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  1. This : codename_lachs, 0, 32, deadcold_b1, 0, 40, et_ice, 0, 32, Fata_Morgana, 0, 40, frostbite, 0, 40, missile_b3, 0, 40, pirates, 0, 40, rockeyes_b2, 0, 40, rushers11_b2, 0, 32, western_b1, 0, 32, https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/648-codename-lachs-b1-codename_lachspk3/ http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/summary/15-et-maps/388-dead-cold-b1 https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1621-et-ice-final/ https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/421-fata-morgana-fata_morganapk3/ https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/5-frosbite-frosbitepk3/ https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/109-c2-missile-b3-missile_b3pk3/ https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/474-pirates-final/ https://et.trackbase.net/map/56/ https://et.trackbase.net/map/223/ https://et.trackbase.net/map/7532/ Ofc values can be changed. cheers
  2. Sten, for sure. Silent and deadly. Too few people use it, probably because it overheats. No worries, just switch to pistols before it does
  3. @daredevil Thanks for adding North Pole Hotspur is very happy
  4. I like the map but my computer does not. VERY LAGGY map, FPS killer 40 players max or it will be hectic.
  5. Good topic. Let me give my 2 cents as a JAY2 regular. Let’s get started with my clanmates, in alphabetical order with the reasons why I appreciate gaming with them. Sadly, few of them do not play much on jay2 anymore. ANGEL : for giving me some advice while gaming, monitoring servers, reporting trouble makers and getting a killing spree with the landmines he just deployed before going to the forums. AUDIE LEON MURPHY : for his objective player style and knife throwing skills (always challenging to dodge). But now he mostly plays on jay1. AUDREY : because she tried hard to recruit me, helped me to be comfortable here (thank you) even though she probably regrets it by now ! Note that for some reason she likes chasing and killing me. Hold you fire. BEAST : for his willingness to improve his gameplay, the fun he brings and also the fact that when he connects I see “mirror config” and I shit my pants everytime. BUCKWILD : for his relentless efforts to help his team and everyone on the server. CAPT : for his good sense of humor, the way he interacts with people and the way he presses that key to push his opponent. Good guy to have around. EVILBUTTERS : because he joins the server to say nice things to me : he loves me so much. HOTSPUR : for the good chats, fun and fights. Definitely the guy I appreciate the most : we always chat. Great guy. JIREN AKA MADMAX : for his teamwork, spanish teaching, his help with objective even in desperate cases such as the map Nightmare where he always try to plant his dynamite despite the 10 defenders ! ! KELFOUTOIR : for our chats in a non-english language and also me trying to figure out if the smg I am hearing is a teammate or Kelf who switched his smg. Usually I get my answer to late. LEATHERFACE : for having cool undercover names and being always available and helpful. NO WAASKY AKA JJ DA BOSS : for his teamwork and fun style. A bit quiet : we should chat more amigo even though my spanish is rusty. REDBAIRD : for his help and the challenge I get everytime I try to chat before he disconnects. REFLEX : because we can show that QC rules even though we barely play on the same team. Shout out to EL : for his help, fun chats and awesome speed on the server like a grasshopper running everywhere at 100 mph and killing everyone. Will miss you dude. CARBON : for our very entertaining past chats on TS. Funny guy. HECKEN : because I like blasting him with my panzer. He is an easy target. Everytime he is On, I am sure I will get a cheap kill while vaporizing myself. VON RANTALA : for allowing me to show off and telling him the only finnish word I know Hyaa Paivaa except that one time when it was PM and I should have said Hyvaa Iltaa. LOL. Long way to go for me to be fluent in finnish because he doesn’t play much. Come back dude. W1CK : who should twitch more….on jay2. Now the regulars CHERRY POPPER : objective player who will do everything he can to complete the objective. CODE RED : for being an objective player who will choose the right class to help his team (engi, cvops flamer..). Very quiet, too bad he doesn’t talk/type much. DR FRANK : because he likes panzer as much as I do and he always goes at me