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  1. ewwww poison knife!!!! I hate it so darn much xD
  2. top 10 shows for me!! 1. NCIS 2. Stargate Sg1 and Atlantis 3. Doctor who 4. CSI 5. Supernatural 6. Castle 7. Everybody loves Raymond 8. Macguyver 9. Gilmore girls 10. Bones
  3. Augggg!!! Allergies suck!!!!!!!

    1. Sparrow


      this year here in Portugal... pffff too much polen.

    2. Candycane


      yea its pretty bad here right now too lol (Canada)

  4. In my opinion ET is one of the best FPS games out there, no micro transaction, monthly fees, and can run on a very simple computer if needed! I really enjoy playing this game and I'm extra glad i was able to find a good server with a lot of people playing on it.
  5. Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there!! plus the children of mothers xD

    1. Cquattro


      if they were not there, we would have to invent them


    2. Candycane
  6. Parents visiting, wont be on much! Have fun all!!!

  7. My hair is  a fluffy dyed cloud!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Candycane


      I'm very happy to say the snow is all gone :D

    3. Sparrow


      panza coloured

    4. Candycane


      Mmmmmm panzer xD

  8. Yay!! hair prettying day :D

  9. Happy birthday!!!!! I hope you have a great fun filled day
  10. Sunny out and feelin fine!!

    1. Smileyyy



    2. Candycane
  11. If you crush up candycanes and snort it, it can actually knock you out until the next day !! Onion tip: Don't snort the candycane dust !!

    1. Candycane


      That sounds almost painful and kinda weird xD

    2. OnionKnight


      Sugar is a drug too !

    3. Candycane
  12. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day
  13. It was really sad hearing that he passed away. I just watched the biography done on him, I would recommend it

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