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Found 36 results

  1. Using SDL, I am currently working on Porting WOLF ET (wolfenstein ET) to the android and IOS devices. IOS - The problem I have though, is that although Wolf ET is a free game, its not leagal to share the .PAK files, Meaning that this is very hard for non "JailBroken" IOS Devices, Also as far as i am aware you canno't use SDL for IOS, as its Linux based (and Android is based on Linux) So i will have to find a way around this... Could possibaly be emulation. Android - Once again the problem with the .PAK files stands, but now I have SDL Sorted, it does work on my android Device. So my current problem is that it is laggy as it was not designed for mobile devices (Yes It Currently works on my Android Device) Also it works with all FA Servers. But Once again, I must state that it is no where from Finished What I need - I need aload of People from Android Operating Systems (Cyanogen Mod, Samsung's Touch Wiz, ASOP and Any other android Based system) to test this for me, This will allow for me to accuratly tell what Devices are Working and What devices need Patching and working on. ANDROID DEVICES DO NOT NEED TO BE ROOTED OR OVERCLOCKED!!!, However if they are. it means i have a better mix of tests. However I would like a mix of Rooted and Non Rooted Android Devices. In the Near future I will be passing out copys of the Android ported ET for testing to anyone who applies for them. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For People who want to be considered for the Beta testing of the WOLF ET android port. please send me an INBOX on the Site, Also post here on the on the topic with your Phone and spesifications for the phone (If your new to modding android and spec Sheets, then the phone model is fine) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Lastly my order of programming is 1st) Android Stability Issues 2nd) Device Patching 3rd) Roll Out Beta Copys 4th) Look into IOS Porting 5th) Examin Data and Hopefully Figure out whats causing Lag issues 6th) Fix Lag Issues From the Gathered Data 7) Start work on IOS Port! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to anyone who Applies (Remember to Inbox me and post Below) And I hope to beable to Serve the ET Community with this port of one of the best Games of all Time!a
  2. Good morning, I wanted to tell you a simple way to create an application (With notifications) on Android and Apple. In this application, you can save your password, and obtain faster access to the Forum. This site allows us to modify it in languages such as JAVA, JSON, PHP, among others. At the moment I have the administration of the application in my email, but if you are interested, I sent the information for the admission. At the moment there is no payment, since it was making some changes, but you can download it for Android, and place it on your cell phone to test it. Regarding IOS, the only way to test the application is to obtain "Developer Account for IOS" but it is paid. I will continue with this mini-project and when I get a final result I will be publishing it !. Thank you so much! Link : https://gonative.io/share/xelyna
  3. Is a very succesful game. Anyone playing it?
  4. I always loved to play Tap Tap Revenge 4 on my old iPod but unfortunately I had to switch to android eventually and the game was iOS only. However with the launch of Tap Tap Reborn in 2016 and Tap Tap Reborn 2 in 2017 new life was given to the franchise, now for android AND iOS. The premise of the game is really simple, you have 3 lines on which noted will appear and all you need to do is press the buttons on the moment there is a note there. Sounds easy right? I downloaded it like a month ago and its now one of my main activities in the train, despite the weird looks I get because my face gets pretty "focussed" so to speak. Just this morning I reached top 20 on one the songs they offer so Im getting even more hyped about the game Anyone else here who is tapping? Or maybe someone who used to play the iOS only version and gave up looking for an Android version? First video is a relatively easy song played on hard difficulty, second video.... well I guess it speaks for itself how hard that one is
  5. 1. test fight, without given awards 4/10 clan chests best: DJ over 100: DJ and Hellreturn (DD) please please add your Clash Royale names --->HERE<---
  6. I'm always aiming for a Top3 rating on songs. I only started 2 days ago haha, and the game is quite agitating. But still fun to play. Anyone want in on my little one-man competition?
  7. Don't own an iPhone or Windows Phone, but rely on Microsoft's Office for writing, building presentations and crunching numbers? No problem. Microsoft's venerable suite of applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, is finally making its way onto smartphones powered by Google's Android mobile operating system, Microsoft said Wednesday. Maybe best of all, the apps -- like their counterparts on Android tablets and devices running Apple's iOS operating system -- are free to download. Microsoft first made its Office suite available for Android tablets in February and announced a preview of the smartphone versions in May. The apps look and work much like the software designed for Apple's iPads and iPhones, meaning you can edit Word documents and wirelessly run PowerPoint presentations from your phone. Unlocking more mobile features and using the software's desktop versions requires an annual subscription to Office 365. That last part is core to CEO Satya Nadella's strategy for reinvigorating Microsoft's business software. The world's largest software maker hopes people will pay the fee for Office 365 so they can use the cloud versions of Outlook, Word and PowerPoint on their Macs or PCs. That's become especially attractive as employees shift activities between their corporate and personal devices. "The goal of these apps is to make sure that as people think about working, creating and doing, they think of Office as the default," said Ebun Onagoruwa, a Microsoft product manager. Onagoruwa said this is the culmination of a nearly 18-month journey -- since Microsoft first offered Office for iPad -- "transforming [Office] from a software suite into a platform that would work across devices." Nadella and his team want corporate customers to stop thinking of Office and Windows software as products they buy with onetime licenses. The company is following the lead of others in the industry, such as Adobe Systems, Oracle and Salesforce.com, which are pushing customers to pay annual subscriptions for applications, storage and other services in the cloud. Microsoft's cloud business currently accounts for $6.3 billion a year, or about 5 percent of total revenue. Nadella hopes the business will deliver about $20 billion in sales by 2018. Nadella in April said the mobile versions of Office for both iOS and Android have been downloaded more than 100 million times since June of 2013. To up that number, the company is partnering with more than 30 device makers, including Samsung, Dell and LG to preinstall Office and its Skype video-calling software on Android devices. Source http://www.cnet.com/
  8. Vanaraud

