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  1. Clear the mines!Madm!ke is here!Welcome to our forum and i am real glad to see you here!
  2. Does the question concerns TDM or normal too? If I could suggest adding the usual maps, I would ask for the addition of maps such as: ET Tower b27j* https://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=8058 Chicken Bucket 2 Final https://et.trackbase.net/map/388 If it would be possible then I would ask for adding this map to the server map list Silent1 and HC with a special dedication for CheepHeep.Great map for a great person.
  3. If it would be possible then I would ask for adding this map to the server map list Silent1 and HC with a special dedication for CheepHeep.Super map for a super person. https://et.trackbase.net/map/388
  4. Fantastic!Thanks! Your idea to block airstrikes and all the rest sound great to me.
  5. Purefrag Final-the best TDM map for me https://et.trackbase.net/map/376/
  6. Possessing omibotos is not a strategy for attracting new players to our server but providing entertainment to all our guests. Omnibots are a kind of help for the beginnings of players who can see what omnibots do and what mission objectives on a given map are realized.Prospective players do not know such commands as (/+ objective) to find out what needs to be done on a given map. For more experienced players, the ominbots are like moving targets on the shooting range, which helps in targeting real players.Do not forget about bots that always ask for ammunition or first aid kits always give. I am for having omnibots on the server.
  7. We warmly welcome you and thank you for your nice words about us ... Your support us through donations is invaluable ... Thanks!
  8. I invite everyone to the Silent1 server I will be in the evening because I have a family to take a ride. Besides, with new settings, now the Silent1 server does not work well..., it flows ... Thanks daredevil 🎖
  9. Pride

    3 word story

    Screaming in disgust
  10. Pride

    3 word story

    To human form.
  11. Pride

    3 word story

    Hulk is huge!
  12. Hello Andrew and welcome!Greetings to you too! The Egyptian proverb says: "Everything is afraid of time, but time is afraid of the pyramids." Timelessness is one of the most important features with which we associate Egyptian pyramids. I would like to see live these wonderful and mysterious buildings and get to know their secrets from inside...

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