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Other =F|A= Easter Gameday 2021

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We are "EGG-CITED" to announce   On behalf of all the Fearless Assassins we invite you to join us for a weekend to celebrate this Easter. We propose you a weekend of pure fun. Get read

The Easter Gameday is Ended !!    Thanks a lot for coming visit us, @bigbrowill have a lot of bucks to spend now     That should be nothing without my friend @XeRoiX. You learned t

I will be streaming a part of the gameday   So if you cannot join us in game you can watch it 😛 https://www.twitch.tv/rambozo37

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Yeats! I would be on ET, awesome. See ya brothers ✌️✌️

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Happy Stephen Colbert GIF

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Join us on NQ1 for our Easter Gameday !! :) 


IP: nq1.clan-fa.com:27960



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ahhaha yes I cant wait for any moment longer and we started a little early this time :))))) HAHAHAHA

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It is off to a Good Start! 


Some who wish for Knife-Fight only got their wish!  (Plus pliers & dynamite to finish objectives, of course.  Not all of Game Day has to be about Blood-Baths! 😄 )


I did find my  =F|A= RedBunny name.cfg =F|A=BairdBunny . correction!


( ^6=F|A=BairdBunny )


ADDED:  (hot pink! 😮 ) 


// It looks like some of the "old forums" commands are not quite working anymore 

// [ color = pink]  is producing orange! 


(this is supposed to be 'Hot Pink' code #FF69B4 and does show up properly in the color-selection chart, but displays in this post as an orange.


It is okay today, see this:



Edited by RedBaird
pink colors being xlatted into orange??? OKAY Today!
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