    ZTE Blade S6

    This all in all gadget caught my eye: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/zte-blade-s6-4g-lte,28473.html Seems to have everything from all phones on the market today in one package: 2 sim support, microSD, 13mp camera, 8 core cpu etc... Anyone has more info about it? Like what kind of screen it does feature?
  9. I recently want to create some SplashScreens for my own Evita/HTC one XL. I like to share what I got from to many nights of trying to realize how to make it work, till now I'm getting Fail in flash zip from SDCard in recovery mode, but this will work from bootloader. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone, regardless of what you do with my work. Instructions: (must be S-OFF) Reboot the device to Bootloader adb reboot-bootloader Enter the OEM update mode: fastboot oem rebootRUU Flash the zip containing the splashscreen: fastboot flash zip Minimal.zip Wait for the process to finish Reboot the phone: fastboot reboot Any Request are more than welcome. How it looks: Calamar.zip DarthVader.zip p2x.zip
  10. The excitement of Apple's iPhone 6 may be behind us, but we've now got Google's new Nexus device(s) to look forward to. And potential dates are starting to leak out. According to a report on Android Authority, Google is readying it's HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet for an October 15/16 official appearance. Quoting the ever-reliable "sources familair with Google's plans," the website says there's even a chance we could see the new Nexus 6 phone at the same time. Smooth operatorThe October unveiling would also showcase more of Google's as-yet-unnamed Android L operating system. The OS itself is pegged for a November 1 release date by the same sources with suggestions that the earlier hardware announcements will give the search giant a couple of weeks to work out any last-minute bugs. Chances are that any new Nexus devices announced will be available to pre-order fairly soon after, with a prospective shipping date after November 1. In previous years, Google has released its latest Nexus devices with little fanfare and there's predictably no official line from the company yet on when we'll be seeing the next iteration. HTC already has its own event scheduled for October 8, but we're not expecting any sneak peeks of Google's next offering there.
  11. Nokia and Samsung have announced that they are teaming up to bring the Here map app to Android. In an exclusive deal, users of Samsung handsets will soon be able to download and use a beta version of Here, which offers offline navigation functionality without having to cache large chunks of a map on to your phone. According to Nokia's Here blog, its mapping service will be available for a select number of Samsung handsets (the Samsung Galaxy S5 is namechecked) and it will also link up to the recently announced Tizen-toting Samsung Gear S. This means you will be able to sync routes with Samsung's latest smartwatch and flip between your phone screen and your watch screen, if that sort of thing floats your boat. The arrival of Here maps on Samsung devices will be welcomed by those who don't want to be completely tied to Google's services - and even if you use Google Maps, there's a number of features available that Google doesn't offer. Here, there, everywhereOne of these is Glympse, which allows you to instantly tell a friend where you are in the world by sharing your location. That is, as long as you only want them to know where you are for a certain amount of time. The application will also play well with Samsung Car Mode which means only a select number of features will work when you are in the car, so that you can concentrate on the journey rather than fiddle with your handset. The Here app will be available to download as soon as the Samsung Gear S is released. We still don't really know when that is. We'll look into it, promise. Via: http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/samsung-and-nokia-gang-up-against-google-to-offer-here-maps-on-android-1263277
  12. Im having a problem that annoys the hell out of me on my phone that i usually use not this Xperia shit. Basicly I ran out of battery so I plugged it on charger and than suddenly Boot Mode came up. It says [Volume_Up to select.] [Volume_Down is OK] then I can choose between Recovery Mode, Fastboot mode and Normal mode and that <<== with what you choose which mode to select. Now there is no problem with selecting but the thing is that <<== keeps going up and down without touching anything and Volume key is just not working. This happened to me before but than the arrow stopped and I could select and everything passed well, but not this time. My phone is not rooted and Im using 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Phone is Mobiwire Auriga, here are the specs http://mobiwire.com/portfolio/auriga/ . Also I don't want to lose my software cache so rebooting probably won't be an option. If you need more info please ask. Thanks.
  13. How do i take a video from my cell phone and upload it onto a forum post. Now i use dropbox but I want to be able to put it into a post for people to see without having to put it onto somethin like Youtube. When i try to take form Dropbox it says it to big
  14. Hey guys, I've been using Go SMS Pro for about a year now, and I've been getting more and more fed up with it with each update. From now having to pay for themes, to their proprietary MMS format (with the latest update), the ads that started popping up when they introduced "premium", and changing their Go Messaging (which was actually pretty cool) to something else that I absolutely hate. Now I'm not someone who dislikes change, hell I started using Windows 8 when it was released to developers, a year before it's release- and I'm a native learner- I have yet to encounter an interface that I can't use. It's simply that these changes that are being made to Go SMS are for pure profit, and they're horrible. So which texting app do you use and why? If there is a paid version, do you think it is worth paying for? Please vote in the poll, and give your reasons below. If your texting app isn't listed in the poll, comment with the name and reason. Thanks a bunch guys!
  15. Feeling extra festive the year, and want to spread that holiday cheer? Well why not let your phone give you a helping hand, and have some fun while you're at it? Link to article: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2428543,00.asp I'll admit that I'm not big on singing, and especially not caroling- but I'm sure I'll be using this to have some fun at otherwise dull Christmas parties. Happy holidays all!
  16. Game Details: First See Trailer Video Here (Because a picture is worth thousand words and a video thousand pictures) Download Links for Android: Freemium Game Pro Game Amazon Store Download Links for Windows Phone: Full Game
  17. Game Details: First See Trailer Video Here (Because a picture is worth thousand words and a video thousand pictures) Download Links for Android: Freemium Game Pro Game Amazon Store Download Links for Windows Phone: Full Game
  18. Corey

