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  1. Hello, Welcome...back to the forums. You registered 10 years ago. Nice. Good fights on Jay2. A topic for you https://fearless-assassins.com/forums/topic/112841-who-else-is-in-canada/ cheers.
  2. Take up a new challenge on a different server. Jay2 for instance. Build your XP from scratch. You connect here sometimes (probably because of the redirect) You won't be disappointed.
  3. I was expecting an ET related topic Too much adren for me Looking good. Have fun.
  4. They have 3 Lambos and no place to park ? WTH You work as a valet now ? Nice pic
  5. I came 1 hour too late On a side note, wasn't it Panda ? they don't play as much as they used to @Betrayal @HOTSPUR @drfrank @Hulk @von Rantala @.KeLFOuTO!r. @blackrabbit @pharaoh. @RockET @audrey @JayC
  6. Is that you ? Then I guess we met on Jay2. Welcome...back
  7. Absolutely Looks like you have fun playing ET Keep in mind that Jay2 is the place to be : be there or be square Welcome to the forums
  8. Need some feedback ingame : does that mouse kick a.. ?
  9. Started. Join us. That's right, Im here at 6.15 AM
  10. Hi there, Thanks for stopping by. We have played together on Jay2. I remember your shotgun very well BTW @Redneck526 Isn't he one of your former clan mates ?
  11. looks like a GREAT challenge Are you alone to do that ? I thought it was a team effort ? Is that the same as trying to build/destroy a barrier on ET and nobody is helping you ? Post some pics as soon as you get the chance (from the pool I mean, not from you not being revived by the medic passing next to you because I have many)
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