me back then) their first two albums were awesome and 3rd one have my fav song but rest of album wasent so awesome and 4th was a dissapointment so i havent listen their newest stuff again, world lose a great vocalist dunno if theres a hitman killing singers or wtf is going on too many great musician have died in past two years RIP Chester btw you mean ur old now?