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  1. homer simpson nose GIF

    i guess i heard something about crayons yesterday,--- i found some 😉😅


    Hi and Welcome to the Forums again


    1. TryFace?***

      + TryFace?***

      Still looking for them but got a slight pain in my right eye now for some reason...  Haha thanks Vice, I'll see you on the field soon!

  2. Never seen the chat so full of people!! Good times for sure!
  3. Some good ol warmup songs for some VIOLENCE, SPEED, MOMENTUM on the servers tonight! Exit Music - Lost Years
  4. Hey guys, just donated $5 (Transaction ID: 24B26341YD382554U and got a $15 VIP (Transaction ID: 2AK50074LE5607332) ! Happy to donate and look forward to possibly join the clan down the line!
  5. Hey guys, thought I'd stop by the forums and introduce myself. Used to play this a lot back in the day and almost forgot about the game until I saw that we got ET Legacy now. You'll be seeing me on Hardcore alot haha. Used to be in clans {5sG}, /XP/, .K*. |MSG| {FOB} if anyone can remember them and my scrim tags were "#Prodigy." Hope to make this my consistent game again and see you guys on the battlegrounds!
  6. Happy Birthday TryFace?***!

  7. Hey guys, how's it going? Jeez it's been nearly 2 years since I last played ET. But man it's good to see old friends still killing it!! Well here's a short intro of me in case you have forgotten Name: Mikey Age: 21 Ex Clans {5sG} , /XP/ |MSG| {FOB} Currently filming skateboarding for Classic Skate Shop Xfire: theonlydesperado510 Get to know me guys!! Keep it Classic!
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