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  1. ill try to make you one xD this is my try i m not very good on this but here it is :
  2. thank you very much this is the first place ever where i posted any my work xD
  3. Soocutie

    Funniest Halloween Gifts | MotD 10.11.17

    whaahahaa xD omg thats so funny xD
  4. Soocutie

    MMORPG Immortals 2 (metin2 Private server)

    U can make total 5 caracters in 1 account there ... There is 4 different class types 1. Sura - Black Magic and Blade Magic - Black Magic is more like PVP account skills. - Blade Magic is more like PVM (monsters & farming) skills 2. Ninja - Archer & Blade Master - Archer get bow skills ( most use it on PVP) - Blade Master ( have skills with daggers ( use to use for PVM & PVP). 3. Shaman - Lighting & Fire - Lighting Have skills for healing others and urself + some battle skills - Fire is more for PVP but also have nice attack buffs skills 4. Warrior - Heroic & Defence - Heroic is for pvm & pvp can be used both ways - Def in have skills to boost hes def bonus and mostly uses 2 hand weps and PVM ___________________ There is also much items and alooot of work on each item have to upgrade them and also bonuses on them can be changed with some items... ( hard to get perfect but there is switchbot what with u dont have to sit near computer all day to make them) ___________________ Max level is there 250 there is alot events! to make players life more fun! Fantastic Support team who help with anything u ask ( they dont give items )... Game have alot of quests also do make ... There is also many bosses to fight with ur fantastic team u can make also Guilds with ur friend and fight with other guilds. Bosses drop DR Vouchers ( they are premium point what with u can mall ur items) if u collect 12k DR points u can mall 1 item ( it means 1 item what u choose and u get on the item what bonuses u want ).... __________________ if u want to know more just ask
  5. Soocutie

    XP + Level lost - Jay3

    i lost also everything -.-
  6. Good Day to everyone! I would love to share this fantastic game Everyone who knows Metin2 knows what game it is but its the private server of it Really fun & new server i would love to see you guys download this game and play it, its aloot fun u can download this game at homepage The download isnt big so download it today and join the game. here is little trailer of the server! Have fun!
  7. Soocutie

    Other Lords Mobile

    u can download it at google play to phone its soo aswsome game but needs aloot time also
  8. Soocutie

    Other Lords Mobile

    Hello Again If here is anyone who plays on Phone or PC Lords Mobile also contact me its fun and stuff to have own guys there
  9. Soocutie

    Other Fallen Earth

    Hey Dose anyone play Fallen Earth? if you do please contact me also lets play togheter
  10. Soocutie

    3 word story

    Or maybe it
  11. Soo Sleepy :) Hard workday was today!

  12. Soon Will Born my babygirl wohooo :)