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  1. Ofc Capt from my last chat with him, june 16th (he hasn't played since) Considering the crew we have on Jay2, he might come back at some point
  2. In a nutshell, I'll stick to my guns : panzer rules
  3. Letdown

    True story

    Is this how you treat your opponents ? I shall reconsider my strategy Jay2 campers : feel Hotspur's wrath Wait, there are no campers on jay2
  4. Hi there, Welcome to the forums. There are many people to chat with here. Best way is to get Discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/jH9Vey2 https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/108725-how-to-sync-your-discord-account-with-forum-for-role-automation/ Looking at what your job and favorite internet site are, you might add your input here. https://fearless-assassins.com/clubs/9-trading/ See you on Jay servers
  5. Letdown


    either jump or health ? no brainer.
  6. Welcome to the forums Nice seeing you on Jay2 You will be grounded for sure If you want some tips to kill @captnconcrete we could give u 1 or 2
  7. Bienvenue. Exactly
  8. this is what is happening Looks like packet loss no ? to many background apps running ? u share ur connection ? could this help us to figure out what's going on ? https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/400-winmtr-64-bit/ Or from that topic https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/91333-known-et-issues-solutions/?tab=comments#comment-790852 21-ET.exe crashes without error message Reason: The game crashes, freeze, or quits in any way without displaying an error message (or at least you do not have time to see it). Solutions 1: 1 / Check that your system has the minimum required. 2 / Check that you have the latest video card drivers. 3 / Check that you have the latest chipsets (for the motherboard). 4 / Turn off (to the maximum) the applications at the bottom of the spot. 5 / Some players have problems also after several map changes. In this case, reboot the computer. 6 / If you have changed the options of the game, restore the default (set recommended). Warning : Punkbuster has noticed conflicts with these materials: Motherboards based on nForce4: If you have a SATA controller: Look at which SATA Controller is present in your system. Then check on the manufacturer's website if there are any driver updates (especially for WHQL drivers). If nothing is found, look for a driver on the same site. You can also check on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard. If none of these solutions is conclusive: Go to: Mesdrivers.com and download all the updates.
  9. Glad you made it. Welcome back. Come visit us on Jay2
  10. just wondering if new member amon-ra put me down as a referral, cause i talked to him a lot to get him to join


    1. Letdown


      check ur pm : incoming message 😋


    2. captnconcrete


      if u go to his app it will say if he credit u . u must approve the referal to get credit. if they put u down he didnt. far as i can see anyhow.keep working on it bud it will come.

    3. Young Fox

      Young Fox

      Apparently many people have referred, I was forgotten too :) It happens!

  11. Don't listen to him ! Jay2 is THE server to play Glad you made it to the forums
  12. You made it. Welcome
  13. Industry2 You can go "under the map" AFAIK, you can't hit anyone or do anything. Demo available if needed Credit goes @PassiveStoner
  14. Looks like @captnconcrete doesn't give up on that Baserace version I try to vote as soon as a "new map" shows up but I have the feeling that my first vote is considered as "multiple votes" so is "ignored". Figment of the imagination I guess On a side note, many people dont take time to learn what needs to be done for these new maps. So they don't know what to do and sadly will give a negative vote next time these maps show up

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