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Greetings =F|A= !


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Hello everyone!  Max Power here. 


Have been playing on your HC ET server recently and regularly, and am enjoying it.  I last played on FA servers somewhere around 2010 and before that was running my own clan's farm {*CS*} (you have to be old to remember this).  Started playing ET around 2006 and was a regular in [Testicul's] Classic Maps with [PlusUltra].  Some of my running mates were Normandy, Kr0niK, XD40, Murd3r, S!lver, B00Nutz, and semo.  Again, probably have to be an old timer like me to know some of those names, but if you happen to, then you know my history.  


Now days, I run an IT operation for a large Enterprise by day and for ET am running a bare config, crappy laptop, and no mousepad... :P  Soon, i'll blow the dust of the rig and actually see if I can see a decent frame rate again!  


Have enjoyed my time back on Hardcore.  A lot of good players there that reminds me of some of the ringers from yesteryear.  No one as good as Cheep Heep though.  Probably the best player to ever touch ET, and it isn't really even close.  OK, thanks for having me here, i'll see myself out now.  


homer simpson simpsons GIF

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Welcome buddy. Thanks for the praises :D and big thanks for the donations buddy and your constant help on the server. Keep it up. Hope to see you around here often ;)

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We warmly welcome you and thank you for your nice words about us ... Your support us through donations is invaluable ... Thanks!

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Hi Max, good to see you here! I always enjoy playing with you on HC. Stick around and see you soon I hope :)


Also, many thanks for your recent donation, really appreciate your help.


edit: oh, I just found this old topic created by your friend. Looks like you've really been with us for a long time!



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