    Android App

    Hey guys I just finished my class this semester where me and my team (3 other people) created a mobile application for the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention. Was a school project we worked on the entire semester. None of us had any previous experience so we started from scratch When you open up the app the logo at the top is a button that goes to their webpage. There is a few information pages followed by a campus map of our school. The Winners and Schedule are pulled from an RSS feed which will update according to a website then the last part is a live webcam outside our school Here is the APK file and also here is a Gource video showing the development process sped up really fast. TennesseeValleyOldTimeFiddlersConvention.rar
  19. So I am working on a simple android application and on one of my pages I am going to have a map of my campus. I want to be able to use the pinch to zoom feature to zoom in on the picture and look at it closer. Here is the imageview <ImageView android:id="@+id/imageCampusMap" android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:layout_alignParentTop="true" android:contentDescription="@string/map_description" android:gravity="center" android:src="@drawable/map" /> My Activity Java file just opens up the xml. public class CampusMap extends Activity { // Open the layout for the CampusMap Activity @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_campusmap); } } I thought it would be a simple task to just insert some code to pinch to zoom, but after spending some time googling I came across a large amount of code in order to do this. It was kind of confusing to look at hence why I came here Like I found an example here - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6758847/pinch-zoom-in-android-for-an-imageview The solution uses something like public class MyImageView extends View { How would my Activity Java file call this view class? That is what was confusing me. Or would this replace my previous activity java file mentioned earlier?
  20. I am taking a class this semester and my group has to create an Android application that will get information from a database and display it within the app. This is my first time ever messing with an android application, but someone in my group who has a little experience said that we would use JSON to get the information form the database onto the app. Well there is another suggestion of using an RSS feed that would send out the information instead of using JSON. Does anyone have experience with this type of technology? Would it be easier to use JSON or RSS feed to display this type of information? Thanks
  21. So I have a lg motion running android version 4.0.4. And I dont like the Optimus 3.0 UI for Ice Cream Sandwich. Is there a way I can remove it and make it look like a stock ICS phone?
  22. my android os has been eating my data plan.how can i fix this
  23. So after I updated to the most recent version of Advanced Task Killer on my Android to the most recent version, The XFire Mobile app won't log into my account. I had to set it up to not kill XFire to make it work so it runs constantly unless I want to reinstall it every time. Which I don't. just wanted to know if anyone else had this issue and to warn others of this.
  24. Is there a way to explore the android internal memory?like go to where the apps are installed?for android. i know there has to be some way without rooting.like on my ipad i can explore the app directories and see where they install and if wanted to i could edit it.
  25. i just recently got a new pair of iphone headphones with a remote control and mic. i have an android device. how do i make the mic work on android when im in a call

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