especially if I am holding the panzer on the other team. We might end up vaporizing ourselves….or not. Good laughs. PROBLEM : cool guy, fun to chat with and good opponent and he is also an Arsenal fan (Hotspur you shouldn’t have read that). REDNECK : always helps the weakest team and ends up playing axis most of the time. Hope he likes mp40 (I am pretty sure he does). RUDE : fun to chat with, always helping teammates and worthy opponent to deal with especially with shotty and mortar. Number 1 regular I’d like to become my clanmate (just saying). SHOGUN LIVES : engineer doing it the right way both on offense and defense. Good to have him on your team. Shout out to ROCKET : great guy, objective player and tough opponent to deal with. Haven't seen him in years. TEXAS BRUZZER : where the hell is he ? I recall good old fights. Love the way he handled the flamethrower to help his team : nobody burnt so much fuel in ET history and he retired 3 years ago ! In a nutshell, I appreciate gaming with almost everyone otherwise I wouldn't be playing on jay2. No disrespect if I did not mention your name, I am back from a 14 months break. Thanks everyone.
  6. I bought the G502 two months ago. I played with a G500 for a while and thought it would be a nice replacement. I find it precise but hard to handle, probably because of my grip technique. Move well on a steelseries mousepad. Robust. Button G9 is useless imo because too difficult to reach ( at least while gaming). I removed all the adjustable weights Good mouse overall. Better than a razer ? Yes ofc, but I m biased because i hate razer mice.
  7. +1 for thompson . Perfect weapon to kill bots
  8. I don't know the christmas version but I guess it's pretty much the same Nice map but very small. Good point is that axis are on offense We need more map with axis on offense btw. We have it on Jay2. Pay us a visit and add your vote so that we keep it. That tank barrier is such a terrible choke point. Hope the spawn times fixed that. Laggy map imo and too challenging for allies (just my 2 cents) We have it on Jay2. Join and give us some feedback. Few maps for the moment Deadcold Dual objective map, large, winter (perfect for christmas ) http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/summary/15-et-maps/388-dead-cold-b1 Rushers Perfect for our daily rushers on jay2 ! Mix of goldrush, theutonia and fueldump max 32 players https://et.trackbase.net/map/223/ Codename Lachs I never played it on FA, but from what I have read, you had it like 8 years ago. Feedback was that bad ? https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/648-codename-lachs-b1-codename_lachspk3/
  9. It's ok. I like the map as well, Always good fights, but the more (human players) the merrier. cheers
  10. Looking good For flame guards, wouldn' t it be better to put 12 (for instance) instead of 0? Eager to play.
  11. Some of these maps are really big so you have to be sure we have enough players. For instance, I do not want to play Egypt 6vs6. Same goes for Minas, Daybreak A huge -1 for Railgun, sands of time and Bridges(this map is very laggy). Add Et Ice (see my previous post) +1 for haunted Mansion/axis lab -1 for Paris Bastille (was not popular at all last time we had it)
  12. Congrats. I like panzer very much. I guess you have many fans on Jay1 Stop by jay2, panzer is often available
  13. About Baserace, I guess the map is not loaded because of a typo, but I do not see any . Missing pk3 ? Interesting stuff here El! with an L!!!! Yes, please remove Fueldump. FlameGuards is long, but with many people we always have good battles. If you are looking for a map where axis are on offense, consider ET Ice. https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1621-et-ice-final/ I am not an X-Posed fan, but let's give it a go. I think we had it few years ago but we removed it because it was not popular. Anyway, you can't please everyone so let's make this rotation happen
  14. @RedBaird I wish I could send you a message :(

    1. RedBaird


      ACK! ACK!  That means that my FA-mailbox is full again!  :(


      BTW, you are too early for my birthday. :)

    2. Neuro


      :facepalm: ohhhhh Redbaird



    3. RedBaird


      Ha, Ha, I first mistook Neuro's :face_palm: as a !slap!  


      Oh, wait!  That is not my face under that palm. "ohhhhh Redbaird", my cartoon-mind is at work again!.

  15. Just stopping by 20$ Confirmation number : 92Y227395F831591S

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